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S.A.L.T. – Part II – Solutions About Life Force/Longevity Today – excerpt here

S.A.L.T. – Part II – Solutions About Life Force/Longevity Today

Here is the continuation to my previous article with the second title for the four letters S.A.L.T.

SOLUTIONS – We can find many solutions or no solutions to life’s challenges. We can live on the sidelines and do nothing at all and just let life unfold or else TAKE CHARGE! and make a “life” for ourselves. How do you go about doing this? Start listening to your “inner self.”

Here is a personal example for you to understand what I mean: when I was a child, my family and I attended synagogue and after the services they sometimes had a luncheon. At home, we did not have any soda to drink, but at the synagogue they did have and I decided to try some.

I did not take the dark cola, rather the Sprite, thinking it was better because it was a clear color. Of course, as the story unfolds, I was completely wrong! After I took a sip or two, I had to burp from the carbonation and I still remember to this day how it made me feel.

I had a burning sensation come out of my nostrils and felt a tightness in my chest. Then and there I decided on my own to NEVER drink it or any carbonated beverage again! Other people let themselves get accustomed to it and then it’ll go away. I refused to do that. I found the solution because I did not like how it made me feel physically.

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