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Monday March 29, 2010

You may be familiar with this saying, from observing the 3 monkeys (no not real ones, but perhaps a picture, painting, etc) where one has his hands over his eyes, another over his ears and the last one covering his mouth (meaning, “speak no evil”). I would go the opposite way and say something positive, ‘Do Good Always!’ Can we achieve what seems like a lofty goal to most? I say YES and YES again! Even when you seem to stumble after making a less than favorable choice in your relationship, health, career, etc; always know that it is ultimately you and only you that can choose to go forward and pick the direction that will lead to GOOD. No matter how many times a child (who is learning to walk) falls down after taking the first few steps, he/she gets up again and continues to make the necessary progress to accomplish what they set out to do. I think that if walking was something we had to learn to do as adults, we may be still crawling or walking on all fours because it takes patience and perseverance to never give up on the task at hand when, in this case we keep falling down and perhaps get bruised and/or injured in the process. We have to truly return to the child-like innocence and natural tendency to do things that we want to do without all the analytical thought processes. Usually, if it feels right/good to you, it probably is (my disclaimer: I am not referring to anything you think is good because it makes you feel like you are superior, but may actually harm/hurt someone else. For example, it makes you feel good to tease or use a derogatory name to refer to a person. This is not what I am speaking of!). I great example, is seeing someone who is struggling to walk across the street or is carrying heavy bags of groceries and you take the initiative to help them out. It is not taking anything away from you to offer a helping hand. Lets not forget that one day, if you are in the same situation, it would be great for someone else to return the favor, so to speak. Perhaps you can share a smile, say “good morning/afternoon/evening” to someone you meet walking down the street. Little things like this, can make such an enormous difference in anyone’s life. You never know how one act of kindness or good deed can have a ripple affect in ways we would never believe or imagine. Go out and do a good deed today and every day and then you will sleep knowing that you dared to care and share your heart with someone, absolutely anyone. As we are all G-d’s creatures and it is time to find our way back to realizing that each of us can be a role model to others by how we live, act, speak and do things in life.


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