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Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy in the Colder Months by Herbal Papaya

Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy in the Colder Months by Herbal Papaya

The colder months provide us with a certain nostalgia, of changing foliage and winter wonderland memories. Don’t let this cold season be tainted with feeling less than your best.

As the weather gets colder and more friends start getting the flu, it’s time to take a step back and look into what we should be doing for our own health this holiday season.

You may hear time and time again that your body is a temple and you should treat it as such, but have you taken the time to think about what that means for your busy lifestyle?

The following tips for staying healthy in the colder months may come as obvious to you, but really think about if you do in fact focus on these parts of your health every week. Sometimes we need a simple reminder in the form of a blog post to get us back on track and thinking about putting our health first.

You’ll notice that this guide to staying healthy is not just about nutrition, although that’s a big part of it. Health begins with a balance of wellness in both the mind and body.

If you’re eating nutritious food but constantly stressed about little things at work, you will not reach your full healthy potential. Likewise, if you’re starting to exercise everyday but never getting enough sleep at night, you probably won’t feel at all energized or happy the next day.

Read through this list, take it in, and start to realize how interconnected every aspect of our mind and body are in terms of health. Try to hit each one of these goals for a month straight and see if you notice a difference in how you feel. It may seem like a lot of different aspects to focus on right now, but once you get into the habit, you will thank yourself later.

Hydration is Key

Hydration, hydration, hydration…hydration. The fact is, it’s hard for the average person to stay properly hydrated throughout the day, to reach that impossible 8 glasses of water.

The best advice I can give you is it’s all about making it a habit. When you wake up, have a glass of water with your morning coffee. Before you go to bed at night, drink a glass of water. Instead of reaching for that coke at lunchtime, you guessed it, reach for water instead.

Some people have a hard time enjoying the taste (or lack thereof) of water. If you’re one of those, opt for sparkling flavored water or hot tea.

Goal: Stay conscious of how much water your getting a day, and always try to one up yourself until you reach your personal goal of water intake.

Focus on a Nutritious Diet

The winter can be the hardest time to have a nutritious diet, there are so many indulgences around this time of the year it’s very easy to slip into bad habits.

Instead of the the warm comfort foods or canned overly-salted soups that are taunting you, try making your own soups and stews from home with fresh winter vegetables that have a high amount of vitamins and nutrients. Sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and beetroot are all great winter vegetables to try in a soup.

It’s great if your diet also includes plenty of legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, and uses a lot of herbs and spices to round it out.

Try to eliminate sugar as much as possible – I realize this is easier said than done with the giant more chocolate popping up in the grocery store these days.

Goal: Try to go a whole month with little to no sugar in your diet (before Christmas!) and make 2 new homemade soups with delicious winter vegetables.

Exercise Regularly

There’s no doubt about it, it’s hard to exercise regularly as it starts getting colder outside. Your body’s natural response is to curl up under mountains of blankets and watch Netflix marathons while sipping hot cocoa.

I get it, I really do, but you have to start thinking about your body too! If it’s more attractive, think of moving your exercise indoors where it’s warmer. At the gym, or at home with weights, or a yoga mat and your ability to do jumping jacks. Whatever will keep you moving, do that.

If you’re more of the runner type or still want to spend time moving around outdoors, make sure to spend extra time warming up your joints inside to avoid any unnecessary strains or discomforts.

Goal: Exercise 3x a week for 1-2 hours at a time. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out a few different types of exercise – both indoors and outdoors – to see what motivates you the most.

Reduce Stress

Stress takes everything happy out of your life and puts it into a pinhole perspective of negativity. And ironic enough, the most stressful time of the year is usually around the holidays.

A small amount of stress can be good and keep you motivated to do what you need to get done. For the most part; however, stress is a very, very bad thing to give into.

Some of us lead much more stressful lives than others, usually depending on our socioeconomic status or our careers. Regardless of your amount of stress in life, there are always ways to at least try to reduce it or combat it completely. A lot of those de-stressing tactics use the idea of mindfulness.

Taking a step back to survey your life and the root of your stress, can be incredibly successful in making you realize either how unimportant that stressful item is in the scheme of things, or how unhelpful stress is in working through the issue.

Goal: Take up a mindfulness hobby this month – whether that be yoga, meditation, or singing away your blues in the shower. Whatever works for your personality and gets you out of your stress bubble.

Get Enough Sleep

This is such an important tip to follow in life, and one that’s hard to adhere to sometimes in our busy lives. Sleep allows your body to recover and renew.

Similar to an iPhone that’s low on battery charge and stressing you out with the chance it could shutdown on you, your body can get overwhelmed mentally and physically a lot quicker with a lack of sleep.

Everybody is different in the amount of sleep you need, and it also depends on how active you are on a day-to-day basis. In general, it’s best to set aside 7-9 hours of sleep a night for your body to rest and feel good the next day.

Goal: For the next month, never dip below 7 hours of sleep. Download an app such as SleepCycle onto your phone, which records your sleep patterns and gives you insight on how your sleep could be better depending on your lifestyle.

Wash Your Hands

You may think this as a way too obvious recommendation, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a public bathroom stall, heard the stall door open next to me and footsteps echoing out the door without a squeeze of soap or a hint of water spilled from the faucet.

That my friends, is what I call gross. And more importantly, unsanitary. So many germs are spread from not washing our hands before cooking, after taking out the trash, and yes, even after using the bathroom.

Take that extra minute to let the tap warm up and use hot soapy water to wash your hands properly.

Goal: This should be a life goal – always wash you hands after using the bathroom. That goes for you too, guys!

Boost Immunity

Although a nutritious diet is one of the most important gifts you can give to your body, sometimes you need an extra little kick in immunity as well. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how you can boost immunity and why it’s important to do so.

Immunity makes your body strong to fight against those viruses and seasonal attacks that can be so nasty once they get inside your body.

However, there are a variety of ways you can go about boosting your immunity depending on your preference. Echinacea, garlic, vitamin C, and zinc are also great for supporting a healthy immune system, whether you decide to take supplements or find them in fresh foods.

It could also be the time to start thinking about getting that flu shot if you haven’t already yet.

Goal: Focus on boosting your immunity once a day through herbal tea, food that contains one of the immune boosting elements above, or through a daily supplement.

Stay in Contact With Loved Ones

Don’t you always feel a rush of contentment or happiness after a long catch-up on the phone with a friend/mom/dad/you name it that you really love?

How about when you get a surprise postcard in the mail from your daughter who’s living across the country right now? How about just making a house call to your grandma who lives down the street?

Again, with busier and busier lives in the modern age, we sometimes push these interactions to the side and justify it by saying we’ll see them at the holiday.

Not only is life short and we’ll never truly know how much time we have with our loved ones, but these interaction provide you with a type of social proof and acceptance that makes you feel part of a community. This is very important to our mental wellbeing as humans.

In other words, these connections make you feel loved and respected, they tend to make you have a positive outlook on life, and thus provide you with a healthy mindset. Plus, it never hurts to make other around you feel nice and fuzzy inside.

Goal: Send a few handmade notes in the mail this month to people you respect and love, just to say hi and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Surround Yourself with Natural Light

Did you know that on average about 4 to 6 percent of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD? Up to 10 to 20 percent of people can have a mild version of it, and SAD is also four times more common in women than it is in men.

There are a few ways to combat this type of seasonal depression, but one of the best ways is through light therapy. You can do this by purchasing a light box and/or surrounding yourself in places that provide a lot of natural lighting.

I’m attracted to places with a lot of natural light because I know it makes me feel happy, whether that be in a new cafe or the apartment that I choose to lease. I’m not the minority in thinking this way either, natural light has proven to be effective it making people feel content, happy, productive, and even inspired creatively.

Unfortunately, with the colder months and the lessening sunshine, natural light isn’t always possible or easily accessible. When this happens, try out a light box and see if it makes a difference in your overall wellbeing this winter.

Goal: Find a new cafe to go to in the morning that has great natural light, and notice if it makes you feel overall more happy when you start your day there.

– – – – – – – –

As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, our happiness and wellbeing our interlinked by a multitude of aspects in life pertaining to our health. I hope you’ll try out a few of these tips and notice a difference this holiday season in your energy levels and health.

As Andy Williams once said, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Don’t let poor health spoil a time meant for appreciating your family, friends, and the little things in life that make us happy.

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BRING HEALTH TO YOUR LIFE and TO YOUR TABLE – Vegan/Raw Vegan Classes in San Diego


Join Chef Mindy in a series of 4 vegan/raw vegan food preparation classes in the month of November 2016 in downtown San Diego.

Where: Ecoverse: 302 11th Avenue 619.756.6299
(across the street from the Main public library)

When: All classes will be on Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm

Cost: $30 per class, advance non-refundable payment is preferred, by 2 days before class, to allow me to plan how much food need to purchase. Recipes will be included.

Bonus Offers:
1) As an added incentive to attendees, if you sign up in advance and pay for all 4 classes before Nov 2nd, you will receive a free 30 minute health consultation by phone, valued at $50
2) If you sign up 2 other people for at least 1 class and both pay in advance, you will receive a free 15 minute health consultation by phone, valued at $25
Payment: a check can be mailed out to me, in advance and will provide my address when you email me: or via paypal – and I will give you my account email, which is different then the one above, to send it to. You can go to – sign up for a free account and send money as “family or friends” so I do not incur a fee and link to your bank account only and not with your credit card, as a fee will be charged for that.

Dates and Topics for classes:

Wednesday 11/02/16 – Wrap & Roll or That’s A Wrap (not plastic wrap, gum wrappers or wrapping paper)
For those always on the go, these are simple, quick and easy to make using various greens and other things.

Wednesday 11/9/16 – Mermaid’s Delight or Sensational Vegetables from The Sea aka Seaweeds.
Easy ways to add mineral rich foods to your daily eating habits.

Wednesday 11/16/16 – Thanksgiving for Living Beings
Coming alive with delectable delicious dishes made from an array of fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday 11/30/16 – Detox Delights
Using a rainbow of nature’s bounty to bring out the natural healing capacity in you

Bio and Background

Chef Mindy aka The Rawsome Vegan Gal
youtube channel:

I created my own business in San Diego called World Peace Kitchen and have been cooking/uncooking and teaching the public for the past 15 years. Now my new venture is called, The Rawsome Vegan Gal, based on my youtube channel name.

I am a whole food/natural foods plant based chef specializing in macrobiotic/vegan and raw vegan cuisine. The food is prepared in what I call “healing gourmet” style that is both nutritious to the body and tantalizes the palate.

I have been vegan for 25 years and completed my studies in macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA in 1993 and at the Vega Study Center in Oroville, CA in 1994.

I have been written up and interviewed for various publications, including The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Reader, San Diego Jewish Journal, Beach and Bay Press, Awareness Magazine, Vision Magazine, Bnai Brith Magazine, on the radio program, “Brunch with Jack” and appeared on KUSI News.

I have taught classes at School of Healing Arts, PCOM, Daillard Elementary, Sunrise of La Jolla, University City Senior Center, Clairemont Friendship Center, Whole Foods Hillcrest, Rancho’s Natural Foods, Mueller College, OB People’s Food Co-op, Pacific Beach/Taylor Branch Library, Clairemont Branch Library, Allied Gardens-Benjamin Branch Library, Balboa Branch Library and North Clairemont Branch Library.

I am available for both private and group cooking/raw vegan classes, workshops, presentations, consultations, detoxification programs, hands-on classes, coaching, weekly menu plan, kitchen assessment, private chef services in your home, food/meals for pickup, catering a lunch/small dinner party and teach you how to shop in a health food store. I also travel as a chef outside of my area.

I bring enthusiasm, excitement and energy to everything I do. My goal is to help empower others to find the ways to make their lives more whole, complete and fulfilling.

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Get Your Digestive Tract Back on Track After Holiday Indulgence by Herbal Papaya

Get Your Digestive Tract Back on Track After Holiday Indulgence
by Herbal Papaya

Don’t let overindulgence get you down this holiday season! If you can’t resist the excess, follow these tips to find a healthy balance again in your life.

We always recommend moderation as the best course of action for most aspects in life, but the holidays are a difficult time not to indulge, unless you have self-control of steel.

We’re not here to judge anyone for what they want to indulge in this holiday season. Instead, we’d like to help you out if you happen to go a little overboard at that holiday work party coming up.

We’re only human and it happens to the strictest of us, but it’s important to focus on what to do once the damage is done. Don’t make indulgence a habit, but be proactive about owning up to it and supporting your body through the worst.

Why, might you ask, is our digestive system such an important component to our health? Well besides feeling crummy after indulging in too rich or too much food, a healthy digestive system is the key to longevity and preventing degenerative issues later in life from a buildup of toxins.

If you’re just unable to resist another serving of your favorite holiday foods (for the 3rd time today), never fear! We have you covered to get you back on track and ready for the new year, feeling healthier and happier than ever.

Herbal Tea

Avoiding caffeine and hitting the herbal tea can be one of the best ways to support your immune system and flush out the bad toxins in your body.

Mint, chamomile, and lemon grass teas are especially great for a variety of health benefits, but most importantly, they all aid your digestive system in some way.

Herbal teas are also a good way to increase your hydration, but make sure to also be drinking more water on a regular basis around the holidays if you’re prone to overeating or drinking alcohol excessively.

Papaya Seeds

Sometimes what you need after a night or week of indulgence is a complete detox. Papaya seeds are a smart choice for liver detoxification after one too many mulled wines, hot toddies, or glasses of champagne.

In addition to their liver cleansing capabilities, papaya seeds are also great for digestion because they’re high in the natural enzyme, papain.

Green Smoothies/Juices

Speaking of detox, green smoothies and juices are another option to consider for cleansing out your system. They not only help with digestion and moving toxins out of your body, but replenish you with a variety of helpful and important nutrients.

Get creative and try your own version of a green smoothie, mixing and matching a few of the best ingredients for digestion, such as pineapples, ginger, parsley, avocados, lemon juice, celery, spinach, flax seeds, and cucumbers.

Natural Enzymes

Pineapples and papayas are perfect digestion aids due to their rich natural enzymes in the form of bromelain and papain, respectively. They are both important enzymes for breaking down the nutrients that our daily food intake provides us with.

Focusing on finding the best natural enzymes to help with digestion can provide relief from issues such as gas, stomachaches, and even constipation and diarrhea.

Fiber-Rich Foods

A lot of holiday type meals lack a very important piece to a heathy digestive tract – fiber! Without fiber your digestive system actually slows down and it takes longer for foods, and the toxins that may come with them, to get through your body.

Get your fill of fiber-rich foods during and after the holidays to keep your digestive tract at optimal health. Fiber-rich foods include bran, beans, berries, sweet peas, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, squash, wholesome whole grains, and a variety of every day fruits.


As you may have noticed from a lot of our articles, ginger is a very powerful addition to any healthy diet. Ginger is great for digestion because it speeds up the journey of food from the stomach to the small intestine. It is also known for balancing gastric juices.

Ginger is the perfect remedy if you suffer from bloating issues, intestinal gas, or a regular upset stomach from rich foods.

Fermented Foods

The big secret to why fermented foods are a great comeback for digestive health after the holidays is because of the stress that comes with the season.

Stress is horrible for digestion. It actually has the power to destroy the healthy bacteria in your large intestine. If you’re prone to stress around this time of the year, think about taking a probiotic supplement, or even better, eating a few fermented foods on a regular basis.

Plain yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi are great to add to your diet for increasing the amount of healthy bacteria in your system.

Work Out

This suggestion is perhaps one of the more obvious ones, but working out is always a great response to bad eating habits and holiday-induced stress.

Working up a sweat not only helps your metabolism, but increases your energy levels and keeps your digestive system running smoothly.

If you just had a huge meal, don’t get out and immediately do strenuous exercise for the next hour. Instead, think about walking around the block instead of giving into the tryptophan drowsiness. By doing this you can reduce your chance of heartburn and support a speedy digestion while you’re at it.

What do you do to overcome holiday indulgence? How do you prefer to detox your body throughout the end of the year?

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What is The World’s Healthiest/Ideal Diet? by Frederic Patenaude

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What is The World’s Healthiest/Ideal Diet? by Frederic Patenaude

When I say “ideal,” I’m only going to talk about health.

I’m not going to consider how difficult this diet may be to follow, or how practical it may be. I’m not going to talk about the disadvantages of following a diet when it comes to social outings, the availability of foods where you live, or even taste.

Of course, not taking everything into account is an important part of the equation.

Our lives are about more than just food. Our lives are also about our social interactions, our stress levels, our level of happiness, and so on.

It makes sense to ask what the healthiest diet in the world is, and then come to our own conclusions about applying said diet.

What compromises are we willing to make, and what are the consequences of those compromises?
So, this is not an easy question to answer.
What is ideal? We want to know what diet will lead to the greatest level of health with the fewest chances of developing any disease, resulting in sustained energy, longevity and other positive outcomes.

In exposing this ideal diet, I’m not going to give you all of my reasonings because that would take up too much space. I have already written lots of other articles and there is plenty of documentation on this. Many people will disagree with my conclusions, but that leaves space for future debates.

What’s Included

The ideal diet is composed of the following categories of food as its basis:

Raw Fruits: Raw fruits are a great source of energy. They are low in toxins. They’re pretty much the ideal source of carbohydrates. Although some people speak out against fruit because of its sugar content, ultimately all carbohydrates are turned into simple sugars for energy production in the body. Fruit is simply a more sustainable, nourishing source of energy. It contains many, not just one, types of sugar combined with many different types of fiber, both soluble and insoluble (which means that the sugars in the fruit are absorbed at a slow rate). That’s why fruit is quite low on the glycemic index compared to other foods.Fruit is nourishing. Therefore, eating too much fruit can indeed make you fat because your body will burn the calories from fruit before burning anything else (including body fat). The same could be said of other forms of carbohydrates. As for dietary fat, it is stored directly as fat in the body. Eating more calories from any source can lead to excess weight, but if you prefer whole fruits instead of other calorie sources, it will be easy to maintain your weight, because fruit is relatively low in caloric density.

Fruit is particularly healthy because of its antioxidants and because it is alkaline-forming. “Alkaline-forming” means that the minerals left over from digestion are primarily alkaline, like calcium, and they’re not acid-forming in the body. Most foods that are commonly consumed tend to be slightly or very acid-forming, but fruits and vegetables are an exception.

Green Leafy Vegetables: I put green leafy vegetables in a different category because they’ve got quite a different profile than other vegetables (especially starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots). Green vegetables are a great source of so many vitamins and minerals, including calcium, and they prevent disease in general. They’re filling, nourishing, and very important to include in our diets.

Non-Starchy Vegetables: Low-sugar vegetables include things like zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes (yes, I know those are fruit but we will include them in this category for clarity’s sake), summer squash and other juicy or water-rich vegetables. Those vegetables are full of minor minerals and vitamins, and are also very alkaline-forming.

Starchy Vegetables: I rate starchy vegetables higher than grains or beans because they’re alkaline-forming. They’re also much easier to digest than grains and beans. As a source of energy, they’re absolutely outstanding. Some examples: white potatoes and sweet potatoes. Contrary to popular belief, those foods do not promote weight gain. It would be extremely difficult to eat too many white potatoes if one is not adding other calorie-rich condiments. (Of course, consuming more calories than you burn of anything can lead to weight gain).

Beans: They must be cooked, so therefore they’re slightly less ideal than the previously mentioned, mostly raw foods. Beans are very low on the glycemic index. They’re extremely rich in nutrients and an ideal source of protein and energy. All long-lived cultures in the world consume beans!

Nuts and Seeds: Because of their fat content, nuts and seeds were not the very first items on this list. However, they’re excellent for health as long as they’re limited to small quantities. All studies show that nuts and seeds are excellent for cardiovascular health and weight control, but they must be limited. I also include in this category avocado and other plant-based whole fats, like oils.

Whole Grains: I do include whole grains in the list of ideal foods because of their convenience. Ideally speaking, the best carbohydrate sources are fruits, starchy vegetables and beans. However, grains complete the list, even though they’re slightly acid-forming. Grains do not promote weight gain as long as they’re consumed according to your energy needs, but they can, when consumed in excess, contribute to weight gain because it is easy to consume a lot of refined grains, like white rice.Ideally, avoid refined grains. Like the carbohydrates in fruit, they’re burned off first as energy before any other sources, including your own body fat. That’s why eating more calories than you need from all carbohydrate sources can lead to weight gain or slow down your weight loss. That also goes for any other foods. Most cultures in the world eat some types of grains and all the studies show that whole grains are extremely healthy. However, their nutritional profile is not as ideal as the one of starchy vegetables and fruit.

Foods Not Included

I’m talking about strictly an ideal diet here. An ideal diet is a diet where we place no consideration on pleasure or social aspects, simply what is healthiest. Therefore, yes, my list of non-ideal foods will be pretty extensive, but we’ll talk about how to make sense of it all after.

Animal Foods: In my opinion, animal foods are not part of the ideal diet. I just don’t buy the arguments of those who criticize the vegetarian or vegan diet. The vegans who run into health problems usually make the same mistakes: eating refined foods, eating too much fat, not eating a whole-food diet, not supplementing with B12, not getting enough calories. Consuming something like 5% of total calories from animal foods will probably not lead to health problems. This percentage is much higher in Western countries.

Salt: Salt isn’t part of an ideal diet. The arguments for salt are not that compelling, when you consider that so many cultures in the world have lived very well without it (with blood pressures that leave Western doctors to gasp in astonishment and disbelief). When you include plenty of green vegetables in your diet and all of the foods that I’ve mention previously, you will get at least 300-600mg of sodium a day, occurring naturally. This could be the ideal level for human beings. It will take time to adapt, but it pays off in lower blood pressure and improved health overall.

Refined foods: The ideal diet is simple: it doesn’t include any refined oils. Oils have been extracted and are pure fat without any of the fiber and associated nutrients in the whole foods they come from. The ideal diet also doesn’t contain strong condiments like hot peppers that can disturb digestion.

Caffeine: The world functioned long before coffee was invented, as caffeine is not an essential nutrient. It’s a stimulant that ultimately robs you of energy.

Now that I’ve laid out the list of ideal foods and non-ideal foods, ultimately we have to decide what we want to do with it. I personally have the hardest time giving up salt and caffeine — and haven’t been able to do it completely yet. I’m willing to accept that I may never be able to give up those substances completely.

The same goes for making any other type of compromise.

We have to enjoy our diets, but also be aware of the health detriments and benefits. An ideal diet does not necessarily need any juices or smoothies or any blended foods, but those can improve assimilation in individuals that have difficulty digesting raw fruits and vegetables.

Finally, how raw should be the ideal diet? My answer nowadays is pretty simple. The ideal diet is as raw as possible, providing that it easily meets your energy needs.

Ultimately, in health results, there’s not that much difference between a raw food diet and a cooked food diet as long as you stick with the list of ideal foods. The raw food diet has the added benefit of ease of digestion and of being very low in caloric density, which makes it extremely easy compared with other diets to maintain weight.

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FYI: You Are What You______- Part II


My perspectives on various topics

that are health related

Topic: You Are What You_____ – Part II

Monday February 15, 201o

I decided that I need to bring back this fill in the blank topic, as there is more to it, then what I wrote the previous time (that being on Wed. Feb. 10th). I was sitting down to eat my dinner salad meal at the table (seated next to my Mom, as I am visiting my parents and others). I noticed how she is eating her meal and how I am. There was quite a differential (which I will discuss in more detail shortly). Getting back to what I would fill in the blank with for the topic above would be, digest and more so, what you assimilate and absorb. So, as a was observing my Mom eating, while I was, as well, here is what I noticed (ok, Mom, I am not trying to be negative, merely giving my feedback to help you and others, too, to know how to better eat for optimal abs0rption). Number 1 – Her posture was not perfect and I sit more on the edge of my chair so I sit up straight (better for digestion). Number 2- she does not seem to put down her utensils (fork, spoon, etc) after taking a bite to give herself the time to chew and sometimes even put in more then one forkful into her mouth at one time. I on the other hand tend to put my utensils down after each fork full (I usually eat with chopsticks) and set it down on another plate so I have to spend the time to pick it up again to get more food. Number 3- My Mom doesn’t chew her food for very long, whereas, I will chew it till it is mostly liquid in my mouth (as that is where the digestion actually occurs and your enzymes are activated) and will not put any more food in my mouth until that mouthful is completely masticated. Number 4- when you “inhale” your food, as my Mom tends to do, you are not absorbing the nutrients and usually need to keep eating more and more food, as you are always hungry. Number 5- Another way you know that you are not assimilating your food properly, is when your bowel movements tend to be loose and you can see pieces of the food floating in the water (don’t get me wrong, that has happened to me on many occasions, I am not perfect, so I share with you my challenges, as well. When I chew my food better, I notice that my movements are solid and I barely have the need for any toilet paper. Number 6- I also noticed that it is best to sit quietly without any distractions from TV, radio, phones, computer and simply “plug in” to your food and the energy it is giving you and the sensations you feel while chewing and the wonderful flavors and colors (I eat lots of green leafy vegetables and other wonderful non-sweet fruits for dinner (cucumbers, tomat0es, red bell peppers) and sometimes sweet fruits, as well – if I don’t have fat in my salad). Number 7- Giving yourself a few minutes at the end of the meal to reflect on your time, without “jumping” up so quickly to go to the next project. Sit and relish in the beauty of life and the gifts you have been given. The same can be said for when you sit down to your meal. Try to have everything you need on the table before you start so there is no reason to get up at all once you have started, as it disrupts the flow of your meal. Number 8- Give thanks in whatever way you can/know before you eat your food and afterwards. Since much has gone into getting it to you, so lets show our gratitude. If we can all have the attitude of gratitude in life for everything and anything, life would be filled with much love, joy, health, happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance and beauty. Do what you can to make this so! Please send your comments and what you would fill in the blank with for the topic above.

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The Transition to Food and My New Raw Vegan Food Plan/Regimen…Week 3

The Transition to Food and My New Raw Vegan Food Plan/Regimen

Week 3

Day 15 – Tuesday January 26, 2010

It is hared to believe that I am already starting the 3rd week since I ended my cleanse. I have been on a sleepless spree (not completely with out sleep) in the last few days and I am definitely feeling the affects. I woke up at 4 am to use the bathroom and actually went on back on the computer for a while (I had left it on when I lay down to go to sleep) and then went back to sleep till 9 am. I am still having mostly loose bowel movements and have at least a couple in the morning when I wake up. My head was feeling really off today from the lack of sleep and I plan to make it a much earlier night tonight (it is great to have the unlimited access to the internet at home, but my sleep means more to me then that and it can wait till tomorrow, so 10 pm is my deadline from now on!). I ate a kiwi and 6 oz container of blackberries this morning. The sun was out this morning so I figured I would get some laundry done (it was misleading because it didn’t stay out very long). I put it outside by about 10 am and the sun was only out for an hour and then it got cloudy. I hope my things will still dry, but if they don’t I will have to use my indoor wall heater to help out. I was planning to go and do some outside errands, but then I got busy with some other work. I ate an apple, pear, a container of plum tomatoes and some laver seaweed this afternoon. Since the sun didn’t last, I couldn’t do my sunning this morning or go for a walk. A friend called me today and I ended up going out and meeting with a new client to help him with shopping and start on a new food plan. I was home before 5 pm and it had not started raining yet. I did have to use the heater to dry my blanket (picked the wrong thing to hang outside and it took awhile for it to dry inside). I had a salad for dinner with parsley, dulse seaweed, cucumber, celery, large tomato and some juice of half an orange squeezed on top. The rain started at about 6 pm and it has been steady ever since, but nothing like last week when it was really heavy and intense for 5 days. I was hoping to get to sleep by 10 pm, but instead, I got to sleep at 11 pm (at least it was before midnight!).

Day 16 – Wednesday January 27, 2010

I woke up at 2:50 am to use the bathroom (loose bowels) and then went back to sleep till I woke up again at 7 am and had another loose movement. I went back to sleep till 10 am and then got up to start my day. It was great to sleep late for a change and my head feels much better than it did yesterday. I continue to have loose movements and many in one day. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was happy that I would be able to get outside today. I had a kiwi, 1 persimmon and 1 mango at about 10:30 am. I went outside to get my vitamin D for about 30 minutes. I ate some tomatoes and laver seaweed and then I went out for my walk on the sand at 1 pm. For some reason I was having some serious gas/bloating and I rubbed around my intestines in a clockwise motion to help my body release the distress. I allowed me to burp and pass gas which made me feel better. I had to use the bathroom while I was out and had to do a #2 and it was another loose movement. I did some food shopping and came home after 3 pm. I had a 6 oz container of blueberries and a red delicious apple. The bloating seemed to have dissipated and I have a couple of more loose bowel movements this evening. I had a wonderful salad for dinner with a whole bunch of cilantro (in case you didn’t know it is a chelator/heavy metal detoxifier), celery, cucumber, tomato and some raw sauerkraut (Rejuvenative Foods brand – salt free/organic; 1-800-805-7957). Tonight is bath night, yey! I am using bath salts and beeswax candle from the same company that I have mentioned earlier in my journal. I got to sleep at 10:30 pm (doing much better with my time of getting to bed!).

Day 17 –Thursday January 28, 2010

I slept very well last night and woke up at 4:15 am to use the bathroom (had loose movement). I went back to bed until my alarm rang at 6 am and had another loose bowel movement. I ate a kiwi, 6 oz container of blueberries and a persimmon. I had another bowel movement at 7:30 am and this one was solid. I washed the floors of my kitchen and bathroom before leaving this morning, so I can get a head start on my weekly pre-Sabbath house cleaning. I left my place at 7:45 am, as I had a busy day. My first appointment was to donate blood for research. Of course, I have to have good iron levels and I usually eat all the right foods to help with this (including spinach, parsley, seaweeds like kelp and dulse, grapes, etc) and have vitamin c foods along with this to help absorb the iron (such as tomatoes, citrus on the greens, kiwi, etc). I had an 11 0z container of coconut water about ½ hour before I was to donate blood, as I wanted to make sure that I am hydrated. Before I donate blood, the nurse tests me to make sure my iron levels are in the right parameters, as I give a considerable amount (but not as much as when you give at the blood bank). I had not doubt that my levels would be good, but this time they were much lower than usual. I tested at 12.1 and my last donation in October 2009 was at 14.3 (my feeling is that I have been having consistently loose bowel movements since I have completed my cleanse and that signifies that I am not absorbing the nutrients in my food and when I have had solid movements, I know that my body is working optimally). I was still able to donate blood as my number was fine for females. I ate a pear and apple after that to get some nourishment in my body before I start my 1 day a week dry fast. I usually like to start the fast from the night before when I go to bed, but since I was giving blood this morning, I could not do that. After I finished there, I had another appointment for a couple of hours and then went to visit with a friend. I had the chance to weigh myself, but it was on a digital scale, The time was about 12:30 pm and it said I weighed 110.4 lbs (minus my clothes, I would say is at least a pound or two, so I would say 108). I seem to have maintained fairly close to what I weighed when I finished the cleanse and I am happy about that. The main reason I know, is because I am eating very low fat (have 1 avocado, 1 day a week). It was another magnificent and sunny day outside. I made sure that I got home in time to go for a walk while the sun was still out (I missed a connecting bus because the bus I rode was a couple of minutes late and then I had to wait another half hour- besides that my earlier appointment went over by half an hour, so I lost a total of 1 hour), but it was later then I had planned. I had another solid bowel movement before going for my walk at 2:30 pm. I enjoyed my walk very much and was re-energized. I find that when I fast even for 1 day (especially with dry fasting) that I have to get rid of more mucus from my throat and also have more wax buildup in my ear. My conclusion, is that because I am not giving anything to my body, it can eliminate faster what it finds to be toxic and that is a good, no great thing! I left again afterwards to go shopping at my co-op/health food store. I didn’t stay out that long and returned home by 6 pm. I saw a friend of mine on the bus I was riding. Tonight I plan to go to sleep early, as I feel the need to rest more when I am not eating. I am happy to say that I went to bed at 10:40 pm tonight!

Day 18 – Friday January 29, 2010

I slept very well last night and woke up at 7:40 am and used the bathroom and my bowel movement was half and half (loose and solid). I was still on my fast, so I started doing some other things till I would eat at 10 am. I had another movement at 8:45 am and solid small pieces this time. I put a clay mask on my face and then I did some dusting. It was a bit overcast outside and I hope to still get to do my sunning. At 10 am I ate a kiwi, 6 oz container of blueberries and a persimmon. I had some grape and cherry tomatoes a little while later and some kelp and nori seaweed. I felt satisfied and continued with my day. I noticed this morning that I had a bit of an odor in my arm pits. After eating I had solid bowel movements at 11:10 am and 12:10 pm. I did get out to do some sunning in the early afternoon and then finished my cleaning. I went for a walk and then did a couple of errands before coming home. Tonight I get to relax and rest, as my Sabbath is here. Yey! Yesterday was no food day and now from tonight till tomorrow night (follows the lunar calendar) is no work day! I ate dinner this evening with iceburg lettuce, celery, pepper, tomato, cucumber, 1 avocado, lime juice, kelp and dulse powder. I read quite a bit tonight before going to bed at 11:30 pm.

Day 19 – Saturday January 30, 2010

I slept well last night. I woke up at 1:40 am and had a solid BM and went back to sleep till 6:55 am to use the bathroom again and had another solid BM. I decided to get some more rest and slept till 9:15 am. I had a loose movement this time. The sun was already shining outside and I was happy because I’d be able to do my sunning and go for a walk later. I ate at about 9 am and had a kiwi, 6 0z container of blueberries, a persimmon (only have 1 left in the freezer) and a small ataulfo/champagne mango (yellow skin color) which actually wasn’t the best tasting I have had. I went outside to do my sunning for 30 minutes and then got ready to go to services at my synagogue. I had another loose movement at 11:25 am. I went to the synagogue and they were having a special weekend with 300 students from different university/college campuses. At first I didn’t see anyone I knew until after the services ended. I didn’t stay around for lunch (they don’t have food I would partake of, anyway). I went for my walk at 1:30 pm and it was very pleasant. I got home and ate a couple of apples and pears, cherry & plum tomatoes, laver and dulse whole seaweed. I read when I got home , until the Sabbath was over. I had another loose movement at 4:55 pm. In the evening, I got busy with phone calls, internet and ate dinner salad with red leaf lettuce. At 7:10 pm I had another loose movement (as you can tell, I have many movements in one day, as my body tends to have consistent eliminations and gets rid of what it doesn’t need). I had another late night as I had quite a bit of work to do and did accomplish a lot, so it was time well spent. I went to bed at 2 am (yikes!).

Day 20 – Sunday January 31, 2010

It is hard to believe that the month of January is over and I am almost 3 weeks post cleanse. I slept well, but not enough. I awoke at 6:25 am and had a loose movement and then went back to sleep. I then woke at 9:15 am and started by day. I ate a kiwi, 6 oz of blueberries and 1 delectable mango that was sweet, juicy and heavenly. I had another loose BM at 9:40 am. I was glad to see the sun and went outside to do my sunning for 40 minutes. I had another loose movement at 10:20 am, 12:10 pm, 4:35 pm, 6:10 pm and 7:55 pm (now I have shared with you the whole days worth of elimination, in case you were wondering). I went outside for my walk at 1 pm and then went to do some food shopping. The temperature cooled down a bit, so I was glad to had an extra layer to put on. I came home and ate some apples and a pear and in the evening I had a salad with green leaf lettuce. I plan to get to bed much earlier tonight, as I have a busy day tomorrow with some travels out on the bus and some work in the evening. I went to bed at midnight (yes, it still is late, but 2 hours earlier then last night and that is great – so don’t beat yourself up if you have been doing the same).

Day 21 – Monday February 1, 2010

I slept very well last night and woke up once at 2:20 am and had a loose BM. I went back to sleep till my alarm woke me up at 6:30 am. I had another loose movement. I felt rested even though I could have slept more. Starting tomorrow, and from then on, I will be writing about specific topics, instead of merely telling you about my day and what I have been eating. I will discuss various areas that will help you optimize your health & wellness and fit it the scheme of my daily life (they are actually things I do most every day that I haven’t delved into in very much detail and/or I’d like to share more about them with you). I ate a kiwi and 6 oz blueberries this morning. I had another loose movement at 9:20 am. I had plans to go do some errands this morning, but I delayed them because the sun decided to come out and I wanted to do my sunning and walk on the sand. I had an pear and apple after my walk and then some cherry tomatoes and seaweed at home. After my walk, I came home and had another movement at 1:35 pm. I was finally going to get on the bus and do some errands, when I received a call that my evening appointment was canceled. I decided to walk to my co-op/health food store instead of taking the bus. It took me an hour each way and I enjoyed it, especially with it being a beautiful day outside. I had a unexpected tumble on the sidewalk when I was almost home. I was thankful that I was wearing a long skirt and also a jacket so I didn’t have much bruising, only a mild abrasion on my left knee. I always put my hands down in front of me, instinctually to protect my head. I also always carry a product with me called Rescue Remedy from Bach Flower Remedies (; 1-800-214-2850) and it comes in spray or dropper. It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy (it is not raw and does contain grain alcohol which is the best way to extract the essences) and is used when you experience any kind of physical, mental or emotional trauma/stress. It is taken immediately after the occurrence and is safe for all ages and even pets. Most times it is the stress that can kill someone more so then the sustained injury, that is why I would highly recommend everyone carry this product with them daily. I felt much more calm and balanced after taking it and then I continued on my walk. (Note: for these situation which are acute in nature, I take more then the directions recommend and I take it straight without water, if it is in liquid drops because I want to calm down as quickly as possible). I came home and had a great appetite. I ate a few apples and then made a salad with some baby spinach, as my greens for the day. I had another loose bowel movement at 7:10pm. I don’t have any plans for tomorrow, so I will probably stay up a bit later to get more work done and sleep in later tomorrow. I went to sleep at 2 am after being on the computer for a long time and listening to some very enlightening videos on health.

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The Transition to Food and My New Raw Vegan Food Plan/Regimen…Week 1

The Transition to Food and My New Raw Vegan Food Plan/Regimen

Week 1

Day 1 – Tuesday January 12, 2010

I did not sleep that well last night. I did fall asleep right away, but then awoke at 3:40 am to use the bathroom and went back to bed, but my mind was thinking and processing. I stayed in bed anyway and then did fall back to sleep for a while and finally got out of bed at 6:50 am, as I heard the blower going across the street at the school and it is annoying. I was feeling a bit weary at first because I didn’t get enough sleep. My tongue was really coated this morning and at first I didn’t have any evacuation. My neck was really tight when I first woke up this morning probably from the heavy things I was carrying yesterday. Then I started eating some bosc pears (I had them in the fridge for a while and some were starting to go bad). Wow! that first bite and it was sweet and juicy. I don’t know if they were the cause of me have a bit of the runny loose smelly bowel movements, but I had it had 7:25, 7:35, 8:10 and 8:25 am. I ate a total of 3 pears and then my head was feeling a bit off, too. As if it was saying, “hey, what are you giving me? I am not used to this stuff! You haven’t fed me in 42 days, so take it slowly! I know that for a fact and that is why I stopped after that many pears. It is another beautiful day outside and I didn’t end up going out with my friend today, so I can take care of my errands and get out in the sun and walk, too! The way I am starting off is to only eat mono meals of fruit (mostly). Whether I do it for 1 meal or for the whole day. I will do that for at least the first few days and then starting adding a meal with greens like lettuce with celery, cucumber and tomato and possibly some seaweed. I would like to continue to eat mono fruit meals regularly. I also plan to eat smaller quantities of food, 2 meals a day and stop my food consumption by 5 pm, at the latest. Then if I feel the need for anything afterwards, it would simply be something to drink like stevia water or coconut water and then nothing more after 7 pm. My goal is to keeping going back on the time I stop eating till I reach 2 pm. I had a busy morning making phone calls and also got out in the sun. I wanted to get out to do my recycling and by the time I was ready to go at 1 pm, my neighbor drove me over there. Afterwards, I went to weigh myself (was supposed to do yesterday, but never had the time to) at a fitness club that was in the same shopping center. It was after 1:30 pm and it said I was 107 lbs. and that is with clothes on in the middle of the day. I would say I am probably closer to 105. Now I plan to maintain as close to that as possible. I went home afterwards to bring a plant to exchange at the store I bought it from, as they were having a plant sale and I wanted one that was healthier and vibrant and also bought another free standing plant. I came home and finally went for my walk at 3 pm. It was much later in the day then I planned so the sand wasn’t hot, but the sun was out. I had plans for my new friend to take me out to do some shopping not too far away and had to push it back some. Then when I returned, I left my keys in my place and my neighbor helped me get in through my window. What a day it has been! I was feeling fine on just eating my pears. Instead of having them as a meal, I ate them sporadically throughout the day and it worked better for me. I went out shopping with my friend and we hit it off superbly. I came home and was able to get on the internet at home again. I was planning to take a bath, but never did, as I was zoned into my access online. It has definitely made my life easier because I didn’t have to go to the library and stayed up late tonight because of that. I didn’t get to sleep till the ungodly hour of 2 am. Not my usual pattern and it is fine sometimes and no judgment needs to be there.

Day 2 – Wednesday January 13, 2010

I woke up when I heard the phone at 6:45 am and stayed in bed till 7 am when I had to use the bathroom. I am starting to have more bowel movements and they are still somewhat loose and getting more solid. I went back to bed and then got up again to use the bathroom at 8:30 am and stayed awake, even though I was still a bit tired. Today it is an overcast day (haven’t had one of those in a while) outside and supposed to rain, too. I didn’t eat anything today till 11 am, as I wasn’t hungry at all. I ate 6 kiwis and then needed something else because it was a bit too acidic for me, so I had a fuyu and a hachiya persimmon. I was going to do mono meals, but I am ok with this, too. I did get to go out for a walk today once the weather cleared up. I ate some more persimmons throughout the day. I was doing a presentation this evening on raw foods and I went there with my neighbor. It was a very successful event and I was feeling really great. I continue to have bowel movements throughout the day that are partly solid and loose. My food choices in these first 2 days have really worked well for me and I plan to continue as I go forward. The only thing that is keeping me up, as in awake, is that I have been able to get on the internet at home and staying up late using it. I went to sleep at 1 am (will work on getting to bed earlier, best by 10 pm at the latest!)

Day 3 – Thursday January 14, 2009

I slept well last night with no disturbances or trips to the bathroom. I got up at 8 am and felt good. My throat was a bit dry, but went away once I had something to eat. I went to the bathroom right away and had a very large evacuation that was all loose. I didn’t eat anything till about an hour after I got up. I decided not to have as many kiwis as yesterday because it is too acidic. I decided to have only one and then had a 6 oz container of blackberries and 1 fuyu persimmon. I still may do mono meals, but for today I did not. I plan to start having a salad later in the day for dinner. I do plan to keep to the goal of not eating after 5 pm, but it can be challenging (I have the will power to do so, as I have accomplished so much including the 42 days of not eating!). It is a beautiful sunny day outside and I plan to enjoy it! I got outside to do my sunning and then went to see a friend and go for my walk. I had some more loose eliminations at 3, 5 and 9 pm. My body is trying to get used to the food I am eating, but I guess it wants to get rid of more because it hasn’t had regular daily evacuations. I plan to get to sleep earlier then the past couple of nights, but still have work to do that will keep me up till at least 10 pm or so. I ate a yummy salad tonight which included cilantro, cucumber, tomato, celery and mango. I did have an apple and persimmon in the afternoon. I had an extensive amount of work to do this evening and didn’t get to sleep till 1:25 am (yikes!). I will be changing that habit immediately, as next week I have to be up early to start work with a regular client for the next few weeks.

Day 4 – Friday January 15, 2010

I slept well last night, though not enough. I woke up once at 4am to go to the bathroom and had a significant loose evacuation. Then I got up at 7:50 am and another loose elimination. I really wanted to go back to sleep, but knew I had a lot to do today and it is a shorter day because the Sabbath starts at sundown. I decided not to eat anything today till noon, for a change. As I have been eating when I first get up for the past few days. It was a mostly overcast day, bummer! I didn’t get to do sunning today, but I did go for a walk and it wasn’t cold. I am having a really intense bloated feeling today. I have been burping a lot and trying to release the gas from my colon by rubbing it, and it has helped. I have had many loose eliminations throughout the day. I am happy that I decided to eat later in the day because I didn’t feel hungry. I plan to get to sleep early tonight because I know I am tired from the last few late nights. I was glad when the Sabbath started so I could relax and read. It took me a while to eat my meal, which was a big salad of parsley, tomato, celery, cucumber, avocado [first overt fatty food in a month and a half] and red bell pepper (as I was reading and chewing my food well). I fell asleep at 11 pm, but hadn’t really planned it that way. I did not do my nightly regimen before going to bed. I woke up at 1 am and then washed up and went to sleep.

Day 5 – Saturday January 16, 2010

I slept through the night after I woke up about 1 am. I slept till a few minutes shy of 10 am (I guess I was really tired!). I felt good this morning and the sun was already shining. I didn’t eat anything right away. I got my day started with my regular routine and then ate a kiwi, 6 oz container of blackberries and a small mango at 11:30 am. I got out to do some sunning for a while in the early afternoon. Then it started to cloud over and didn’t feel as warm. I didn’t go for a walk today as it started getting windy and the sun didn’t come back out. For some reason I have been craving lots and lots of tomatoes. I had quite a bit yesterday of cherry and sugar plum varieties. To me, it is like popping candy in my mouth. I know if I am craving it, then my body must need it. I also have been eating a substantial amount of sea vegetables, especially wild nori/laver and dulse. Again, my body must be needing the minerals that it is providing me with. I am still have lots of loose bowel movements throughout the day (usually when I wake up and at least 5 or more times in the day). I had another salad this evening with the same ingredients as last night, except with a different green (red leaf lettuce). I had a lot of work to get done after the Sabbath and stayed up much later then I planned, but the work is done! I went to sleep at 4 am (nutty, huh!), but I finished my work.

Day 6 – Sunday January 17, 2010

I did not get enough sleep this morning because I went to bed at 4 am and set my alarm to wake me up at 9am. I woke up a few minutes before that. I had plans to get together with a friend and he was going to pick me up at 11am. It was a nice sunny day outside and I wanted to get out to do some sunning and also go for a walk before he picks me up. I did get out while the weather was still nice, as it started to cloud over some while I was out on my walk. My friend ended up arriving later then we first planned, so I didn’t have to cut my time short. The week coming will probably not allow me to walk on the sand, as rain is expected every day. I went to the farmer’s market with my friend and spent a few hours together. I came home and then went out again to do a few more errands before the rain comes. I am not going to be working tomorrow, as I thought, so I can sleep in tomorrow (yey!). I continue to have numerous loose bowel movements throughout the day and for the most part, it comes out so clean that I barely am using any toilet paper. I am really keeping the late night hours lately, but again I have been accomplishing a lot by doing so and this is the case again tonight. I have still been eating lots of tomatoes and seaweed today. I had some persimmons, apples, mango and a couple of pears. For dinner I had another big salad with romaine lettuce and same veggies as yesterday. I finally got to sleep at 3:45 am (15 minutes earlier than yesterday – yipee!) and was totally exhausted!

Day 7 – January 18, 2010

I slept well and woke up once to use the bathroom at about 6 am. I was woken up by hearing my answering machine message come on, but no one left a message. It was only about 9 am. I did get up to use the bathroom an the went back to sleep till 10:20 am. I was a cloudy and windy day with rain expected today. It was dry for the morning and then the rains came at mid afternoon. As it turns out, I will not be working this week, as I had thought. With the rains and all, it is probably best. I will be able to get more home projects done. Today was another day of numerous loose bowel movements and eating lots of tomatoes, too. I didn’t eat anything till close to noon. I had a kiwi and blackberries. Later on I had a persimmon, apple, kombu/kelp seaweed and a sheet of raw nori. I had another big salad for dinner with cilantro and same veggies as in previous days. I will be going to bed much earlier then I have been for the last few nights, as I would like to break my habit of going to sleep so late. I went to sleep tonight at 1:35 am, which is a big improvement on previous nights and hope to go to bed even earlier tomorrow night.

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