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Week 3: June 15 through June 21 – modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Week 3: June 15 through June 21 – modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Not that much to share this week. I continue to eats lots of Puffed Corn & Kamut Puffs, as was eating during the 1st month. I did have a cracker product that had oil in it, that used in my food demos. I did not get a bad reaction, but only had a small amount of crackers. For the most part am staying away from oils, except for those and do not have often. I guess it really is hard to break habits, even though was very strict about it last month. I have had some crackers with salt in them, too.

I will continue sharing for 1 additional week.

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Week 2: June 8 through June 14 – modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but was not able to log into my account for a number of days and was in contact with wordpress and they were not able to help me and today on its own, I was able to log in. 😊

Week 2: June 8 through June 14 – modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Nothing has changed since last week, except, I am staying away from oil in products that had in some crackers last week and do not use consume any oils in my own food preparation. I have had products with salt in them and maybe more then I ought to, but do not see anything different in me physically and since have not taken any blood tests before, during or after, is hard to say for sure, although those numbers are not necessarily relevant to me as a long term whole food vegan, as they are standardized for the general population who is not eating the way I do. I am consuming snacks with coconut sugar and maple syrup, but not in large quantities. I will post again in a week and let you know if anything changes.

You are welcome to leave any questions or comments.

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Week 1: June 1 through June 7: modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Week 1: June 1 through June 7: modified S.O.S. Free Plan

June 1/19 – 1st day on modified S.O.S. Free Plan

What a difference a day makes. I started eating overt fats and feel like my meals are more satisfying and not eating as much grains, puffed cereals and rice cakes. I am not eat large quantities, but just small amount to my meals/snacks, like a handful of nuts and/or seeds, a spoon or 2 of coconut butter from Artisana on my stew/pasta, or a sprinkling of seeds on my salad. I also had some products with minimal amount of salt in them, vegan yogurt from Lavva, crackers from Mary’s Gone Crackers, corn thins from Real Food and granola from Go Raw. I do not feel any better/worse by eating them and perhaps it is because not overloading on them in my daily consumption.

June 4/19 – 4th day on modified S.O.S. Free Plan

I have been doing good with not using sugar, besides what mentioned previously and also not consuming any oil or products with oils in them, like snacks, etc. I have been consuming a bit more salt then I planned in the way of their inclusion in crackers I like to eat, but I don’t sprinkle it on my food. I do not see/feel any effects from it and do not have things with such a high percentage of salt like is seen in many packaged products and I do read the nutritional labels on everything I buy very thoroughly.

June 5/19 – 5th day on modified S.O.S. Free Plan

Today I did a couple of food demos at a health food store and after I was done was very tired and hungry and ate too many flax crackers and was quite a bit of salt and also tried some quinoa crackers that had oil in it, which was planning to avoid and had done so for 35 days and only had 4 small size ones and later on my head was not right and also the taste of it kept coming up in my mouth. I am not sure if all this was a combination of both crackers or just the ones with oil. Even with the small amount I ate, it affected me and that is likely because have not had oil in any products for over a month. I learned my lesson and will stay away from products with oil in them.

June 7/19 – 7th day on modified S.O.S. Free Plan

As you can see, am not writing every day, as before, only when there is something I think significant to share. I am still eating lots of Puffed Corn, even though added fats back to my plan, as I like to snack on them. I do like having more variety and options especially with eating nuts and seeds on a regular basis and also some products like to have for snacks that have them in there, like Kind Pressd Bars that are made with fruit and chia seeds and is a yummy snack to have.

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