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Can Fruit Wreak Havoc On Your Blood Sugar? by Frederic Patenaude

Great info wanted to share.

Can Fruit Wreak Havoc On Your Blood Sugar? by Frederic Patenaude

Here’s a question that a reader sent us:

1- Can fruit mess up with your insulin levels?
2- Can so much fruit cause diabetes?
3- Can you get hypoglycemia if you eat a lot of fruit for years and years?

I have problems with numbers 1 and 3; even McDougall recommends no more than 2 fruits/day because there is too much fruit sugar in them; what about Gabriel Cousens and so many others who say that fructose can mess up a lot, and we should focus on greens (with fats so we can absorb the vitamins)?

All three of those scenarios you mention are blood-sugar metabolic disorders, and it pays to understand your physiology to understand how these disorders are created.

In most cases, these diseases are caused by an excess of fat, NOT sugar, in the diet. Or rather, a combination of the two.

My number one question for you, Ilse, and anyone else experiencing dizziness after eating fruit would be how much fat are you eating in your diet?

I would encourage you to track your intake of fat, carbohydrates, and protein to make sure that you are not going over 10% of calories from fat.

If you are having blood sugar problems, then it is highly likely you are overeating fat, even if they are ‘healthy’ whole fats. Too much of anything can be harmful.

The problem arises when an excess of fat in your diet coats every single cell of your body, including your insulin receptor sites. This means that glucose (converted from EVERY food – not just fruit) cannot be transported effectively into your cells and therefore stays circulating in the bloodstream.

If you are eating a high-fat raw food diet, such as Gabriel Cousens promotes, then it would certainly be dangerous to overeat fruit. Same thing with a high fat standard western diet.

However, if you keep your fats low, then large quantities of fruit are highly beneficial.

My experience is a case in point. I used to suffer from horrible blood sugar swings and also candida (a blood-sugar metabolic disorder). I no longer experience either of these things and whenever I get tested my fasting glucose is always absolutely normal.

To get an accurate picture of what you’re consuming in terms of fats, protein, and carbohydrates you need to be tracking your food for 3-7 days minimum.

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