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Please share your positive stories/experiences during this time

I have faith in a Higher Power and feel loved and protected and do not put any significance to anything else and remain calm, cool and collected.
Be safe, be well, be happy, be healthy!
If we stay positive it keeps the immune system strong.
Sing a song that makes you feel good.
Dance around by yourself of with your children.
Do some arts & crafts you like, but never had the time to do like coloring, needlepoint, etc.
Being silly is also good – make funny faces πŸ˜‹ 😬 πŸ€“ 😜 in the mirror, make animal πŸ’ πŸ•ŠπŸ“ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ• 🐈 noises and talk gibberish by making up you own language. This will keep your spirits upbeat!
If you ever heard of “laughter yoga” – now would be a good time to practice it. Look it up online, as I am sure there are videos to show you how to do it.
Even if you have the virus 😷 πŸ€• πŸ€’, staying upbeat and smiling 😊 πŸ˜„ will help you get well faster.

Giving Thanks & Showing Gratitude for everything we have is also very important

🌸 The Rawsome Vegan Gal 🌺

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20 Ideas for Creating a Happy Life

20 Ideas for Creating a Happy Life
Do not know the author of this, but liked it enough to share it!

1- Realize that happiness is a choice. You create happiness by thinking thoughts that create happiness in your own mind.
2- Be grateful for all that you can be grateful for. Each and every day you will have things to be grateful for.
3- Every happy and joyful moment that you’ve ever experienced is stored in your brain. Your brain is always with you. So you can relive your happiest and most joyful moments at any given time you choose. Choose to do so frequently.
4- The way you personally evaluate any given situation and occurrence is the key factor for your emotional reaction. Master the ability to view situations and occurrences in positive, growth-filled ways. Keep asking yourself, “What is good about this and how can I grow from this?”
5- Make meaningful goals. Take action. Be patient and persistent. Rejoice every step of the way towards those goals.
6- Grow from each challenge you face. The greater the challenge, the more you grow. Appreciate the opportunity.
7- Celebrate your personal character victories and you will have much to celebrate. Be resilient when you make a mistake. Resilience leads to many victories.
8- See the good in other people and treat them kindly. They will usually reciprocate. You will live a happier life whether or not they reciprocate.
9- This moment is the only moment that exists. Be joyful this moment. Learn from the past. Prepare for the future. And live joyfully in the present.
10- Appreciate being alive so intensely that all the trivial and minor things that don’t go the way you wish are irrelevant and inconsequential. The thought that reverberates in your mind will be, “I am joyful that I am alive right now.”
11- Smile and wave to mirrors. They like it and are guaranteed to reciprocate. This habit will ensure that you will always see a smiling face whenever you choose to look in a mirror.
12- Learn from every joyful person you see. Talk and walk the way a joyful person does and you too will be joyful.
13- Spend time with positive people. Being around an authentically happy person will make you happier. Be so happy yourself that your happiness is contagious.
14- See the humor in challenges and potential difficulties. Laugh even before you see the humor and the humor will come to you.
15- If needless negative thoughts come to your mind, just let them flow by as the water in a flowing river. Choose to flow in a positive mental direction.
16- Whenever you hear a telephone ring, say enthusiastically, “I am grateful I am alive and I am grateful I can hear.”
17- Create inner music in your mind and create positive inner self-talk.
18- Make a personalized positive recording for you to listen to. Write a list of statements that you would like to hear over and over again. Make the recording in your own voice. Play it frequently.
19- Take mental vacations whenever you wish. Visualize the most beautiful scenery possible. Close your eyes and see yourself being in your utopian spot. Allow yourself to release all stress and tension. Feel the happiness of knowing that this paradise is yours.
20- Bring happiness to as many people as you can.

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FYI: Topic: Life Gives You/Me_______



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Topic: Life Gives You/Me ________

Friday February 5, 2010

You have probably heard the expression, β€œlife gives you lemons, so make lemonade” (it goes something like that). I would say that it can be so, but you fill in the blank yourself and see what you come up with. My response would be, Life Gives Me choices, opportunities and I make the best of them/the situation. At times you may not feel like things are going your way or that a challenge will lead you back to the positive/meaningful or productive ways of life. I have had my trials and tribulations and I know that any time they come around things will always get better and you know what, they always do. Go out into the world with a happy heart, a smile on your face and you can conquer anything, if you say so!

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