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Q & A Series: People, Products and the Health of our Planet – Baiden Mitten – for skin exfoliation

Q & A INTERVIEW with Ishay (owner/founder) and Victoria

I have not done a Q & A in a long time and found a company who has a great product. I have started using the Baiden Mitten myself and will be sharing my review of it shortly.

Question #1: Tell me briefly about yourself and why you decided to get involved in the “health” industry?

Both Ishay and I have Indigenous European heritages where the love and respect for Nature and all its processes were the basis of all life. That was the reason why neither one of us ever bought into the “a pill for every ill” mentality, choosing instead to follow the old traditions of carefully nourishing our bodies to nurture the soul within. Consequently we never got “involved” in the “health” industry but rather we have been living it all our lives, long time before “the natural way of living” was ever fashionable.

For us, living according to Laws of Nature not only applies to the foods that we consume, but also to all other aspects of our life: our spirituality, relationships, businesses and how we contribute to society and environment.

Question #2: If you were stranded on a desert island and were allowed to take only 5 items with you (they can be food, books or specific products that are all health-related), what would they be and why?

– First of all I would take a bag full of coconuts to plant on my desert island to get a fresh supply of coconuts and palm leaves. That way I would (eventually) have great shelter, coconut water full of electrolytes and minerals to drink and the coconut flesh to eat and to moisturize my skin with by extracting some coconut oil from. Heaven!

– Baiden Mitten. Although sold mainly as a beauty tool, it actually works by turning the skin into a very efficient detox organ.It opens up the pores and allows the toxins to flow out. It also stimulates blood flow thus oxygenating vital organs and the brain. As if that would not be enough – Baiden Mitten also unplugs the hair follicles on the skin thus allowing natural skin moisturizer, sebum to flow out and moisturize the skin. Sebum acts as fantastic tanning oil which also prevents skin from burning. Since I would be running around naked on my deserted island, I would definitely want to avoid sunburn.

– Complete works by Dalai Lama. Oh, finally the joy of having enough uninterrupted time to read through all those amazing works.

– A bag full of seeds of plants I love to eat to have my own organic veggie garden

– A large bucket to carry water for my garden and help me carry things around. I would carry it on top of my head and thus work on my posture. Great posture prevents a lot of degenerative problems in the body.

Question #3: What one message do you want to share with the people of this world that is crucial for their ultimate well-being and longevity?

Take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. Don’t leave it in the hands of doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the media. Your intuition is much smarter than you think.

Questions #4: If someone could afford to purchase only one product at this moment to start their journey towards better health (food or health-related), what would you recommend and why?

It would have to be a blender to make green smoothies with. Once you experience the extreme health benefits a simple green smoothie for breakfast will do for you, you will get a very healthy respect for the amazing “machine” which is your body and how fast healing can come.

Question #5: Tell me more about your business/company and/or products you offer to the public to help them achieve optimal health and well-being?

At the moment we only offer one product – Baiden Mitten. It is an exceptional health and beauty tool in one which has survived a test of centuries and is now making a comeback.

Baiden Mitten does to the toxin-laden skin what raw food does to the processed-food-fed body – it performs an extreme detox. It does it by taking out all the impurities, toxins and the dead skin cells without introducing anything in which would hinder this process.

We have had many emails from people who were amazed at how quickly things change once the skin is allowed to work according to its own processes.

We are still a small company relying mainly on internet to sell our product, but the word has been spreading and we are growing exponentially. This year 2013 will be very exciting one for us and for our customer who love our Baiden Mitten as we have lots of things happening to increase our product range as well as redesigning packaging and streamlining our processes to make our customer support even more efficient.

We pride ourselves not only on excellent product, but also on excellent customer service. Running an ethical business is our number one priority and that is also why we use fair trade practices, because we believe that karma can be a b**ch and we would not want to risk messing with it.

Question #6: What are your hopes/aspirations/dreams for the future health of the people and the planet?

We are great believers in human spirit. In our opinion, we have come through some dark times of over consumerism and money worship however, we are seeing people waking up from this nightmare all over the world and reconnecting with their spirit.

The process of rediscovering ancient ways of living in harmony with the environment and other people has already started and we are very excited to be living in this amazing world at this challenging, but at the same time inspiring time. We believe we will see an amazing change in our lifetime of people growing their own food, forming more co-ops, being much kinder to animals and conducting fair, sustainable, ethical businesses.

Old political systems will topple and will be replaced with decentralized governing systems which will give a lot more power to the ordinary people.

Question #7: Who is your greatest hero and why?

For both Ishay and I, it would have to be our ancestors, especially our mothers, both of whom have now passed on. Although far from perfect, both were extremely strong women who lived according to very high moral standards and practiced what they preached every day. They taught us the value of family and human relationships and the most important thing is to follow our own heart, especially in hard situations.

Question #8: Is there anything else you would like to share with the public?

Turn off TV and computer and go for a walk in on the beach or in the forest. You will rejuvenate body and soul. Nature is inspiring. After your walk you will feel uplifted, happy and much more balanced and focused.

Question #9: I know that there are variables as to how much food/calories each person consumes when eating raw vegan food (based on many lifestyle factors, etc), but is there a basic guideline you would recommend for everyone?

Everybody is different. What suits you, might not suit somebody else. Listen to your body – it is closely connected to “the source” and if you keep it free from toxins, it will be able to communicate with you loud and clear on what are the best foods for you.

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