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Fear of Fruit – Yes or No? by Frederic Patenaude

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The Fear of Fruit by Frederic Patenaude

“Don’t eat too much fruit!”

“Fruit is fine as long as you stick to apples, grapefruit, berries and other fruits with a lower sugar content.”

This is what we hear from many health authors these days.

What’s up with the fear of fruit? Is it true that we should be careful with the sugar in fruit?

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If you feel constantly tired in spite of getting good sleep, you may want to look at raising your vitamin B12 levels.

B12’s role in energy production is well known, and insufficient B12 levels can lead to fatigue and mood changes.

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The program ”One Year of Raw Foods” features complete menu planners for every day of the year, and more resources to make this diet work.

This program features exactly what to eat, day by day, based on seasonal ingredients (no mangoes in January!), and a complete shopping list to help with your errands.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All Rights Reserved. Advice and recommendations given in this website or in personal consultation by phone, email, in-person, online coaching, or otherwise, is at the reader’s sole discretion and risk. You should see a qualified, licensed doctor before starting any skin care, nutritional, diet, stretching, and/or exercise program. Information presented on this website is not to be interpreted as kind of attempt to prescribe or practice medicine. These statements and information have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No product offerings are intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should always consult with a competent, fully-informed medical professional or health practitioner when making decisions having to do with your health. You are advised to investigate and educate yourself about any health related actions and choices you make.

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The Value of Organic Foods by David Wolfe

The Value of Organic Foods by David Wolfe

The value of organic raw foods, superfoods, and herbs is critically
important for a safe, healthy, and happy future for all of us, our children,
and our children’s children. The evidence is increasingly pointing towards
an organic future.

Organics foods are known to have the following characteristics:

Organic food is richer in minerals:

Organic farmers, in general, are more interested than conventional farmers
in growing mineral-rich produce. The famous Rutgers study demonstrated that
organic food was superior in the following minerals: phosphorus, calcium,
magnesium, potassium, sodium, boron, manganese, iron, copper, and cobalt. It
all starts with mineral-rich soil. When more minerals are available to the
plant, the plant’s vitamin, polysaccharide, and enzyme content, as well as
overall immune system are improved. When we eat mineral-rich food we absorb
the nutrients that made the plant healthy. We also enjoy more conscious
choices and freedom as the cells throughout our body become healthier and
more vital. Entire books have been written on how rich soils help build
enormous civilizations and how subsequent mismanagement of crops and the
soil leads to a loss of soil minerals and the subsequent collapse of these

Organic agriculture is sustainable:

Organic food production has existed for thousands of years. It will continue
as long as humans walk the planet. Organic agriculture is non-toxic (it
leaves no permanent toxicity). The pesticide and artificial fertilizer
industries are toxic and not sustainable. These industries have covered the
entire planet with dangerous chemicals. The story of DDT is known to nearly
all of us. DDT went into commercial distribution in 1948. Because of its
unsustainable toxicity, DDT was banned in the United States in 1972 and soon
after was banned worldwide. DDT is a known neurotoxin and carcinogen. Who
was brought to justice after the facts about DDT were revealed? How many
people, children, and animals were (are) injured by this chemical? How much
longer is it possible to continue to spray the Earth with poisons?

Organic agricultural supports being chemical-free:

With the explosion of cancer and disease in Western culture, who has the
authority to say that any artificial chemicals are safe on our food?

Consider the summary from the following 2003 research article in which
pesticide exposure was at least six times higher in the diets of children
eating conventional food (as compared to organic food):

“We assessed organophosphorus (OP) pesticide exposure from diet by
biological monitoring among Seattle, Washington, preschool children. Parents
kept food diaries for 3 days before urine collection, and they distinguished
organic and conventional foods based on label information. Children were
then classified as having consumed either organic or conventional diets
based on analysis of the diary data. Residential pesticide use was also
recorded for each home. We collected 24-hr urine samples from 18 children
with organic diets and 21 children with conventional diets and analyzed them
for five OP pesticide metabolites. We found significantly higher median
concentrations of total dimethyl alkylphosphate metabolites than total
diethyl alkylphosphate metabolites (0.06 and 0.02 µmol/L, respectively ; p =
0.0001) . The median total dimethyl metabolite concentration was
approximately six times higher for children with conventional diets than for
children with organic diets (0.17 and 0.03 µmol/L ; p = 0.0003) ; mean
concentrations differed by a factor of nine (0.34 and 0.04 µmol/L) . We
calculated dose estimates from urinary dimethyl metabolites and from
agricultural pesticide use data, assuming that all exposure came from a
single pesticide. The dose estimates suggest that consumption of organic
fruits, vegetables, and juice can reduce children’s exposure levels from
above to below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current
guidelines, thereby shifting exposures from a range of uncertain risk to a
range of negligible risk. Consumption of organic produce appears to provide
a relatively simple way for parents to reduce their children’s exposure to
OP pesticides.”

Taken from “Organophosphorus Pesticide Exposure of Urban and Suburban
Preschool Children with Organic and Conventional Diets” by Cynthia L. Curl,
CL, RA Fenske and K Elgethun, 2003. (

Organic food is safer on our hormone system:

The endocrine or hormone system may be more susceptible to toxicity than the
nervous system. A growing body of research is indicating that an
inappropriate exposure to certain pesticides during the developmental cycle
of growth in humans and animals can cause serious long-lasting endocrine and
hormone disorders.

The Environmental Working Group recently published the following statements
( “Many pesticides are now considered
‘endocrine disrupters,’ in part because the term is something of a catch
phrase for chemicals that cause a variety of changes in normal hormone
signaling. Some better known examples of highly toxic endocrine disrupting
pesticides are DDT (and its metabolite DDE) which are now known to exhibit
much of their toxicity through anti-androgenic (de-masculinizing)
properties, vinclozolin, a heavily used fungicide that is also
anti-androgenic, endosulfan, a DDT relative with estrogenic properties that
is found more often in food than any other pesticide, and atrazine, a weed
killer with broad hormonal activity, that contaminates the drinking water of
about 20 million people in the United States.

Eating organic foods, superfoods, and herbs is safe, easy, and fun!

You can grow organic foods anywhere with seeds, nice soil, sunshine,
sufficient moisture, smiles, and lots of love. Gardening skills are
attractive and make for a safe, healthy hobby. Organic foods have
been proven over thousands of years to be safe to eat.

Conventional foods have been proven over 50 years to be unsafe to eat. I saw
a conventional lettuce farmer near Santa Barbara, California climb out of
his tractor in a space suit on in order to protect himself from the
chemicals he was spraying. Does this sound like progress or a bad horror

Remember, you vote with your dollar. Cutting corners cheats everyone. Let’s
vote for organic farmers.

According to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) analysis of data from over 43,000 tests on pesticides in conventional produce, over 90% of ingestion of pesticides in foods can be eliminated by avoiding the most contaminated foods. The “Dirty Dozen” most contaminated foods are peaches (97 percent tested positive for residue), apples (92 percent tested positive), sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, pears, imported grapes, spinach, lettuce and potatoes. The “Consistently Clean” are onions (90 percent tested negative), avocados (90 percent), sweet corn (90 percent), pineapples, mango, asparagus, sweet peas, kiwi, bananas, cabbage, broccoli and papaya. “Federal produce tests tell us that some fruits and vegetables are so likely to be contaminated with pesticides that you should always buy them organic. Others are so consistently clean that you can eat them with less concern.” Says EWG Senior Vice President Richard Wiles. Download your wallet-sized shopper’s guide here:

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Q & A Series: People, Products and The Health of Our Planet – Interview with Oscar Garcia, Owner of Ancient Cookware

For the twentieth interview, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Oscar Garcia, Owner of Ancient Cookware – Importers and Distributors of Unique Kitchen Tools, in business since 2009

Question #1: Tell me briefly about yourself and why you decided to get involved in the “health” industry?

Specifically the “health” part of our product came to use after we started importing and using the products. We discovered that using pure clay products was a healthier way to cook. Not only do you need less oil, but also, the foods do not react with the material of the cookware, and you don’t need to worry about toxic substances.

Question #2: If you were stranded on a desert island and were allowed to take only 5 items with you (they can be food, books or specific products that are all health-related), what would they be and why?

If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want a flint kit to make fire, a fishing rod, a chicken, a banana plant, cooking pot.

Question #3: What one message do you want to share with the people of this world that is crucial for their ultimate well-being and longevity?

I think for people’s well-being and longevity, the best is to do everything possible to eliminate stress from their lives, eat naturally good foods, and find people that love you, and you love them.

Questions #4: If someone could afford to purchase only one product at this moment to start their journey towards better health (food or health-related), what would you recommend and why?

I would say Glucosamine. Since I started taking it, I have seen marked improvements in joints and muscles.

Question #5: Tell me more about your business/company and/or products you offer to the public to help them achieve optimal health and well-being?

As I mentioned above, many of our products offer a great option to cook things naturally. Of course, choosing healthy item to cook in it will depend on how healthy it will ultimately be, but at least you won’t have to worry about contaminations.

Question #6: What are your hopes/aspirations/dreams for the future health of the people and the planet?

I hope people realize that all the processed foods and sugars we are taking in are leading to obesity and a whole range of diseases, and change the way they eat. Go back to the time of our forefathers and cook and eat naturally.

Question #7: Who is your greatest hero and why?

Martin Luther King, because he spoke truths about humanity and made us see fellow humans in a different way.

Question #8: Is there anything else you would like to share with the public?

Just that the key to happiness is in our hands. We make our own heaven or hell.

For more information on this company and all their products, go to:

Also, check out my video review of some of their products on my youtube channel:

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Company Review: Foods Alive – Organic Raw Living Food Products Part 3

Foods Alive – Life Giving and Mineral-Rich Artisan Crafted Organic Raw Living Foods Part 3 In business since 2002

I am choosing to quote info from the company and their website, as they explain about the products very well and I wanted to make sure I give them credit for it. I am simply giving my reviews of the products based on tasting and using them to create delicious recipes which you can watch me make on my YouTube channel:

From Foods Alive website:
We source the highest quality and best tasting super foods from across the globe to bring you and your family the most mineral rich and nutrient dense foods available. Super Foods are a great source of Anti-oxidants, Amino Acids (proteins), Dietary Fiber and many other hard to find essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Raw Super Foods

White Mulberry

From Foods Alive website: White Mulberries are naturally sweet, chewy, multi-seeded clusters of vanilla scented goodness! White Mulberries contain the most phenols among the various species. Recent studies show that Mulberries contain polyphenols (normally found in grapes and red wine), flavonoids, anthocyanins, alkaloids, and resveratol. For more info:

My review: These are so yummy, I could eat the whole bag at once (then I would not have any left, so I will have to exercise self-control, but I could get more, right?). What a great snack when on the go and you can also add to a trail mix or fruit salad. These is no preparation involved, just take the bag with you and have some while you are hiking, walking, etc. And don’t forget to share some with your friends and let them know where they can get a bag of healthy goodness!

Coconut Sugar Crystals

From Foods Alive website: Food’s Alive’s coconut sugar is a sustainable, healthy, low glycemic alternative to common sweeteners. It can be used as an equal replacement for other sweeteners such as agave, turbinado, evaporated cane juice or refined white sugar. It has been a long celebrated tradition in food and medicine for thousands of years, throughout Southern and Southeastern Asia.
For more info:

My review: Great alternative to use for baking, smoothies, sweet dressings, sauces, salads, etc. I use it in my Superfood Beverage that you can watch me make and taste in my latest youtube video on my channel:

Himalayan Pink Salt

From Foods Alive website: 100% Pure Mineral Salt from a pristine area deep in the Himalayan Mountain Range. Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest and most beneficial form of salt crystals in the world. This fine granulated crystal salt works well for salt shakers and cooking recipes. For more info:

My review: It has a beautiful pink color and is a culinary delight! I use it in small amounts to add minerals to what I am preparing. It is also great to add to a foot soak or in a bath, as the body absorbs the nutrients quicker through the skin.

Glass Drinking Straw

From Foods Alive website: This unique 8-inch glass drinking straw is environmentally friendly and incredibly elegant. When you use your glass straw, you reduce the number of plastic straws that end up in our landfills and avoid consuming the toxins that plastic straws can leach into your drinks.
For more info:

My review: I love this glass straw! It is a must if you have children and they like to use a straw to drink their beverage because it is a lot more fun that way! You do not want plastic, as the chemicals leach into your food and then you are drinking that. Yuck! It is very durable, dishwasher safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and can be used in hot or cold beverages. Lets keep more plastic out of the landfills bcause the situation is getting beyond a HUGE problem for the environment. You can go online and find endless video on this issue. Plastics are ubiquitous and if each of us can do one thing to start, then STOP buying plastic straws. You only have to buy this ONE straw and never get another one again. So, it is also very cost effective in the long run.

Travel Case for Straight 8 inch Glass Straw

From Foods Alive website: This Glass Drinking Straw Travel Case is the perfect way to take your 8-inch Glass Straws (sold separately) on the go. With it’s secure snap-lock mechanism, you can be sure that your glass straw will be safe and sound whether you are traveling locally to meet up with a friend for lunch or packing it away in a suitcase for a vacation. NOTE: The Straight 8-inch Glass Straw (sold separately) is the ONLY straw that will fit in this great case. For more info:

My review: You must have a case for your straw (this one is only for the 8-inch size) to keep it clean and prevent breakage. Also, if you are traveling or have a picnic, potluck and know you will be having a smoothie, juice, etc. you will want to “show off” your glass straw to others because they may not know about it. Then you can tell others why this straw is a great investment for their health and the environment. I think, it is also lovely to see the beautiful colors of your fruit or vegetable smoothie or juice passing through the glass as you drink it.

Cleaning Brush for Glass Straw

From Foods Alive website: If you use your glass straw a lot, then that means that you’ve been cleaning it a lot too. As a result, we are now offering this cleaning brush separately, for those who might need a new one. Use this glass straw cleaner, to clean out those hard to reach smoothie remains inside of your glass straw, so that you can keep reusing that glass straw of yours, and continue to help reduce waste in our landfills. For more info:

My review: When you buy the straw, you get a free cleaning brush, specifically designed to clean it. Since some particulates made get stuck inside the straw from the liquid that passes through it and does not come out simply with water. If you do not have a dishwasher to do the job, this is a great tool and cleans it out very well.

Foods Alive Gear

Foods Alive Post-It
From Foods Alive website: Foods Alive’s Post-it® Note pads are made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer content to reduce environmental harm. Our white paper Post-it® Note pads give you 50 pages to jot down notes and stick in important places. For more info:

My review: We are always looking for something to write a note on and do not always have the paper or the right size to use. Foods Alive has solved the problem, as they now have post-it notes with their company info on it. You can keep them in your handbag or backpack and have it handy when you need to jot something down. Of course, it is great that they are made of post-consumer content, as an environmental benefit.

Foods Alive T-shirt

From Foods Alive website: Looking for a great T-shirt to sport? Look no further than this awesome T-shirt from Foods Alive! Makes a great gift too! For more info:

My review: If you are looking for a great gift to buy for yourself or others, look no further then the Foods Alive t-shirt! The shirt is also a great way to promote this company and let others know where they can buy their awesome products.

Foods Alive Mug

From Foods Alive website: The 10 oz. Foods Alive mug is perfect for any hot beverage! It has a unique curved ceramic body and a c-shaped handle for an easy comfortable grip. Makes a great gift too! For more info:

My review: Another great gift is the ceramic mug. It is the perfect size for your hot or cold beverage. I used it when I made my Superfood Beverage and you can watch that on my youtube channel: TheRawsomeVeganGal

This company offers so many great raw organic super foods to nourish and help you to achieve vibrant health. If you have not tried any as yet, now you have more information to do so. You can check out their website: to purchase direct or find which stores carry their products.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review: S.W. Basics of Brooklyn – Truly All-Natural Sustainable Skincare, Part 2

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn – Truly All-Natural Sustainable Skincare, Part 2 in business since 2009 under the name “Sprout Wellness” and the current brand name since November 2012

For part 1 of my review of this company and products click on this link:

I was thrilled to hear from MacKenzie, the media gal, a couple of months ago via this blog to do another product review and also offer you an exclusive sale that expires on Wednesday night 11/20/2013, so make sure to read this post to the bottom of the page.

This company has taken a strong stance in what ingredients they use in their products and refuse to ever use any synthetic chemicals, toxic fragrances or cheap fillers. If you eat the best organic foods, you ought to most definitely do the same for your skin! The skin absorbs whatever you put on it immediately with no barrier directly/express into the bloodstream. Then if the body recognizes it as an “invader” or foreign substance, that is when the immune system kicks in, in an accelerated fashion and the “army” of antibodies has to come in to destroy what it does not like.

There is no logical explanation to keep taxing the immune system and is better to keep it calm and balanced/equilibrium. The immune system ought to be reserved for when it is absolutely necessary, why add “fuel to the fire!” It is like when you see a sign that says, “Danger! Do not enter! Minefield!” Are you going to be a “hotshot” and think that I know how to get around them and will be ok? Why put yourself in harm’s way for no reason, when you have already been warned of the likelihood to be injured? Now, you ought to understand what I mean!

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to change what you put on your skin and do the research to find the best and cleanest products. Since I have had the opportunity to reviews products and companies with high integrity and purity, you can feel confident that I am not out to sell you “a bill of goods.” I would not ever even consider reviewing a product before I research it and make sure it meets my incessant hardcore standards. This company. S.W. Basics of Brooklyn is without a doubt, one of those companies!

Here are the products I review for this post.

Eco Cotton Rounds

What an awesome idea for a product! There are enough cotton balls and rounds being sold, even though there are certified organic ones, too, they still get disposed of in the trash (they are no compostable or biodegradable ones that I am aware of). This company found a mother-daughter team that made these organic, unbleached reusable cotton rounds. They are nice and thick and very absorbent. I use it to apply toner and can also be for applying cleanser, makeup remover, etc. After use, put them in the washing machine in the little laundry bag that comes with the product. Now you will save time and money (because you do not have to drive to the store and keep buying new cotton balls/rounds) and also do something wonderful for the environment (less being disposed into the landfill). They also feel very soft against the skin (maybe next, the company will think about some other new product(s) using that same organic cotton, like a hand towel or wash cloth because it is such great quality and the best natural material).


Before I try any product on my skin, I always like to smell it. First, I read the contents, of course and with this company, there is no doubt about the purity of the ingredients (I would say that if S.W. Basic of Brooklyn, sent me a new product that had no label on it to try out before it goes to market I would not need to ask what is in it because I see their track record with all their products, so far – that is a bold statement to make and I will stand by it and take the dare/challenge, if the company want me to prove that they are truly natural by doing a “blind” product testing, I’m game! I will also record a video while doing it and try to figure out what are the ingredients – don’t forget everything is not more then 5 ingredients, so chances are I may figure some/all of them out).

This cream smelled very yummy, like coconut butter. It has only 3 ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. Since it does not use any water it can penetrate deep into the skin and stays there without evaporating. The shea butter is wild harvested from a Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Ghana.

When I applied it to my face, it was very thick, rich and concentrated, so I did not need to use much. These ingredients are very pure and do not clog your pores, like other commercially prepared products that “claim” they are natural and put it on their label (What a joke! Usually they have a list of ingredients a mile long and you can not pronounce them and maybe there is a drop of something that is quasi-natural because it actually is chemically derived).

Body Oil scented with lemongrass essential oil

I mentioned above that I like to smell products (one of my 5 senses, I like to use) and I also am very visual (using my sense of sight). I say this about the body oil because when I looked at the bottle it has such a beautiful vibrant and lively color. It is a deep rich yellow with a slight greenish undertone. Before I even opened the bottle, I felt nourished simply by the sight of it. Then when I took a whiff of it, the aroma was invigorating. It is also aromatherapeutic (free added bonus!) when you inhale the natural essential oils through your nasal passages.

I know they have a few different versions of the body oil that are scented and they must have known telepathically (ok, maybe I am “pushing the envelope” here, so play along and humor me!) that the scent of lemongrass takes me to an other world. A world that is filled with clean oxygen-rich air, sunshine, happiness, peace, serenity, rolling hills/mountains with fresh natural spring water free-flowing, fragrant flowers and herbs growing wild, tall grasses that I can run through and an abundance of organic wild berries that I can pick and eat to my hearts delight (I hope you enjoyed this visual escape/experience/journey I took you on simply from smelling this product).

Now, lets get back to the product. This body oil is great when you come out of the shower and best to put on your skin when it is still wet to lock in the moisture. It is made with sesame oil, grapeseed oil and avocado oil (also scented versions with either clove, peppermint or lemongrass). I loved how light it is going on, absorbed into my skin and made it feel soft and smooth.

Thanks to Adina, Adam and MacKenzie for the opportunity to do another review and I hope to do more in near future!

Please check out their website for more information about all the skincare products and their fantastic story. You can also Scroll down this page and on right-hand side you will find the link there, under the column titled Blogroll.

The company is offering an exclusive sale on their website to my blog viewers so don’t delay, especially if you have some holiday gifts in mind. Anything you buy from this company is a good investment for the health of you skin and your body (as the skin is the largest organ and whatever we put on the surface gets absorbed into the body immediately!). The code below is for 15% off products and will be good for ONLY 3 days, until Wednesday, November 20th 2013 at 11:59pm EST on the button.


I also did a video review on my YouTube channel:
Subscribe to my youtube channel if you have a Gmail, Google+, Picasa, YouTube, Orkut or Google Chrome account and then you can also leave a comment and like my videos.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review: S.W. Basics of Brooklyn – Truly All-Natural Sustainable Skincare, Part 1

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn: Truly All-Natural Sustainable Skincare, Part 1 in business since 2009 under the name “Sprout Wellness” and the current brand name since November 2012

I met Adam Poor, VP of S.W. Basics of Brooklyn at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim during the month of March 2013. The company was introducing their products at the Organic Marketplace (features only certified organic products). I am always searching for the best products that are also of the highest quality and integrity. I don’t want you, my readers, to settle either. I hope you do your research as diligently as I do before you shop for any and all products you use – food, household, body and skincare. If you are lazy, they you came to the right place because I do the “legwork” for you. When I find a product I don’t simply use it because the company makes the “claim” that it is healthy, natural, good for me. Those words are used too commonly and matter-of-factly in the world today and have lost their true meaning (back in the day products were made by your grandmother/great-grandmother from natural ingredients you had in home like oils, vinegar, beeswax, essential oils, herbs, flowers, etc). I research the ingredients used, check out there site, talk to them in person/on the phone and them I am ready to test it out for myself if it meets my “hyper-high” standards of purity, integrity and environmental consciousness.

You may say, it is nice to talk about this, but are there really companies creating/producing products that are truly natural? Yes, there are! There are those people who are “fed up” with all the “garbage” sold in the supermarkets, drug stores, retailers and even health food stores (sad 😦 to say, they aren’t immune from it and sell products that used to be authentic, but now have “sold out” to BIG companies that are only looking for profits as their “bottom line!”)

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn is definitely in the category of doing it right! They only use 5 or less ingredients in all their products. On top of that, they are organic, fair trade, American-made, ingredients sourced from small family farms, made from scratch without synthetics or cheap fillers. You get the whole potent product that isn’t watered down. Too many products claim to have in them, for example, an essential oil and either has a very minuscule amount in it or is a chemical derivative and doesn’t even ever resemble the natural ingredient in smell or look. To put the “icing on the cake,” they even have the “nerve/chutzpah” to put a beautiful picture on the bottle/container of the herb used to create the essential oil to trick the consumer/customer to believe it has that ingredient in it. Most of the time, if you took it to a chemist to analyze, there may not even be a trace of what they claim. I wish there was more “police-ing” of the health and beauty industry to filter out all the crap from what is truly made with integrity and care for the people and the planet.

Adam was nice enough to send me the 4 varieties/flavors of the beeswax lip balms to test out and review on my blog. As I said before, their products are made with 5 natural ingredients or less and that holds true for there lip balms, as well. If you don’t believe me (ok, so if you are a new follower, you may be skeptical and if you are a “regular,” then you know I am not fooling you because you have probably already tried other products I recommended in my posts), then check the website for yourself (link is on the right-hand side of the page under the column titled Blogroll.

Each one of the lip balms has a distinct taste to it. Yes, that is what I said! Remember when you put any lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm on your lips, ultimately you will taste it in your mouth from licking your lips or after you bite into some food while it is still on. If you are eating the healthiest and best organic food, why would you want to also “consume”chemicals by way of what you put on your lips? Maybe you never thought of that, but it is absolutely true! You don’t have to worry when you use these lip balms, as they will not harm you.

The most basic of the 4 lip balms, is the Cocoa variety that only had 3 ingredients. It goes on smooth and has a silky feel. I can smell (yes, there is the added benefit of aromatherapy when you breathe in the ingredients) the cocoa butter. It brings back memories of when you could detect the aroma at the beach as people slathered it on their bodies. With all 4 varieties, my lips stay moist and healthy. The next flavor, Peppermint has 4 ingredients and makes my lips tingle – it lasts for a while so enjoy the sensation. It perks you up, too when you breathe in the peppermint. It doesn’t have that “fake” unnatural scent. I know because I am a vegan/raw food chef and use lots of fresh herbs to add flavor and accent to my dishes. The third flavor, Citrus has 5 ingredients and I can smell the citrus immediately. Again, their is the aromatherapeutic affect (you can put it on your lips and also smell it!) which you may not realize. This is one of my favorites. I will give you the RVG (Rawsome Vegan Gal)rating at the end. The final one is, Cinnamon that also has 5 ingredients. As soon as I take the cap off of it, I can smell the cardamom. It has a strong and powerfully distinct aroma.

The RVG Rating (Rawsome Vegan Gal) for the four lip balms (in order of like – Disclaimer: this may be different then on my YouTube video, as I made that first and don’t remember what I said 😉

1- COCOA: I like the simplicity of ingredients, subtle flavor and the creamy texture
2- CITRUS: I love citrus and it is also aromatherapeutic – added bonus
3- PEPPERMINT: Nice tingle, smell isn’t offensive or overbearing and it perks you up
4- CINNAMON: Strong aroma and to me has a more masculine appeal

Please check out their website for more information about all the skincare products and their fantastic story. Scroll down this page and on right-hand side you will find the link under the column titled Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

I also did a video review
and had FUN doing it and my disclaimer/preface is: “don’t mind my manners” and I repeat it in the video, as well (you’ll see why). You can check out my YouTube channel for this and other videos:

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Company Review – Fresh Wave: Natural Odor Eliminator

Fresh Wave – Natural Odor Eliminator in business since 1990

There are a lot of companies claiming to eliminate odors, but merely ‘mask’ them. They also may be using harsh toxic chemicals and perfumes in their products. Those of you who are using the ‘Tree’ that you hang in your car, I do not recommend you ever use it. It is made with chemicals and unlike a spray, the toxic scent is continually coming out and you are constantly breathing it in, especially if you keep you windows shut, then no air is circulating and it envelops you continually. It may not show up as a problem in your body initially, but long-term it is likely to affect your health. Also the plug-in air fresheners (like the brand Glade) continually release the chemicals in the air so you are always breathing it in. The goal is to use a product that will not have any negative affects on you (if you have chemical sensitivities, asthma or other lung issues, are pregnant, a young child or a senior then you are likely to have adverse reactions to ‘conventional’ products). Be wary and proactive in your choices because it isn’t only affecting you, but also the environment.

If you are a hard-core label reader, like I am, then make sure you read the ingredients and heed my advise.
1- if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, Don’t Buy It!
2- if you don’t know what the ingredient is, Don’t Buy it!
3- if there are too many ingredients, it is likely to not be ‘natural,’ Don’t Buy It! (there are some exceptions, for example the company, 100% Pure, that I reviewed in a previous blog post, has numerous ingredients in their pruducts that are all botanicals and you have heard of the ingredients such as aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, shea butter, etc)

When I was interested in reviewing some products from this company, Fresh Wave, I first wanted to know what ingredients are in it. I read through there website online and the contents are all natural – water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood. There is NOTHING from that list that is even remotely toxic to the body. You may not like the scent of things like pine needle, but it will not cause you harm. I know for me, I had to get used of the smell initially and now I like it. To me it smells very fresh and natural while absorbing/eliminating the odors such as in automobiles, bathrooms, diaper pails, musty basements, pets, etc.

The two products I tested are the spray and the crystal gel. The Fresh Wave Spray comes in 2oz travel size, for the home in 8oz and also a 32oz refill container. This spray will rapidly target and eliminate the odors and is non-aerosol (environmentally friendly). You can spray it in the air and also use in your running shoes, on car seats, upholstery, etc. Sometimes I have my door open and I smell an odor from the neighbors apartment coming in to my place, so I grab the spray and with a few mists the odor is completely gone.

The Fresh Wave Crystal Gel also comes in various sizes and a large refill container. It works differently then the spray as it continuously neutralizes the odor. The smell is more suttle then the spray that quickly releases it into the air. You remove the lid, discard the inner seal and replace the cover. It will work around the clock as the airflow activates the unscented odor control gel for the entire room. The Crystal Gel is great for pet areas, boats, attics, etc and lasts 30-90 days depending on ambient (surrounding) air flow. Then you can refill/replace the container when it gets low. I am using this product in my bathroom so it is continually working for me, even when I am not in there and always smells fresh and clean.

There are other products in the Fresh Wave line, including Carpet Shake, Vacuum Pearls, Pearl Packs, Soy Candles, Pet Shampoo, Fresh Wash, etc. They are all made in the USA and safe for humans, pets and the environment. You can read more about all the odor eliminating products on their website and purchase it online or find out what stores in your area carry their products. I have included a link on the right-hand side of the page by scrolling down to the column titled Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review – Rainbow Research: Henna Natural Hair Color

Rainbow Research Henna Natural Hair Color – in business since 1976

I have been using the henna hair color from Rainbow Research for many years and decided it was time to write a review. I want my readers and those who may ‘stumble’ upon my blog, to read about this amazing product that truly works and is 100% pure, or I wouldn’t use it! It has gotten my stamp of approval so you know it is the best.

Some years ago, I wanted to start using a hair coloring product. Of course, the market is “saturated” with numerous commercial products that claim to be ‘natural’ (the word is used so loosely these days that it really doesn’t hold to the standards of people like me who is very well educated with ingredients and can read a label and discern instantly if the product is natural/pure), but they are using so many chemicals and dyes to make the product. If you think about it, you are using this on your scalp, not just on the ends of your hair to either cover the gray or add highlights to your existing hair color. This is a significant factor to using only a pure product.

I always go back to this point, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth because it is not organic/whole/pure, why would you be ok with putting it on you skin/body? Do you think it doesn’t absorb through your pores and go directly into your body/bloodstream? Well, if you don’t know this already, then it is time to be enlightened! YES! it absolutely does and much quicker because you don’t have to break it down through your digestive tract like when you consume food (I have written quite a few company reviews on skin and body products that I recommend. You can click on the link on the right-hand side of this page under the title Categories and look for Company Reviews). There is a danger of commercial chemical hair dyes. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 20% of the non-Hodgkins lymphoma (the cancer that killed Jackie Kennedy-Onassis) is linked to the use of such dyes. Other cancers include bladder, breast cancer and leukemia have been linked to those products. Rainbow Research hair colors are pure botanical products and do not contain any of the chemicals linked to the cancer risk.

Now getting back to my search for a quality hair color product. I was already living a healthy vegan lifestyle (it has evolved and improved over the 22 years I have been doing it) and would not compromise in any way shape or form and buy a product that using ingredients I disapprove of. Before I found Rainbow Research at a health food store in NY, I used some other natural hair color products, but they did not work for me. Then I found this product from Rainbow Research. Of course, I don’t just take what the company says on their label as absolute truth, I do my own research and read up on their ingredients to make sure it is of the highest purity and quality. People that spend exhorbitantly on products they use on their skin/bodies usually are paying for the name brand and packaging, but don’t know that the price may seem ‘rich,’ but the quality is actually ‘poor.’ The more costly something is, doesn’t have an absolute correlation that what your are getting is ‘good for you.’ Do your do diligence and don’t take this lightly! You are ‘eating’ through you skin, as it is the largest organ of the body.

I was very happy to know that this product has only a few pure ingredients and was excited to try it. Most commercial and some quasi-natural skin/bodycare companies have a list a mile long of ingredients you can’t pronounce and don’t know what they mean/are. There would be so much ‘work’ involved in discerning them, that you may use it anyway because you already bought it and don’t want to throw it out or have time to go back to the store and look for something else. You would plan to look for something else the next time. What you don’t realize it that chemicals are cumulative in the body, meaning they accumulate and the factor of time and continual use is what causes health problems in the body.

I was very happy with the results of this product and let others I know about it. I liked that there are many color choices and the brochure gives you tips and hints to help the color adhere better to the hair. It is not complicated to use, either. You mix with water (and can additionally use brewed tea, apples cider vinegar, etc – see website for details and instructions) and then apply to the hair. You keep it on for a specified amount of time, depending on the color used. It does take some extra time in the shower when you are washing it out, so be aware of that. Also, you may still have some small pieces from the henna that you will see on you bedding (use a towel on your pillow so it doesn’t get all over your sheets) until the next time you wash your hair. It is a small price to pay for getting the results you want and the purity you desire/deserve!

I use the henna on my hair once every 2 months and am very happy and satisfied with the results. It gives texture & body to my hair and feel silky & smooth, as well. I like the fact that the color fades gradually so you don’t need to use it that often. I do not need to use the whole container, as I mostly put it on the roots. I will continue to use this product for many years and recommend you read more about it and the instructions how to use it at home (if you do get your hair colored at a salon, you can always being the product there to be used instead of their ‘toxic’ ones). You can read more about the company, Rainbow Research, their henna and other products they sell by clicking on the link I have provided for you by scrolling down on the right-hand side of this page under the heading Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review: Moso Natural – air purifying bag

Moso Natural air purifying bag – in business since August 2009

I found out about this company at the Expo West in Anaheim. I took home some literature about the product and after reading the information, I contacted the company to send me one for review. It, of course, would have to meet my high standards of purity and integrity before I would even consider testing it. I am happy to say that it did! The Moso Bag helps to purify the air and comes in two sizes depending on the space you are using it for. I received the smaller one that is for 90 sq.ft., which is good for the car, closet, bathroom and pet areas.

I have never seen any other product like this on the market. It is very pure, non-toxic, fragrance-free and eco-friendly. The bag is made of bamboo charcoal which has purification properties. The carbon in the Moso Bag is self-activated to absorb and filter out harmful pollutants and odors. This product does not have a scent, which is great for those who have allergies. It is also safe to use around children and pets, as there are no chemicals or toxins inside the Moso Bag. Once a month the Moso Bag needs at least one hour in the direct sun to release the pollutants and rejuvenate it for future use. You can certainly leave it outside for longer if you choose.

The product, at first, sounded too good to be true, but this company has gotten it right! It is beneficial for use in eliminating odors, pollutants, bacteria, mold, mildew and more. Since I received the smaller Moso Bag, I use it in my bathroom. I have had it now for over 3 months and here is what I experienced. When I take a shower, it definitely helps with the moisture that accumulates afterwards. I already have mold in my bathroom from a previous tenant who lived here years ago (I never knew what mold looked like, as I never had the problem before, until someone who saw it told me that it was). The mold is stillthere, as I don’t know that this product can remove what has already been there, but it has not gotten any worse, thankfully. I am using some natural methods to get rid of it, but it takes time and “elbow grease” especially since it is in the cracks where the caulking is around the top of the bath tub.

I used to keep my window open at night to get some air circulation because during the day there is lots of traffic on the street and I get dirt in and around my tub coming in through my window. I also keep it closed because of smoke that comes in from the cigarettes used by the neighbor next door, as his window is next to mine. The Moso Bag does not work to absorb the smoke from the cigarettes and I have to quickly close the window (if it is supposed to then I don’t know why it doesn’t!). Usually when I keep my window closed the room smells stale, but I don’t have that in the bathroom since I use the Moso Bag.

All in all, it is a great pure and natural product and I highly recommend it! To read more about the Moso Bag click on the link by scrolling down on the right-hand side of this page until the column titled Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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Company Review: Bluapple – prolongs produce freshness

Bluapple prolongs produce freshness – company in business since late 2009; product launched in spring 2010

I met a representative of the company at Expo West 2012 in Anaheim, CA. I decided to contact them afterwards because I was intrigued as to whether a product like this really works. The company sent me the product for my evaluation. The product comes in a packet of 2 which would be enough for a 6 month evaluation (3 months per Bluapple). I didn’t know at the time, actually till I looked at their website recently, that you can check whether the product is still effective based on the color of the granules in the packet (see FAQ page on the website to learn how to do this). That means that it may last shorter or longer then the 3 months recommended(I never did this with the first one, but I still have the 2nd one in my fridge and will check it out because the 3 months are over for the second one).

I put the product in the crisper in my fridge, as it needs to be in an enclosed space to be most effective. The goal is to continuously absorb the ethylene gas that causes the produce to spoil at an accelerated rate. Their are no chemicals whatsoever in this product. If you open up the Bluapple, the packet inside is similar to those “dessicant” packets that are put in when products are shipped to absorb moisture. Once it is no longer useful in your fridge, you can open up the packet and use the granules on your houseplants as a great fertilizer.

I did not get the results I had expected from the product, initially. I had some fresh lettuces I got at the farmers market and within 3 days some of the leaves were already spoiling. I was not impressed! I contacted the company and received a lengthy email from the owner with more information and also what else I needed to do to make it work. There are a couple of other factors that play a role in the effectiveness of this product including humidity and temperature (check out their website for more details about these other factors). I was having some issue with my fridge and that may have been the problem. I would find that the bags of lettuce in the crisper were quite wet inside. This wasn’t a good sign. I also noticed wetness in other areas of the fridge. Chances are it had nothing to do with the product, but the first go round was not effective.

The problem with my fridge wasn’t resolved for a long time and even now I still have some issues with temperature because it has been really hot where I live lately and just opening up the fridge to take out some food, the temperature rises very quickly (I have a thermometer in there to keep track, which is a good idea). I am being more conscious and trying to not have the refrigerator door open for long (it is hard though when you are trying to put away all your food from a day at the farmers market and you have to reorganize all that is already in there still and get the fresh stuff in, too – I bring home large quantities of produce as it is what I live on – I really need a larger fridge and very small freezer, but don’t believe the owner of this complex will buy one for me – wishful thinking, though :-).

The second Bluapple has reached its 3 month effectiveness and I believe it has worked better for me this time and also the was some maintenance done on the fridge within the last couple of months. I don’t see the wetness in the produce bags in the crisper or the extreme spoilage I was seeing within a few days. My other produce on the shelves (has nothing to do with the product, but rather with how well the fridge is working overall) seems to be dry, too.

Overall, I would say give this product a try as they do have a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you within 90 days. They are very good about customer service and I appreciate the owner, Timmy, taking the time to email me to explain more about the product and other factors involved in its effectiveness.

You can read more information on this product and order directly from the company as I have included a link for their website by scrolling down on the right-side of this page under the title Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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