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Check out the latest video on my youtube channel: TheRawsomeVeganGal

The newest video is the beginning of a series on Beauty Tools & Implements from the company Belcam Inc and their brands Denco & Sow Good. The have a Guarantee for Life on some of their products and it is indicated on the packaging. I split them up into categories and there are 2 videos for each category; 1st video is an intro to the products and the 2nd video is a review after I use the products for a couple of weeks or so to give my feedback and results.

Check out the 1st introduction video on the category of Skin, Hair and Face Products

High Quality Beauty Tools & Implements – Skin, Hair & Face Products –
Part 1: Introduction

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Free Genetic Testing – Valued at approx. $500 through UC San Diego Golomb Research Group

Free Genetic Testing – Valued at approx. $500 through UC San Diego Golomb Research Group

This testing is to see how your detoxification genes work in relation to oxidative stress protection. The research group needs volunteers who are both healthy and clinical – meaning they have sensitivities to EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Fields) and can have severe physical reactions to them.

This study is in the pilot stage and hope to expand with more funding, to a broader demographic, including other countries and ethnicities. At the moment they are concentrating on White/Caucasians, (as that is the need for having a homogenous group results) living in the USA. The age range to qualify is: Males 21 – 74 and Females 33 – 76. There is a limited number of participants necessary for this early phase of the study, so call as soon as possible. If they have reached their quota, you can ask to be notified when the study will be needing additional volunteers.

If you are interested in finding out more about this study and to see if you qualify, please contact Andrea Almaguer by email: or phone: 858-558-4950 ext. 207.

All the questionnaires to ascertain whether you qualify will be emailed to you and the test kit will be mailed to your home. You will also receive the results via email once the testing is complete.

This is a great and rare opportunity to have this genetic testing done for free!
Please let others know as well.

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Update to my Vejibag Experiment

Last week I introduced you to Vejibag and had the owner answer questions about herself and the products on this blog. I also did a video on my youtube channel showing the product and mentioning an experiment I was going to do to see how well Vejibag works compared to plastic and compostable bags. I used the same produce in each bag so it would be a uniform experiment.

Some follow up questions I asked of Sally Erickson, the owner, before I started my experiment that I wanted to share with you.

The Rawsome Vegan Gal comment:
I will probably try out spinach (have some I bought that are pre-washed, so do I need to wash again) and celery in one of the Vejibags.

Sally’s answer:
I have had trouble with “3Xwashed” greens…I think that is because the washing process actually damages the greens because it is done industrially….So I wouldn’t recommend using pre-washed greens unless you are sure they are in good condition, not broken or bruised from the washing process.

The Rawsome Vegan Gal question:
I never asked, can I combine more then one produce item in a bag like what I mentioned or needs to be separate?

Sally’s answer:
As long as you don’t combine fruits and vegetables…just vegetables can easily be combined, even cut vegetables…Sometimes I put a cut cucumber, a cut carrot and salad greens all in one bag…works fine.

The Rawsome Vegan Gal comment:
Also I did not wash the bags, as you said to do so before first use.

Sally’s answer:
That’s fine…there is some “sizing” in the fabric from the mill. It will wash out with just water and I don’t think it has anything toxic in it…my supplier is all about organic so I assume there’s nothing toxic in it but I can’t guarantee…But I do feel sure it washes out with water.

The Rawsome Vegan Gal question:
I wanted to start the test today, but would not get to wash laundry till Thursday (that was last week that I am referring to) can I wash by hand with some natural soap and then use it?

Sally’s answer:

The Rawsome Vegan Gal question:
Also, does the bag have to be completely full of produce for the best results or does not matter?

Sally’s answer:
Doesn’t matter. As the bag gets less veggies in it I just fold it over.

Now it is time to see the results of the experiment.
Please check out my youtube channel for Part 1 – Preview and Part 2 – Results

Youtube channel:

Also the company is offering a very special discount of 25% off on all Vejibags to my viewers for 8 days only, between July 2nd and July 9th 2014 and will expire at midnight. You must use the coupon code: RESULTS (all caps) at checkout.

Don’t delay if you want to order these products before this deal ends next week.
Go to their website:

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