Company Review – Nature’s Tears EyeMist

Nature’s Tears EyeMist in business since 1998

I came across this company quite a few years ago at Expo West in Anaheim. I wasn’t familiar with the product, but I took a sample, nonetheless, and I am glad that I did. This product far exceeded my expectations. This is not an eye drop, but an eye mist. It has no additives, preservatives or chemicals. It is made of “tissue culture grade water” (you can read more about this on their website) which is a high grade water with no impurities or contaminants.

I, personally don’t have serious eye irritation, but it has come in handy when it has been dry outdoors or I start rubbing my eye and then it bothers me. You simply hold the canister at one side of the face about 12 inches away and then with eyes open press the canister and move across face for one to two seconds. This creates a mist of natural humid moisture around the eyes and face and then the eyes will absorb what they need. You can use it at much as you want or need without any dosage limit.

There are so many benefits to this product such as: dry irritated eyes, when wearing contacts, when working at the computer, for eye allergies, for dry indoor air, when traveling on an airplane, for dryness from diabetes, lupus, etc. As you can see it is a very useful product and one that I carry with me in my purse and also have one in my home.

I highly recommend this product as a much better and healthier then eye drops, as it really works. If it passes my extremely high purity test then you know it is great! I would not try and “sell” you something if I don’t believe it in and also if I have not used it myself.

To read more about this product and all the details and science behind it, click on the link by scrolling down on the right-hand side of this page under the title Blogroll.

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Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.


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