The Beautiful Roses of Balboa Park

I love roses and especially the one called “Double Delight.”

If you never heard of it or saw it, look it up online:

It is a hybrid tea rose and the fragrance is incredible and enveloping. I even wrote a poem once about it many years ago and will include a photo of it

Here are some photos of the Double Delight Roses

Here is another beauty called Louise Hay

Finally the last one I took that is also 2 colors to the leaves – red and yellow – I forget the name.

Enjoy The Beauty!

The Rawsome Vegan Gal!

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Beautiful Birds in Balboa Park

It is so special for me who enjoys to see and hear the birds, to come across ones that are not typically seen in the park. I hear lots of birds when I am there, but don’t always get to see them, as they like to hide in the trees and especially if is full of leaves can not see them. One in a while, I hear one and spot it in the tree with the binoculars bring with me, but if it moves around very fast, I may only see it for a second or two. I love hearing all the different sounds they make and some I recognize, if though I do not know the name of the bird and then sometimes I come across a bird that makes a sound never heard before. I came across a couple of blue birds and know I saw them in pictures I have of birds from a calendar that got years ago and kept it. I looked up the bird in the pictures and was called Eastern Bluebird, but I am in the West, so that was odd. Then I started looking at images online today and came across photos for Western Bluebirds, as didn’t know there was a such a thing. The male is much brighter blue than the female, as saw them together. I am so excited every time I see them. Yesterday, I only saw the male and was flying around from the tree to the ground and at one point I saw it had something in its beak, probably a worm.

The latest bird I just saw recently, is also a picture in the bird calendar I have and is called, American Robin. The male has brighter colors then the female and saw them in the same vicinity. I had never seen them before and the first time noticed them with the binoculars, that were larger than some of the birds have seen and looked much different.

I hope you get out to a park near you and start looking at the birds and enjoying nature and it is worth it to have binoculars, as you can see much more from a distance and not scare them away.

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Sharing My Thoughts for Today

I wish there was more time in a day to cover everything I want to do, but I have to prioritize and right now the blog is on the “back burner” of my list. I do love to write and hope will be able to do more in the future. Like I said, previously, my goal is to post at least once a month to share something. I do love to spend time in nature and enjoy hearing all the sounds from the different types of birds, watching the squirrels and the bunnies do their thing, seeing the butterflies fly around, look at the trees and flowers as they blossom and bloom. I hope you can also find the time to do what gives you joy and brings more “health” into your life, as it is not just the physical food we consume, but also what is around us, the sights, sounds and smells.

Yesterday, I was walking back from the park and in the area I live someone has been planting for years around the perimeter of my apartment, beautiful flowers and also edibles and I have the pleasure to have picked some of the Basil and Red Russian Kale. I usually walk form a different part of the sidewalk, but yesterday, I happened to be on the far corner and saw a little area that is fenced in by the parking lot and there is more produce growing there that never knew about and must be a while already because there is full grown broccoli with enormous leaves and peas that are climbing up the trellis, but do not see the peas yet and other things, not sure what they are. Thank You to whomever is doing that and maintaining it, as it is so nice to see. I know most people do not choose to partake or do not even know how good fresh picked produce is for you, but I do take some when I can. As I was picking the kale last evening, some people walked over to me and saw what I was doing and told them can take some, too and they said we have some growing in our garden. There are also some beautiful sunflowers that are almost at the stage of opening, but right now, the leaves are closed and the people thought is artichoke, because it looks like it right now, but I told them I know it will be a sunflower, as I have seen it in its stages of growth.

Go out and enjoy the beauty of what G-d has given us, as it is only to appreciate more and more the bounty we are given to infinity and need to always say THANK YOU!

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Time Is Flying By – Take The Time You Have and Use It Wisely

This is all too true for most of us and we never seem to have enough time to do everything we want on a daily basis anymore, as we are bombarded by so many things, but it wasn’t always that way. Before the advent of cars, TV’s, computers, cell phones and the like, people seemed to have more time to occupy themselves with things that really matter and that is what we need to do, once again. Take a day off. Unplug for all the unnecessary and never ending “junk” that is imposed upon us from so many forms of media outlets, including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, social media, etc. I for one, do not use any of those for news and do not listen to or read news PERIOD! Most of it is just sensationalized garbage that is misrepresented, misinterpreted and flat out LIES, LIES, LIES!!! To exaggerate, manipulate and control us to think according to what they say and to believe it. From there you free fall into depression, dismay, disappointment, and lots of negativity that is not in any way helpful/useful/valuable to you now or ever.

I live according to a Higher Power in the world and follows the rules given to me. I do not read any magazines, do not read newspapers, do not watch TV, do not listen to radio, do not go to movies, do not watch sports, do not go to clubs/bars/stadiums (not that they are open now, anyway). I spend my time doing things that matter to me and to The Creator/Boss of this world. I may have done all those things in the past, but I realized that all are a waste of time, money, energy and effort and in the end, what benefit did they give me??? Some short-lived material/physical satisfaction, but it did not last and did not bring me fulfillment or lasting pleasure. Most seek out the immediate needs of their lives, but forgot that we need to think of the long terms goals and why we are here in this world to begin with and seek out the deeper aspects of a purposeful life.

Spend your time wisely and know that every moment counts and matters. Fill it with things that bring you joy and pleasure, but also satisfy the yearnings of your inner self/soul, as there is more to you than just flesh and blood. That is just the exterior, like a coat/cloak you remove when it no longer serves its purpose. The essence of who each one of is, is our soul/spirit, which has no shape, size, color, image or dimension and it thrives and drives the body to be alive, but wants more than the cheap frills and thrills of the society. Find that spark that ignites your soul and makes it feel truly ALIVE!!! How can you do this or find what it is for you? One of the easiest things, is to spend time in nature and look at the amazing and vast architecture of this world that The Creator put together and every inch is a signal of that. Everything is done with such precision, perfection, beauty and a benefit for each of us to see, hear and smell. Just contemplating this can put you in a state of awe and wonderment how it was all done and no human in their right mind could ever think for a moment that the could create even the leg of the smallest bug that exists, how much more so when you ponder things like the brain or any other organ of the human body and how it functions exactly the way it is supposed to.

So do not waste your time doing something that you see is futile, frivolous, finite and lacking any raison d’être. That is why it is good to think things through before you do them. Say to yourself: Does this have any purposeful benefit? Will this make a difference in my life or the life of others in the long run? You will see that you may stop yourself before you begin and “recalculate” the right direction to take and perhaps seek out someone else you know and admire who are living life in a more meaningful way and learn from them.

Wishing one & all the best of life filled with health, happiness, prosperity and true purpose!

The Rawsome Vegan Gal

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Sorry, have not posted in the last couple of months, but there is never enough time!

My apologies for being lax in posting, but it is hard with work, having 3 YouTube channels and doing my daily activities to get to everything.  I will make the effort to try and post something at least once a month.

I hope everyone is doing well in their lives, even with all the ups and downs experienced from both your own personal and the global situation, vis a vie the virus, but we have to look at the big perspective always and know there is good in everything.  For example, today I went to pick up a whole bunch of grapefruit from someone who left them out for others to have for free.  Such wonderful gestures like this in the world are heartwarming and if you have an abundance of fruits/vegetables/herbs growing then find a way to share them.  This person is part of a site called Nextdoor and I am, too and they have in communities, I believe all over the US, so find yours and join, as never know what will find.  They have a section for free things and that is where found the person posting about the fruit and also people have household items to give away and I recently got a storage cabinet and looking at some other items, as well.

May you all have only blessings in life and look to the good in all, no matter what happens!

Check out my YouTube channel as well for videos of product reviews, recipes and healthy living topics.

The Rawsome Vegan Gal

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I Wish There Were More Then 24 Hours in a Day!

My time seems to get delegated elsewhere, as have not written anything here since June.
I wish I had more time to spare, as it is always filled with other things that take priority/precedence in my life.

I hope will be able to at least write once a month and share something.
Actually, I just thought of something as I am writing this. I have been dealing with some challenges regarding the place I live and really need to move and have beem trying to do so since moving here 20 months ago and nothing has materialized that is suitable (although there were a couple of opportunities and maybe I goofed, by not taking them at the time, only G-d knows!).

Then I thought the other day, can it get any worse?? G-d put me here (meaning in this particular place where residing now) for a reason and from here it can only get better. When you are at the bottom of the bottom, you can not go any lower, only higher. I am not complaining and am so so grateful for all the good and blessings in my life and can never give enough thanks to The Almighty G-d for everything. I simply need to live in a neighborhood that is peaceful and quiet and I pray to The One Ab-ove it happens very soon.

I read a quote got in an email today for inspiration that would like to share:
Keep Going! Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time!
It is exactly what I need to hear right now and I think it applies to everyone!

Be sure to check out my youtube channel: for weekly videos with reviews of products and check out the older videos where I share recipes and healthy living topics.

🍉 🍇 TheRawsome Vegan Gal 🍍 🍒

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Spend time in Nature – It is Healing for Mind, Body & Soul

I have a park, Balboa Park not far from where I live now and try to get there almost daily. It has lots of beautiful trees, flowers and different types of animals and critters. There are so many birds flying around, singing that I hear and sometimes see up close because I have binoculars. I see ones of different colors and sizes. Some are blue, brown, yellow and of course the pigeons and black crows. I even a couple of times saw some big cranes that I think flew out of the zoo and they can stand still and not move for a very long time and think they are not alive. It is a joy to me and a pasttime that I have been doing more since the work I have been doing slowed down since mid-March. I enjoy it so much and every time is a new experience.

I see lots of squirrels (I call them squirrely whirleys) and are not supposed to feed them, but I just leave my food scraps that would compost anyway and let them do what they want. The last few times I had corn cobs broken up into pieces and the squirrel grabs it in its mouth and runs away to hide because other squirrels would try to get it from them and once saw 2 squirrels chasing 1 that had the corn cob. The other day there was a bigger piece and the squirrel took it with all paws because too big to put in the mouth. Some of them know me already and I speak to them in Hebrew and some come right up to me and have had them even sniff my toes and their paws touched my skirt and 1 even climbed up on the lower portion of my skirt, but then shooed it off because not sure if is a good idea. Lately their have been lots more baby squirrels and they are so cute and little. They get scared of dogs, so have there own distress signal that sound to alert the others and it a squeaky noise and then they run very fast and disappear far away from their supposed danger. I say to them,”what the squeak?” Sometimes is a false alarm and then after they come back to where they were before.

I also hear and/or see hummingbirds and some have such beautiful colors. I know the sounds they make, that is why I know it is a hummingbird. Sometimes I can look at them for a while because are perched on a branch and not flittering around fast. I also see butterflies and lizards and talk to them, too.

I have lately been seeing lots of bunny rabbits and I enjoy watching them munch on the grass and run from place to place. I could spend hours watching them. They are so cute and are smart eaters because consume vegetation that is natural, fresh and raw. The other day I saw 6 bunnies. 1 was in a different area then usual and it stood up for me on its hind legs and was very close to me and then ran away. The other 5 were in an area where like to graze and stand at a distance with my binoculars to observe them. There were 2 little ones and 3 bigger ones. They are scared of people and dogs, but not if there is a bird or squirrel near them.

It is such a pleasure to have this place at my disposal to connect with things that I enjoy and give me joy and something to do that can relax and also be healing. I hope each one of you can find something like this, too and spend the time doing it, as it is worth snd to me is better then any show, movie, sporting event, concert, etc could ever be, as real things are happening with the creations of The Almighty G-d.

🍉 The Rawsome Vegan Gal 🍇

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Enjoy this video and learn about Trees for Health!

Here is the video I mentioned in a previous post that did in a park that was actually closed, but was not being enforced and now it is back open for a few weeks.

If you are still unable to go outside, at least you can enjoy the beautiful nature I share in the video and there are some suprise visitors, too!

🎉 SPECIAL VIDEO 🎉 – Walking Through the Trees for Health Garden

🍍 The Rawsome Vegan Gal 🍉

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For those who are “stuck” inside, here are some photos of my walk in Balboa Park

Hope you enjoy these beautiful photos took of different flowers and also an amazing tree, to give you something different to view, instead of watching all the news because we need things to uplift our spirits and boost our immune system. I will be posting a video on my youtube channel shortly of my walk through the Trees for Health Garden at Balboa Park and will share that here once it is posted.

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

Balboa Park – Apr. 2/20

I was talking to my Mom yesterday and gave her the idea to do a google search for flowers, birds, gardens and also videos, so can see beautiful things and make you feel better, if can’t go out for a walk as I can. Also, if you have a porch or way to sit out and get some fresh air and look at the trees, flowers and birds do that daily. Finally, smell some things that make you feel good, if you have any essentials oils like lavendar, peppermint, etc.

Be safe, be well, be happy, be healthy
🌸 The Rawsome Vegan Gal 🌺

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Please share your positive stories/experiences during this time

I have faith in a Higher Power and feel loved and protected and do not put any significance to anything else and remain calm, cool and collected.
Be safe, be well, be happy, be healthy!
If we stay positive it keeps the immune system strong.
Sing a song that makes you feel good.
Dance around by yourself of with your children.
Do some arts & crafts you like, but never had the time to do like coloring, needlepoint, etc.
Being silly is also good – make funny faces 😋 😬 🤓 😜 in the mirror, make animal 🐒 🕊🐓 🦃 🐕 🐈 noises and talk gibberish by making up you own language. This will keep your spirits upbeat!
If you ever heard of “laughter yoga” – now would be a good time to practice it. Look it up online, as I am sure there are videos to show you how to do it.
Even if you have the virus 😷 🤕 🤒, staying upbeat and smiling 😊 😄 will help you get well faster.

Giving Thanks & Showing Gratitude for everything we have is also very important

🌸 The Rawsome Vegan Gal 🌺

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