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I wish I had more time to write these days, but have been very busy and hope in the future will be able to write something at least once a month. I did have a fun experience recently in Balboa Park with squirrels, I call squirrlee whirlees and will try to write about it next month, so look for that.

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How do I get rid of the dust/dirt or what is the lesson supposed to learn from it??

This may not be health related, but I guess I just need to vent about it in writing.
If you have a natural solution, please do share, as I am out of ideas what to do.

It is an endless losing battle in the apartment where I have been living now, not by choice, but because nothing else was available and there for just over a year. I have been trying to move since I moved in, but hard to find something in the right area, for the right price and the amenities I want.

I do not like to complain, as there is a reason from G-d for everything and He knows what is best, regardless of whether I like the situation or not! I am having a hard time with the amount of physical dust and dirt that builds up inside the apartment and it nevers seems to go away. It is the worst I have seen in any place I have lived. I am in the downtown area of the city and is much dirtier in general outside, anyway, but I keep the windows closed because of noise and open the patio door slightly on occasion for some air. I live on the 3rd floor of a 100 year old building. It is still functional, but really needs to be updated, as the floors are the main problem with the dirt and whatever I do, sweep, mop, still gets dirty right away. I do not wear my outside shoes inside either and the bottom of my slippers get full of dust constantly. It is hopeless, so I do not put much of my energy into obssesively cleaning it and just pray will be able to move soon, G-d willing.

So what is the lesson to learn? Dirt and dust will never stop existing and not to put too much energy to worry about it. Yes, you need to clean, but not go crazy, especially as it bothers me more then others. I have to know there are more important things in life amd focus on those and do the best I can in the situation.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any comments or suggestions, would appreciate it.

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I am busy and not much time to write new posts, but hope will get to write something once a month, in the near future. In the meantime check out my youtube videos. You are welcome to subscribe, like, leave comments and share with others.

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Check out my youtube channel for my series on Vegan Real Food Bars

I have found some great food bars that are great to have on hand when you need a healthy snack, afternoon/anytime energy pick me up, after exercise, for all ages and all made from real food ingredients. Some are higher in protein and also have beneficial nutritional profile, including important vitamins and minerals, like calcium, iron, etc.

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A masterpiece of The Artist known as “The Creator” of the world

I had to share these photos took of the flower on this tree today across the street from Whole Foods in Hillcrest, in S. Diego. If you live there will know where it is. If anyone knows what this flower is called, please let me know.

I am in awe and amazed to see such beauty in our midst and being in joy to enjoy it with endless appreciation to The Creator for giving us things for our eyes to behold and be affected by in a positive way and know that there is a Master who creates everything with such perfection, precision, and is pure, pristine & unequal on all levels to any man-made physical object from the supposed most genius human that existed, exists or will exist.

I hope you enjoy these photos, as much as I enjoyed being able to be in the presence of these flowers and being able to capture them for you to see, too!

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Please check out my youtube channel for latest videos on Favorite Brands/Products Series

Have not had time this month to write anything on my blog and hopefully will going forward.
If you have any health topics you would like written/discussed, please let me know with a comment below this post.

In the meantime, check out these videos on my channel:

A Favorite Puffed Cereal Brand – Arrowhead Mills

A Favorite Cracker Brand – Mary’s Gone Crackers: Part 1 – Original

A Favorite Cereal Brand – Nature’s Path

A Favorite Beverage Brand – Suja

A Favorite Vegan Yogurt Brand – Kite Hill

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Week 4: June 22 through June 28 – modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Week 4: June 22 through June 28 – modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Still eatings lots of Puffed Corn and I am having small amounts of products with salt and oil, but not to excess. The items with oil are from the food demos I do, so I am not personally purchasing anything with oil in it. My future plan is to try and keep the consumption of products with salt and oil to very minimal amount overall in my daily consumption. As for sugar, I do not consume any products with cane sugar and very minimal with maple syrup, as use mostly coconut crystals/nectar and stevia.

It was an accomplishment to not eat anything at all with oil, salt, sugar and overt fats for 31 days and honestly, when I started, did not know if I will be able to see it through to the end, as I had products around that fell into those categories and could have “caved in,” at any moment, but wanted to stay true to myself, stay strong with my conviction and know I could do it. I did not have anyone around to motivate me, but myself, so have to self-motivate, self-support and find other things could snack on when got hungry that stayed in line with the program was adhering to.

If anyone decides to embark on a change in their life of any kind, it is good to have other around to motivate/support you and definitely seek advise from a medical professional if this is related to your health and have a pre-existing condition because as much as it would be great to just stop taking a medication, etc there can be a more deleterious/negative affect on the body by doing so. As the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race,” and in this case it would definitely be so. One thing (of many) I was blessed with in life by G-d, is the ability to persevere and align my mind to do something and stick with it, like I have done previously with various types of fasts and cleansing regimens that have documented on this blog.

Wishing you endless blessing & success in your journey to superior health & wellness!

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