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The Transition to Food and My New Raw Vegan Food Plan/Regimen…Week 2

The Transition to Food and My New Eating Plan/Regimen

Week 2

Day 8 – Tuesday January 19, 2010

I slept well and woke up at 4:45 am to use the bathroom. I went back to sleep till about 8:20am and used the bathroom again. I then slept till 10:20 am and got up to start the day. I used the bathroom again (it is amazing how many times in a day I am evacuating, sometimes as much as 7-8 times and I usually have no clean up either). I ate some a 6 oz container of blackberries and raspberries at about 11:30 am. It didn’t start raining till about noon and it was very heavy. It was actually a bizarre day because it rained heavy and then the sky would clear and get bright and then there was another heavy downpour for a while and the sky would clear again. I stayed in most of the day and did some work inside I spoke with a friend of mine for a while and then went out to do some food shopping with another friend who picked me up. We spent a few hours together, as I am working on helping her out with her food choices and she helps me out by giving me transportation to where I need to go. It works out well for me! I had another salad for dinner with spinach. The rain has stopped for tonight, but is due again tomorrow. I went to bed tonight at 2 am. It was later then I planned.

Day 9 – Wednesday January 20, 2010

I woke up to use the bathroom at about 6 am and then again at 8 am. I went back to sleep till about 8:30 am. The rain had stopped for now and the sun was actually out. I decided to wash my bed sheet, as it doesn’t take that long to dry. I know the rain is due to return today, but from the looks of the sky, you would think not. I had some fruit at 10 am, which consisted of 6 oz each of fresh blueberries and blackberries and 1 kiwi. Since it wasn’t raining as yet, I embarked on a gardening project (although I didn’t really intend to). An area next to where I have my compost pile (I have not put any food scraps in there for a long time, as I have had tomatoes growing there that are volunteers), there is a bush that has lots of dead shoots and also crabgrass growing in it, so I started pulling it out and now it is a really small bush, but it looks much better. It does flower on occasion, but hasn’t in a long time. Once I was done there, I wanted to put my window screen back in that came out yesterday during the rain storm. My neighbor helped me, as I couldn’t do it myself. Then it started getting very windy and the clouds were rolling in, but the sky was still bright. My clothes drying rack isn’t that sturdy and it toppled over a few times and I had to put a chair next to it as a barrier. I wanted to go out to a store in the neighborhood, before the rain comes today because I know the deluge of wet weather is supposed to continue for a few more days. I decided to eat some more fruit before going out, so I had a mango. I didn’t leave at the time I intended to (around noon), as I was talking on the phone for a bit. I used the bathroom a couple more times this morning to evacuate. I want to share with you some important information which I neglected to do so until now and I realized that it is a habit I have been doing for years and realize that others may not know that it plays a very important role in your bathroom habits. So what am I talking about? The importance of squatting (which is the natural way) for a “#2.” Most of us will not do that, so what I suggest (it is what I do), is to put your feet up 6 to 8 inches on a waste basket, footstool or even a study box/carton. This opens up the anal canal more directly and you are not squeezing and bearing down on your anal sphincter (which is harmful to your body). If you also raise and stretch your hands above your head, the transverse colon can empty more completely with ease (information taken from “Miracle of Fasting,” by Paul and Patricia Bragg, page 80). Once you start doing this regularly, you will not be able to do it any other way and you will find that you are not straining and don’t have to “sit” on the toilet as long either (sorry, if you like to get your reading done while in there you won’t be spending as much time in the bathroom). That is why I don’t like it when I have to go “#2” someplace other than at my place and I have been known to bring a box with me when I stay over at someone else’s home so I can continue to follow my normal routine. I finally went for a walk to a nearby store (I also had not walked around outside in a couple of days because it has been raining and really wanted to get some fresh air) at close to 2 pm and noticed that it was starting to drizzle (I did bring my umbrella with me). I didn’t spend much time in the store and when I left it started raining at a steady pace. I got home and wasn’t all that wet, as the umbrella I have is quite large. I’m glad it wasn’t that cold outside, though. I was home a little after 3 pm. The heavier rains came much later in the evening, at about 6 pm. They subsided before 8 pm. Tonight I had another salad with green leaf lettuce and same veggies I have been using (cucumber, tomato, red bell pepper and celery) since I completed this cleanse. I have been eating a different green every day (rotate them) and will share with you tomorrow why this is important. I took a bath tonight, but the water didn’t stay hot enough for me. For some reason the water level went down before I got in and I had to add more hot water (now I know to only have the hot water faucet on while drawing my bath and then add the cold at the end, so it stays at the temperature I like). I went to sleep at 1:30 am (again, later then I planned, but I know I will get better with that).

Day 10 – Thursday January 21, 2010

I slept well last night and woke up at 6:30 am to use the bathroom (had loose bowel movement) and then went back to sleep. I was woken up at 9:20 am by the sound of my answering machine going off, but no message left. I went to the bathroom again (another loose bowel movement) and then went back into bed till 10:30 am. It was another cloudy and rain soaked day. I decided last night that I was going to do a dry fast today. You may say, “all right, Mindy, you already did a 42 day cleanse, why do you need to do this?” For me it is a regular ‘thing’ to take a day off every week as a dry fast or only consuming coconut water or stevia in my water. I actually like fasting (when you have done fasting for as many years as I have, you find that it is enjoyable to do, as funny as that may sound!) and look forward to doing. I also came to the conclusion that Thursdays will be my ‘rest day’ (like the Sabbath when I rest from doing any work) from food. I can accomplish more when I don’t have to prepare a meal and eat because it takes time. The body expends energy when it has to ‘work’ to process the food you give it (i.e. digestion, etc.). This way I tax my body less, as well. I didn’t doing anything outside this morning (I do miss my sunning and also walking on the sand) because of the steady rain falling. At 2 pm the rain stopped (for now) and the sun started to come out. I thought I could do some sunning, but it is very windy and quite chilly and the sun didn’t stay out for very long.

I wanted to share with you more about the concept of rotation of your green leafy vegetables so you can understand why it is important to do. This information is taken from a response to this question answered by Rene Oswald on her blog –

There are small amounts of natural toxins, called alkaloids, on all greens. However, each green contains a different alkaloid, so generally, if you eat a variety of greens you won’t have any problems. Some scientists believe that these alkaloids are there to prevent us from eating the entire crop , so that there will always be more for future generations.

You will find out, naturally, how much is safe to consume. When you eat a green in moderation it tastes great, but when you’ve had enough, your body will tell you by the taste. It generally starts to taste bitter, can cause nausea or you may notice your mouth becomes very dry. This bitter reaction is very obvious to most people when they eat the stronger greens, like chard, collards, arugula and dandelion.

Sunflower greens and spinach taste very mild to most people until their body has had enough, then they tend to make the mouth feel very dry. Listen to your body and only eat the amount you need, then go on to a new green for your next meal.

You’ll notice that when you blend greens in a recipe with lots of other ingredients (like in greens smoothies or blended salads) your body doesn’t always tell you when you have had enough. This is because your body is picking up on all the different foods at one time and it is confusing. I recently worked with a woman who was consuming large amounts of spinach every day in her green smoothies. She suddenly started feeling very light-headed and nauseous, she said she felt like she was going to faint all day long. When she stopped eating the spinach and substituted it with a different green in her smoothie every day, her dizziness went away. I suggest typically adding the amount of greens you would comfortably eat in a salad when making a smoothie, energy soup or blended salad.

It is very important to rotate your greens daily, which is the natural way to prevent any problem with over-consumption of one green. If you eat a new green every day, you’ll typically rotate at least 7 greens in your diet. The typical greens that are available to most of us, are romaine, red or green leaf lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, Bibb lettuce and bok choy. The highest quality greens are those that are dark green in color, organic and locally grown. Add small amounts of the stronger varieties, such as dandelion, arugula, mustard greens, beet greens, etc.

I decided to get do some of my weekly cleaning today so I wouldn’t have to do it all tomorrow. It was still light out when I started. I dusted and washed the bathroom and kitchen floors. I took a break after that to relax and do a crossword puzzle. It is interesting to me that I was able to do the 42 day cleanse and didn’t have a headache-y feeling from day one and tonight my head is starting to bother me. I looked at the clock and it was only 7:30 pm. My eyes felt like they were ready to close and I could go to sleep right now! I was not able to get the internet connection at home for a while, but then I tried it again and it worked, so that kept me from going to sleep as early as I thought I would. I went to sleep at 10:10 pm (what a great change from the previous days and also since I wasn’t eating or drinking my body felt it needed to rest more)

Day 11 – January 22, 2010

I woke up at 11:47 pm to the sound of thunder in the sky and then went back to sleep and slept through the night and woke at 8:20 am. I had a loose bowel movement at 8:45 am, 9:10 am and again at 9:50 am. I ate (after 31 ½ hours of dry fasting) at 9 am. I had 1 kiwi, 6 oz container of blackberries, 1 medium size tomato (it was starting to get mushy, so I didn’t want to have to dispose of it, even though, it goes into my compost and not the trash) and 1 fuyu persimmon (I know you can’t get them in the stores anymore and I got some while I was still on my cleanse and put them in the fridge when they were getting some and still have quite a few left). After I ate that I had to go to the bathroom the 2nd time. I felt like having some seaweed this morning, as well and ate some raw laver (which is a wild form of nori) and some cherry tomatoes and after that is when I had to use the bathroom the 3rd time. There was quite a bit of rain this morning and now it is almost 11 am and the clouds are breaking and the sun is coming out. Hopefully this is the end of the rain storm that have been around since Monday. I was able to get outside for some sun, but only for 10 minutes and then it got cloudy again. I finished my cleaning and had

time to go out for a walk. It wasn’t cold outside and I was actually too warm with the layers I was wearing. I have not walked on the sand since Sunday and hopefully will be able to do so this weekend. I was glad when the Sabbath came so I could relax and read. I went to sleep by 11 pm. It took me a while to finish my big salad, as I ate it quite slowly and enjoyed every bite. I had my once a week avocado and iceburg lettuce in my salad.

Day 12 – Saturday January 23, 2010

I woke up at 2 am to use the bathroom and then go back to sleep. I woke again at 7 am to use the bathroom and then stayed in bed and slept till 8:30 am. I used the bathroom again (all 3 times, I had loose bowel movements). It was a beautiful sunny day outside. I was able to do my sunning this morning and that was great! I went to services at my synagogue and then went for a walk on the sand (finally, after not being able to do so since last Sunday!). I stopped to visit a friend before I went home and by then it was already nearing 4 pm. I had a couple of more loose bowel movements later in the day (my body seems to evacuate so much since I have stopped my cleanse). I relaxed at home for the rest of the day and after the Sabbath ended, I started to do some work. I had some apples and pears this afternoon and still eating lots of tomatoes and seaweed. I had a nice salad this evening for dinner. I went out again for a walk to a store at 8:30 pm and it was a pleasant evening. I heard that rain is coming again early in the week (like we haven’t had enough already!). I stayed up really late tonight working on a new project online and it took longer then I planned. By the time I went to sleep, it was 2:30 am.

Day 13 – Sunday January 24, 2010

I did not sleep much last night, but it was very deep. I had a lot to do today, so I actually set my alarm to wake me up at 7:15 am. I didn’t feel like eating right away. I did get up with a bang (so to speak). I was a bit weary, but not really tired. I had a few loose bowel movements this morning. I ate a 6 oz container of blackberries before I left my place at 8:15 am. I had some shopping to do and since it was a beautiful sunny day, I wanted to make sure I get to go for a walk before I have to leave again for an afternoon appointment. I got home by about 11 am and took care of some things before I went for my walk. I had a kiwi before I left for the afternoon. I wanted to spend the whole day outside, but knew I had to take the bus to get to my appointment and it would take about an hour travel time. When I got to my destination, I was early and made some phone calls and sat outside in the beautiful warm sun and soaked it all in. I really miss getting my daily Vitamin D (I call it sunning) and it is more important than most people realize. A deficiency in this vitamin is linked to high blood pressure, obesity and Type 2 diabetes, as well as loss of bone density. Harvard researchers have found that higher blood levels of Vitamin D appear to double survival rates in colorectal cancer and similarly for breast and other cancers. What is most important is to expose at least 40 percent of your body exposed to the sun for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. You need to do so between 10 am – 2 pm when the sun is strongest to absorb the vitamin. If you have fair skin then build up the time gradually and you can rotate front and back of your body so you will not burn. Do not put any sunscreen/sunblock on, as that will prevent your body from absorbing vitamin D (for information on the toxicity of all sunscreens please go to {best to cover up with a long sleeve shirt when you don’t want your skin exposed to the sun}).

Another important thing brought up by Dr. Mercola in one of his videos is that you avoid showering with soap (can use under your arms and in your private area) because the soap will wash off the vitamin D which takes up to 48 hours to be absorbed into the body.

Great information on Vitamin D – check out this website: and this 1 hour YouTube video by one of the primary researchers in this area and it is informative and also funny, so make sure you both listen and watch it: Importance of Vitamin D by Dr.Holick

I had my appointment at 3 pm and it didn’t last as long as I thought it would. I was finished before 4:30 pm. I had not eaten anything since I left at 1:15 pm and was not hungry, as yet. I waited for the bus to come and was going to go to one other store to shop, but as I got closer to my place, I decided to get off the bus and go home instead. I didn’t want to get home any later and it was already 5:30 pm. I had many things to do this evening before going to sleep. I finally felt like eating, so I had an apple and pear and then I worked my making my daily salad and used green leaf lettuce, this evening. I have a feeling that I will be going to bed late again tonight! I stayed up till about 2:30 am.

Day 14 – Monday January 25, 2010

I slept well and woke up at 5:30 am to use the bathroom (had loose bowel movements) and then went back to sleep till 8:30 am. I got up and had another movement (this time it was solid, yey! so my body is absorbing my food better) and then another solid BM(short for bowel movement) about half an hour later. I is another beautiful day and I plan to spend as much time of it outside. I did my sunning outside for 20 minutes. I went out to do my recycling and then left at 11:40 am and walked an hour each way to my health food store to do some shopping. It is amazing how much energy I have on very little food (I ate a kiwi and a 6 oz container of blackberries this morning and then a 6 oz container of blueberries before going for my long walk). I did have another solid BM before I left to the store. I was also thinking that because I only eat my overt fat once a week, I virtually have no underarm odor (that usually happen from the added nitrogen in proteins and fats). Try it for yourself, and you will see the same results. Now it may not happen right away, if you have been eating large quantities of even raw fats and proteins (like nuts, seeds, nut butters, sprouted beans, dehydrated crackers, etc) and more so, if you are still consuming of the Standard American Diet. When I came home, I had time to go for a walk on the sand (it started to cloud over a bit and get chilly, so I shortened my time) and also do some errands. I ate an apple for a snack. I had plans this evening to go to a movie at the library with a friend. For dinner I had spinach with tomatoes, cucumber, celery and red pepper. The movie outing was great and I got home by 8:30 pm and stayed up late again to catch up on work because I did not get on the computer all day. I went to sleep finally at 1:30 am.

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