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Company Review: Bluapple – prolongs produce freshness

Bluapple prolongs produce freshness – company in business since late 2009; product launched in spring 2010

I met a representative of the company at Expo West 2012 in Anaheim, CA. I decided to contact them afterwards because I was intrigued as to whether a product like this really works. The company sent me the product for my evaluation. The product comes in a packet of 2 which would be enough for a 6 month evaluation (3 months per Bluapple). I didn’t know at the time, actually till I looked at their website recently, that you can check whether the product is still effective based on the color of the granules in the packet (see FAQ page on the website to learn how to do this). That means that it may last shorter or longer then the 3 months recommended(I never did this with the first one, but I still have the 2nd one in my fridge and will check it out because the 3 months are over for the second one).

I put the product in the crisper in my fridge, as it needs to be in an enclosed space to be most effective. The goal is to continuously absorb the ethylene gas that causes the produce to spoil at an accelerated rate. Their are no chemicals whatsoever in this product. If you open up the Bluapple, the packet inside is similar to those “dessicant” packets that are put in when products are shipped to absorb moisture. Once it is no longer useful in your fridge, you can open up the packet and use the granules on your houseplants as a great fertilizer.

I did not get the results I had expected from the product, initially. I had some fresh lettuces I got at the farmers market and within 3 days some of the leaves were already spoiling. I was not impressed! I contacted the company and received a lengthy email from the owner with more information and also what else I needed to do to make it work. There are a couple of other factors that play a role in the effectiveness of this product including humidity and temperature (check out their website for more details about these other factors). I was having some issue with my fridge and that may have been the problem. I would find that the bags of lettuce in the crisper were quite wet inside. This wasn’t a good sign. I also noticed wetness in other areas of the fridge. Chances are it had nothing to do with the product, but the first go round was not effective.

The problem with my fridge wasn’t resolved for a long time and even now I still have some issues with temperature because it has been really hot where I live lately and just opening up the fridge to take out some food, the temperature rises very quickly (I have a thermometer in there to keep track, which is a good idea). I am being more conscious and trying to not have the refrigerator door open for long (it is hard though when you are trying to put away all your food from a day at the farmers market and you have to reorganize all that is already in there still and get the fresh stuff in, too – I bring home large quantities of produce as it is what I live on – I really need a larger fridge and very small freezer, but don’t believe the owner of this complex will buy one for me – wishful thinking, though :-).

The second Bluapple has reached its 3 month effectiveness and I believe it has worked better for me this time and also the was some maintenance done on the fridge within the last couple of months. I don’t see the wetness in the produce bags in the crisper or the extreme spoilage I was seeing within a few days. My other produce on the shelves (has nothing to do with the product, but rather with how well the fridge is working overall) seems to be dry, too.

Overall, I would say give this product a try as they do have a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you within 90 days. They are very good about customer service and I appreciate the owner, Timmy, taking the time to email me to explain more about the product and other factors involved in its effectiveness.

You can read more information on this product and order directly from the company as I have included a link for their website by scrolling down on the right-side of this page under the title Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review – Nature’s Tears EyeMist

Nature’s Tears EyeMist in business since 1998

I came across this company quite a few years ago at Expo West in Anaheim. I wasn’t familiar with the product, but I took a sample, nonetheless, and I am glad that I did. This product far exceeded my expectations. This is not an eye drop, but an eye mist. It has no additives, preservatives or chemicals. It is made of “tissue culture grade water” (you can read more about this on their website) which is a high grade water with no impurities or contaminants.

I, personally don’t have serious eye irritation, but it has come in handy when it has been dry outdoors or I start rubbing my eye and then it bothers me. You simply hold the canister at one side of the face about 12 inches away and then with eyes open press the canister and move across face for one to two seconds. This creates a mist of natural humid moisture around the eyes and face and then the eyes will absorb what they need. You can use it at much as you want or need without any dosage limit.

There are so many benefits to this product such as: dry irritated eyes, when wearing contacts, when working at the computer, for eye allergies, for dry indoor air, when traveling on an airplane, for dryness from diabetes, lupus, etc. As you can see it is a very useful product and one that I carry with me in my purse and also have one in my home.

I highly recommend this product as a much better and healthier then eye drops, as it really works. If it passes my extremely high purity test then you know it is great! I would not try and “sell” you something if I don’t believe it in and also if I have not used it myself.

To read more about this product and all the details and science behind it, click on the link by scrolling down on the right-hand side of this page under the title Blogroll.

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Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review – Don’t Bite Me Patch: Natural Insect Protection

Don’t Bite Me Patch natural insect protection – in business since 2006

Everyone/anyone can say they are “natural” and claim that their product(s) work, but I am one of the biggest skeptics. You have to be that way and do your do diligence/research to see that it is truly so. I will not take anything at “face value,” and neither should anyone! When I go to Expo West in Anaheim, I usually find the newer companies/products on the lower level of the convention center. Since they open that hall earlier I go their first and spend some time. A few years ago I came across a company that was showing a skin patch to protect against bug bites. With so many harmful products, such as DEET, it was nice to finally see something without chemicals. I did not immediately believe it because how could I? I had not tried the product as yet and know that it worked. I mentioned to the people at the booth, that if it does, I will write a “glowing” testimonial on their website.

Where I live, I do not have much if any issues with getting bitten, but where my parents live, that is a different story. It is not really in their neighborhood, but rather a health institute that we sometimes go to that has swampy areas. The last time I went there, I had bites all over my legs, to numerous to count. That was on a previous visit. This time I was prepared, I put the patch on my upper left arm and made sure to do so at least 2 hours prior to us leaving. I can’t remember if my Mom and Dad tried it that time or not (I know they have used the patch since then), but I sure was going to after my previous experience with bites!

We got to our destination and were there for at least a few hours and I did not have even one single bite anywhere on my body. I was hooked! I let some other friends know about the product and they bought it and had the same success as I did. Who would have known that just 2 ingredients, vitamin B1 and aloe would stop those little ‘buggers’ in their tracks! So simple and yes as natural as it gets! The ingredients get absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the patch. The vitamin B1 creates an odor (undetectable to us) that masks the CO2 we emit through our pores. This is what attracts the ‘biters’ to are skin.

How clever and ingenious! I have tried other natural products, but they never seem to work or last. What is even more wonderful about this product, is that it last up to 36 hours and is waterproof. You can wear it in the shower, swimming, bathing, etc and it will not effect the integrity of the product. If you are someone who gets bitten all the time, this is the solution. You will have to change it after a day and a half (put the new one on 2 hours prior to taking the old off, so you will have continual coverage, but try to not take off the wrong one or you’ll start getting bitten again. Maybe, if you used it first on your arm, then put the new one the inside of your upper leg so it will be in a different place and you won’t have much confusion), but it is worth it!

I recommend this to all my friends and family. It is also safe for all ages, not like other products that have warning labels on their bottles/packages. If you want to learn more about this wonderful product, check out their website. You can find the link on the right-hand side of this page by scrolling down to the column entitled Blogroll.

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Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review – Lily Organics: 100% Pure Organic Cruelty-Free Skin Care

Lily Organics Skin Care – in business since 1986

I first met Lily at the Expo West in Anaheim a few years ago and I didn’t realize what an Exceptional woman she is and all the wonderful community work she does,(you can read more about her on the website, specifically the About Us tab and click on it twice)besides running the only organic skin care company in the world that is a USDA certified organic grower. That is an amazing accomplishment considering all it takes to be certified by the USDA. They also get audited to make sure everything they do is “truly” organic.

I took some literature about the company, but didn’t really persue getting any products. Boy was I sorry 😦 I didn’t at the time. Lily has been in business for 26 years producing some of the best products on the market. I am always looking/researching to share with the public the best and the purest out there. I do not make any compromises ever. I don’t use “crap,” so why would I want others to! If it doesn’t live up to my extremely high standards, I would even consider trying the product(s). I am a voracious reader of ingredients and have studied for many years what is truly pure. I can look at a bottle, package, can, etc and tell you in mere seconds if it is good for you or not. I am that efficient and that good! I am not trying to brag, I have simply done my homework.

During the most recent Expo West this past March, I took a card, knowing I wanted to test out the products myself and write a review about it. Thanks to Christy, the media and PR lady, I was able to get some to try. What is so awesome about this company, is that they make fresh batches of their products on a regular basis and don’t have them sitting on a shelf for months. So when you order, be patient because it may take a little longer to receive then you thought, but, honestly it is worth the wait.

I decided to try out a trial size kit, specifically the Dry/Mature Kit as I am not 21 anymore, but truly feel and look like a kid! I received it on August 28th and have been using it every day since. It comes in a nice pouch you can reuse or takes the products with you when you travel. There is also an instruction sheet on using the products, which is very helpful. There were five different products in the kit and I will go through each one and share my thoughts with you. First, in general, all the products smell so fresh and alive and if you would “accidentally” swallow some, no harm would come to you, as opposed to those from other companies that may even have a warning label – Harmful if swallowed – that you need to contact the Poison Control Center if you do so. If that is the case, why would you want to put it on your skin! The skin is your largest organ and gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream and can harm you internally.

I will now share my opinion on each product. First, the Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask. When I opened the container it smelled like honey and is the first ingredient in the product. I used it daily in the mornings and rubbed it over my entire face and neck, leaving it on for 30 minutes. Some of it seemed to drip into my mouth, but I didn’t mind tasting the yummy flavor! I loved how it felt on my skin and could feel the live enzymes in the pineapple and papaya, doing their “work” to exfoliate and stimulate my skin to create new cells. I can attest to seeing a difference in my skin from using it. One thing to note, is that you will use it up faster then some of the other samples. I also use a facial skin brush daily to exfoliate and the combination is very effective (you can find out about the skin brushes and other products from the website of Tonya Zavasta from the picture link I have on the right-hand side of the blog page). After I wash my face, I then use the Organic Rose Facial Toner. I put some on an organic cotton ball and rub it on my entire face and neck. I love the rose scent, as I am a Big Fan of the flower. It feels very hydrating to the skin and also keeps it moist and supple. The trial size toner also does not last as long as the other products in this kit.

After using the toner, I then apply the moisturizers. First I put on the Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment all over my face and neck, which has seven different oils that are great for the skin and help to reduce wrinkles. Next, I apply the Organic Moisturizing Cream all over my face and neck. It has lots of wonderful oils and herbs that help to balance the skin and protect it from the elements. A little goes a long way, so you only need a small amount of both of these moisturizers. At night, I use the Nourishing Facial Cleanser rubbing it all over my face and neck. The rosemary essential oil stands out for me more so then any of the other ingredients. It works very well to clean the face without drying -there is no alcohol in this product, which is very drying to the skin. Next, I use the Organic Rose Facial Toner which I wrote about above. Finally I use the two moisturizers that I wrote about above before going to bed.

All the products have exceeded my expectations for purity and integrity. I highly recommend that you check out the products on the website and try them out. You will not be disappointed. I give you my seal of approval! You can click on a link to the site by scrolling down the right-hand side of this page under the title Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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