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Mother’s Day, Beer, Sh– And A Hummingbird? Taking It All In!

What kind of title is that, you might ask? It will all unfold and be understood by the time you finish reading this.
I know it has been a long time since I have written a new post and now that I have some time, I will try to do so more often. I was hoping to get questions from the readers, but that has not happened, either.

Today is Mother’s Day, so I wish all the mothers that are reading this a happy one!
I called my Mom, Senior Mom (friend that has adopted me as her daughter, but unofficially) and other relatives and friends that are mothers. I didn’t get to speak to all of them, but those that I did, were very appreciative.

Now I will back to what the bleep this title means. Today, I needed to go out and do some recycling and thought I would be able to get a friend to take me to the location. I was waiting around a long time and then knocked on his door and he was busy talking with his Mom. I decided to go on my own and put most everything in a folding cart. I still needed to put some items into 2 other bags (non-disposable ones). I noticed that there was some leakage from bottles and have to double bag them before I left.

I was finally on my way at 1:45 pm and needed to get there before 3 pm, when they closed. I had to walk there and made it in good time, as it is in my neighborhood. On the way, I felt some “wetness” on the side of my skirt and didn’t pay any attention, but then it seemed to still be there and when I pulled away the bag that was leaning on the left side of my body, I could see that it was wet and that it smelled from BEER. I then noticed that the bag was also very wet. Oh well, I thought. There is nothing I can do at this point.

I got my recycling done and knew I had some cleaning to do of myself and bags when I get home. I walked back home with my cart and then at some point noticed some “build up” on one of the wheels of the cart. I thought it was just dirt, but to my utter dismay and chagrin, it was not. I kicked some off with my shoe and that was a mistake. I bent down and that is when I got a whiff of what it was (cow manure smells better to me and even a skunk or the durian fruit has a better aroma). So you can only imagine what it was. Yes, I think you know what I mean without me saying it. It rhymes with hit, lit, spit and any other words with IT as as the last two letters. So take the word HIT and add an S in front of it. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even notice it on the ground. I usually am very aware and notice these things before I step in it! I did get some in my shoes, too, but it wasn’t as bad.

As I continued my walk home, I looked for a stick/twig to get some of it out of the crevices of the wheel. I was able to get some out, but most had to wait till I got home. So I had a big PROJECT to deal with when I got home. Not something I planned to do, but such is life!

First, I attended to my shoes, cleaning out the sh– from the crevices and then washing with soap. I then soaked the bags in soapy water to get the beer out of them. Now to the BIG JOB! I cleaned out the crevices of the wheel with a plastic fork, I would dispose of afterwards. I did as much as I could and then took it over to the faucet (just so you know, I was doing this outside of my apartment) and let the water loosen up the sh– that had dried up.

As I continued to clean the wheel, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. When I turned around there was a HUMMINGBIRD hovering not more than 50 feet from me. I was in a state of complete and utter joy and surprise. It stayed around from a while (to me it seemed like forever, but it was probably just 30 seconds, if that much). There is no feeder, bush or tree with red flowers near where I was. My next door neighbor does have a tree with red flowers and I have seem hummingbirds there when I look over the fence. It was so wonderful to see. I went back to cleaning the wheel and not more than a few minutes later, I again noticed the hummingbird close to me and I would guess it was the same one. What are the chances that that would happen? I don’t know about you, but the hummingbird fascinates me and I thrilled to have this experience and then share it with you.

I have had time to think about all that has happened today and what I learned. I called my Mom and told her the story and then decided I would write a blog about it. So Mom, when you read this, you’ll know. I truly believe there was a reason that the hummingbird came into my presence and had I not been over by the faucet because I had to clean my cart, I would not have had such a close encounter with it. To me, the bird was there to share with me that it will all be ok and to make sure I get that, it needed to come back in close proximity to reiterate that and be sure I understood.

When I say, “all will be ok,” I am not simply speaking of all that has happened today, I am referring to the whole of my life and that my experiences today are just that and not to let it get to me much in the scheme of all that is happening in the world today. I was able to connect with a beautiful creature after dealing with some circumstances I was not really thrilled about.

Take it all in stride. Life is too short and in the blink of an eye you can miss all the beauty if you hang on to that which is less than beautiful.

Till next time!

Chef Mango Mindy

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