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“Better to Break a Bowl, Then to Break a Bone” – From Hindy Vivian G.

I talked to my Mom today and caught up with her on what has been going on and I see we all are dealings with challenges – whether physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, etc. No one is immune, even those who seem to “have everything,” but are really unhappy and empty inside because is all about their material success and they have nothing else in their lives – they have no meaning or purpose and waste their time & money on nonsense to fill up the void. They you wonder why people are depressed, taking pills, committing suicide, G-d forbid. How can it be?? There is no satisfaction because there is no value what they are doing, as it is momentary pleasure/enjoyment that is finite and limited with some sparkle, glitter and fireworks, but since it doesn’t last they have to continue to get their “fix,” so they do it by buying more things to make up for the lack and unless they break from this lifestyle it will be their downfall. Find a purpose to your life – seek out the real things that matter and you feel a fulfillment for your internal self/the soul. As we all go back to the earth in the end, while the soul moves on to its eternal life and want to have something to show for ourselves that we accomplished in this world.

So what does this have to do with the quote mentioned in the title, which by the way, is credit to my Mom. I mentioned that I took a bowl and put on the counter and found it was broken in half (glad it didn’t fall on the floor, shatter and have to deal with a real mess and longer clean up. I need to be thankful that it was just an object that broke and is easy to replace, if necessary, whereas, if it was a bone then would have to deal with going to a hospital, surgery, doctors, etc. It was a big blessing from G-d and a lesson to learn and accept what happened as a gift, regardless of that may seem to be negative/bad, it is actually for the best and have to say “thank you, G-d, this too, is for the best!” I realize The One Abo-ve is giving me another opportunity to change & do better and this is not just in the physical sense as when you improve yourself you feel like there is a reason to live and that also contributes to your overall health and longevity.

You are welcome to share your comments and tell me something that happened to you that are thankful for even though it seems outlandish and goes against the grain, to also appreciate the suffering & pain!

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FYI: We Must Be The Change We Want To See


My perspectives on various topics

that are health related

Topic: We Must Be The Change We Want To See

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Wednesday February 17, 2010

I have decided to start using some famous quotes as topics for my blog. They can be very powerful and profound and really make us THINK! The quote from Gandhi, is one with such a strong message. When I first embarked on my vegan journey 20 years ago, I formally studied macrobiotics, I was so excited about this lifestyle that I wanted to share it with the world and change everyone. That was a short-lived thought, which I decided was not the optimal way to “spread the wealth.” At the time (1993), I had not, as yet, figured out the best way to let others know. Then I had an epiphany, when someone asks me a question about anything related to health or my thoughts on a certain food (whether I think it is good or what I know about it), that is the OPEN DOOR! This is the moment I realize that the person wants to learn more and perhaps make a change in their lifestyle choices. Relating to the quote above, is another way for others to follow in your footsteps. If you walk your talk and people see how you act, behave and how healthy you look, they will want to know what the “secrets” are to achieving this for themselves. Of course, nothing is truly hidden, but sometimes needs to be emphasized and brought up again or perhaps rephrased to make it simpler to understand. Eating healthy and looking the part, isn’t rocket science. Mother earth has provided us with a vast abundance of incredible foods growing in the trees and in the ground that are full of nutrients to keep us vital and energized. Start exploring the many choices available and then you will be looked at as an “example” others will want to emulate, too!

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