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Can You Reverse Cavities? by Frederic Patenaude

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Can You Reverse Cavities? by Frederic Patenaude

I’ve heard different versions of the same story over and over again.

A sort of dental “disaster” story.

It happens to people who change their diet for raw foods, vegan, Paleo, etc. But it also happens to different people at various points in their lives.

It goes like this:

“I never had any problems with my teeth except a few cavities when I was a kid. Suddenly I got a bunch of cavities at once! And over the next few years: gum recession, sensitivity to cold/hot foods, enamel erosion, you name it!”

Or someone has “perfect” teeth for a while, but after months of gnawing teeth pain that gets worse, they see a dentist, only to discover that they have seven cavities, receded gums, chipping enamel, and all sorts of discoloration on their teeth.

Different details for different people, but it’s the same story over and over.

Sometimes the diet is to blame; sometimes it’s not.

It’s not that raw foods are “bad for your teeth”.

It’s just that raw foods are alive and filled with acids and natural sugar, which cariogenic bacteria love. It’s their fuel.

Cariogenic = cavity-causing. Not what we want thriving in our mouth.

To avoid and reverse those problems, it all just comes down to restoring the alkaline balance and leaving your body’s natural abilities to regulate and work their magic.

If your mouth PH is alkaline and there aren’t much cavity-causing bacteria to cause problems, you can be eating sugar all day and your pearly whites will be just fine.

Can you reverse cavities without needing filling?

In many cases, the answer is yes!

It happened to me, as it happened to many others.

In fact, a recent study was published in an Australian dentistry journal in December 2015. They showed that 50% of dental fillings were unnecessary because many dental decay cases do not require them.

They wrote:
“A tooth should be only be drilled and filled where an actual hole-in-the-tooth (cavity) is already evident.”

When you learn how to create a healthy state in your mouth, miracles can happen.

Cavities can be stopped dead in their tracks. You’ll avoid some of the worst consequences of dental problems. Your body can heal itself — so can your teeth!

Of course, dental repairs are sometimes necessary. But why not deal with the ROOT of the problem and put your mouth in an alkaline state, with the right mineral balance — where your teeth can start getting stronger, your gums healthier, and only then do the repairs that are needed?

Don’t give up your health independence and rely on dentists to take care of your teeth! Do it yourself and you’ll have healthy, clean, beautiful teeth for a lifetime.

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Recommended Dental Health Products – An exhaustive look at the best (and worst) dental hygiene products on the market, and which ones to use.
The Method: a printable reminder sheet of the different daily steps to take, depending on your goals, to reverse most dental problems!
New nutritional information how to avoid common mistakes that lead to an acid saliva PH
How to get cavity-resistant teeth with two simple dietary changes – Key deficiencies that most people overlook
And much more
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The only way to prevent dental decay for life and reverse a bad situation is to take active control of your oral environment. Just eating less sugar does not address the root of the problem (although there are important nutritional steps you can take to make your teeth cavity-proof).

If you’d like to find out the exact method that I use to reverse and prevent dental problems, make sure to get the new edition of the program “How to Heal and Prevent Dental Disasters.”

In it, you will discover:

What you can do for your teeth if you already have decay above or below the gumline, pain, bleeding or loose teeth…

Why the dental industry on purpose wants you to come back for more visits with new problems to “fix” every time.

What to do if you lose a filling, chip or lose a tooth, etc.
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99 Things YOU Can Do To Make The World A Greener Place to Be! by Tera Warner

99 Things YOU Can Do To Make The World A Greener Place to Be! by Tera Warner

1. Recycle paper and plastics, and inform yourself about local recycling
regulations so you can reduce your waste as much as possible.

2. Buy e-books and e-programs as much as possible.

3. Bring your own bags to the grocery store, and if you forget, take paper
instead of plastic, which is easier to recycle! Most grocery stores now
offer re-usable bags you can purchase at the counter for $1!

4. Shop at second hand stores and make it an adventure! Especially childrens
clothing which tends to be outgrown while the clothes themselves are in good

5. Shop close to home and support local merchants and locally produced foods
as much as possible

6. Take public transport.

7. Walk, jog, ride a bike, skip or hop instead of taking a car.

8. Turn lights OFF when you leave a room.

9. Take shorter showers.

10. Eat more vegetables.

11. Install a reduced-flow shower head.

12. Clean your fridge coils for better productivity.

13. Visit your local library. There are loads of resources available at
local libraries and in this modern age these resources are entirely

14. Take the stairs!

15. Buy bamboo based products for housing and clothing.

16. Stop water flow when you’re washing dishes, teeth, etc.

17. Unplug electronics and appliances when not using them. (Many people
don’t realize that even things like cell phone chargers are consuming power
when not being used. Keep your sockets empty when not in use and reduce,
reduce, reduce!)

18. Wash clothes in cold water.

19. Check your tire’s air pressure.

20. Buy recycled paper products. (Post-consumer recycled paper requires 44%
less energy to produce, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37% and
producing 48% less

21. Cut down on solid waste. Look for post-consumer recycled fiber file
folders as well.

22. Swtich to recycled toilet paper. (We can save 5 million trees and 17,000
garbage trucks full of waste by replacing just one 12-roll pack in every
household with tissue made from recycled paper.

23. Get a DivaCup instead of standard feminine hygiene products.

24. Print on both sides of paper.

25. If you bake, open the oven after to heat your home.

26. Buy organic fruits and vegetables, and support sustainable farming as much as possible.

27. Register for Green Energy with your city.

28. Drive under 60mph.

29. Compost! Worms are neat!

30. Use less garbage bags.

31. Steer clear of pesticides on your lawn or garden, and even put a little
bug picture or sign stating that you don’t use these things so that others
will be inspired to follow suit.

32. Give your car a tune-up, so it drives more efficiently.

33. Convert your car to vegetable-oil based fuel!

34. Avoid buying things in dollar stores that are made for instant disposal.

35. Offer gifts that come from the heart. Natural crafts, homemade cards, or
wild flowers, love letter.

36. Announce to your family that gifts will be from the heart this year!

37. Seal your home. In the winter, some people put plastic along the windows
to better insulate the house.

38. Eat foods in season and as locally grown as possible.

39. Start an eco-challenge!

40. Sign up for online, paperless banking and paperless statements from
phone companies, etc.

41. Cancel phone book delivery.

42. Install a ceiling fan to promote heat circulation.

43. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.

44. Support conservation agencies and donate to a green cause! We love

45. Use a power strip (when in the “off” position, they don’t consume

46. Don’t charge your cell phone overnight.

47. Get involved in green politics.

48. Use a push lawn mower.

49. Buy plants, lots of them!

50. Grow indoor sprout gardens.

51. Buy products made from recycled materials.

52. Support eco-sensitive home decorations. Go for water-based and low toxic

53. Go bulk, and bring your own container when you refill on soaps,
detergents, etc.

54. When moving, pillage the local supermarkets and liquor stores for boxes
instead of buying moving boxes.

55. Plant a garden, even an indoor herb garden! Anything!

56. Buy glass storage containers for food, instead of plastic, or even
better, use old jars from pasta sauce (grab them off your neighbors if you
don’t use them yourself!)

57. Rewash your Ziploc bags, if you use them.

58. Regularly do the fridge tour to reduce unnecessary waste of fruits and
vegetables. Better yet, meal plan and buy accordingly.

59. Use rechargeable batteries.

60. Bring a lunch in reusable containers.

61. Avoid buying food with excessive packaging by buying fresh as much as

62. Fix those drippy taps which can waste up to 50L of water per day.

63. Donate clothes, furniture, extra paint, etc. to charity.

64. Support organic cotton designers and ecologically conscious, ethical

65. The fuller your freezer the less energy it uses. Freeze those extra

66. Spend more time outside. (So you remember what we’re trying to protect!)

67. Install dimmer switches in your home.

68. Use organic beauty products.

69. Carpool.

70. Never leave your car idling.

71. Go vegetarian or vegan. If you do feel best with meat in your diet,
support organic or ethical-ecological meat producers.

72. Use aromatherapy, instead of synthetics for perfume and body care.

73. Trade:,,

74. Use concentrated, biodegradable and ecologically friendly soaps.

75. Pick up litter when you see it.

76. Find a Green Mutual Fund.

77. Buy fresh and dried herbs in bulk to make your herbal teas, or better
yet, grow them yourself in pots in your house.

78. Investigate eco-architecture and sustainable housing.

79. Use toxin-free traps if you’ve got critters.

80. Climb a mountain and look out at the world. Hold a vision of a
civilization without war, criminality or insanity. Think green thoughts!

81. Go LCD: An LCD flat panel uses as little as a third of the electricity
of conventional tube-based models, saving you on power bill the equivalent
of leaving a 50- watt bulb on all year. LCD’s use half as much energy as
plasma TV’s.

82. Cook less. Eat more raw food meals and keep your food choices as local
as possible.

83. Hang your clothes to dry!

84. Use greener cleaning products. Good ol’ baking soda with a splash of
essential oils goes a long way!

85. Avoid buying dry-clean only clothes. If you do dry-clean: bring your own
garment bag and find a green dry-cleaner.

86. Skip the dry cycle on your dishwasher, or wash by hand.

87. Shut your computer down for the weekend. Just turn that thing OFF!

88. Go veggie oil for your car!

89. Join a food co-op. Did I say “co-op”? That’s the secret word:
co-operation. It’s the only way we really can make a difference out there is
when we work together to make things go right!

90. Buy used books or join a book-swapping club.

91. Avoid buying plastic water bottles and get your own re-usable water jug!

92. Remove your name from junk mail lists.

93. Avoid Styrofoam peanuts and use shredded paper, instead.

94. Avoid packaged supplements, buy the real thing in fruit and veggie

95. Install Energy-Efficient, double-pane windows

96. If you have a pet, buy organic pet food.

97. Buy energy efficient appliances.

98. Recycle your electronics. Anything with a screen: computers, cellphones,

99. Make your own baby food! All those little glass jars and containers make
for an enormous amount of energy consumption.

Remember to print this list and put it in a place where you will constantly be reminded to implement more and more conscious choices about your consumption.

Oh, and just for the sake of even numbers:

100: Skip the wrapping paper and excessive ribbons. Find a roll of recycled
paper. use old magazines and newspapers and get creative when wrapping your
consumer-conscious gifts this year!

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