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Can Raw Foods DESTROY Your Teeth? by Frederic Patenaude

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Can Raw Foods DESTROY Your Teeth? by Frederic Patenaude
You know all of the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, but did you know that eating only raw foods could potentially put your teeth at risk?

That’s according to a study that showed that a raw food diet increases risk of dental erosion compared to a conventional diet.

How does raw food affect your teeth, and what can you do to protect them?

What the Study Showed

Researchers from Germany studied 130 subjects whose diet consisted of more than 95 percent raw food. The median duration of the diet was 39 months, with a minimum of 17 months, and a maximum of 418 months.

These participants answered questionnaires recording their food intake during a 7-day period before starting the study.

Researchers then randomly selected 76 gender- and age-matched participants for use as a control group. Using study models, they then registered tooth decay in both groups.

Their findings? Compared to the control group, subjects living on a raw food diet had significantly more tooth decay. 60.5 percent of the raw food eaters had at least one tooth with a severe decay, versus 31.6 percent of the control group.

Why Did This Happen?

Researchers aren’t sure why. They noted that within the raw food group, they could find no significant correlation between nutrition or oral health data. Nevertheless, the results showed that raw food eaters were more at risk.

One thing to note is the high amount of fruit eaten by the raw foodists. The raw food diet records showed that people in the raw food group ate an average of 9.5 kg (21 pounds) of fruit per week. (The maximum amount consumed for one person was 23.7 kg (52 pounds!), which is a lot of fruit!)

It’s no secret that although fruit has many health benefits, it can also be high in sugar and acidity, which is a double whammy for teeth.

The British Dental Association (BDA) has advised that the safest approach when eating apples is to eat them only at mealtimes, (and then rinse out the mouth to minimize tooth damage).

Added to that is the fact that the sugar content of apples (and likely other fruits) has increased by up to 50 percent over the last couple decades, as farmers breed varieties to have a sweeter taste.

New research by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that the typical modern apple now has a sugar content of up to 15 percent. This means it contains the equivalent of four teaspoons of sugar.

A BDA spokesperson noted that once enamel is worn away, it doesn’t regenerate.

“Research shows that dental erosion in adults due to diet is usually a result of excessive consumption of fruits and fruit juices.”

Other Potential Causes

The aforementioned research is only one study.

It had a relatively small number of participants.

However, it brings up an important concern. Can a raw food diet be stressful for your teeth?

It’s safe to say that if your diet contains a lot of fruit, your teeth can be at risk. Beyond that, we need more research to discover the answers.

Some raw foodists who have experienced teeth problems after switching to raw have some additional theories.

Eating more often may be part of the issue. Once switching to a raw diet, you may find yourself grazing. Even if you’re snacking on healthy foods, frequent eating can disrupt the natural remineralization of your tooth enamel. Typically after you eat, your saliva goes to work rebuilding enamel.

However, if your saliva is constantly breaking down more food, and if that food is more sugary and acidic, your tooth enamel is more likely to suffer.

Another possibility is that due to the increased intake of nuts, dried fruit, and dehydrated foods food more easily becomes lodged between teeth where it is hard to remove. The longer food debris stays stuck on or between teeth, the easier for bacteria to attack.

How to Protect Your Teeth While Enjoying a Raw Food Diet (and Fruits!)

The answer, fortunately, is not to stop eating fruits or nuts or other great raw foods. The answer is to consider changing how you take care of your teeth in between meals and snacks.

One thing to be careful of—brushing right after eating an acidic food is actually worse for your teeth than doing nothing at all. Acid breaks down enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable. Enamel softened by an acid attack can be scrubbed away by the toothbrush.

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