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Topic: To Rest, Is To_______

Thursday March 25, 2010

This is a saying that was coined by Isaac Basheva Singer. He was a world-famous conductor and lived a long time by following his own precepts (the fill-in the blank he said was, ‘ rot.’). I know that I don’t plan to be sitting in a rocking chair wallowing away by senior years. I have a wonderful senior friend, Frieda, who I love dearly and we get along perfectly (she is my unofficial adopted senior Mom {I call her Moms, so as not to disrespect my own Mom} and she has adopted me as her daughter, unofficially, as well [she does have her own daughter, too]). I bring her up, because she is the perfect example of a woman who is active into her 8th decade of life. It definitely shows in her health and great attitude. That is how I plan to be in my later years, as well. I do not follow the way society says things will happen when you ‘reach’ a certain age. I don’t think that way and I never plan to. What you think in your mind, you create in your life. Think only good and pleasant thoughts and have a positive attitude. Never buy into the negativity and the toxic news and views of other people, including and especially on the TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. There is one fantastic paper I would recommend you read that is published in Florida, but you can read it online and it is called, The Happy Herald ( Every single story, advice, etc is meant to inspire you, teach you and make you feel great about life. Why aren’t there more publications like this in every community, city, state in the nation? Now I may have veered away from the topic, but I would agree 100 percent with his mantra. I could also fill in the blank with, ‘give up.’ Of course, it is best to rest when you are feeling sick and we all sleep at night, as well. As a general rule of thumb, movement is important for our body to keep the blood and lymph system circulating. It also gets the endorphins firing and gives you that natural ‘high.’ Exercise (walking, cycling, jogging, etc) always lifts your spirits when you are feeling down and out, especially if you do it outside on/near the beach and are also getting vitamin D from the sunshine. I always tell people, “I am not a sitter (has nothing to do with babysitting, I am talking about someone who is sitting down in a chair/seat most of the time) or a stander. I am a mover (no, not someone who takes your belongings in a truck from point A to point B, but someone who likes to be active.” Even when I am waiting to cross the street, for a bus to come, on a line in a store, bank, etc I may do some stretching or yoga poses to continually keep my body loose and flexible. If I have to sit down for a while, I make sure that I also get up whenever I can to balance things out so that I am not doing too much sitting or standing (there are times when you don’t have the option, such as at a movie or on an airplane, so I make sure I do as much leg stretching/flexing as I can while seated so I can remain limber). If you are new to exercise or perhaps are needing to get on a program for weight loss, start out slowly because you will feel defeated if you try to hard and don’t achieve your results. The real reason, is because your body doesn’t have the same capacity as someone who may be of the same age as you are, but are thin and exercise regularly. Give yourself the time to see the progress and do not give up even if it seems to be happening slower than you’d like. As I stated earlier, always think positive and don’t let others either bring you down by their toxic remarks or let them bring you down to be in their misery. One of the best ways to create positive energy in your life, is to always smile, no matter what. How can this help? When you smile it isn’t possible to be angry, negative or even say something horrible/hurtful/hateful to someone and for them to even think that you mean it. Next you can start laughing. I have discussed this topic in a previous post. Please refer to it and read more about this incredible way to bring levity and healing to your life.


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