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Mūna: Peruvian Medicinal Herb with Numerous Health Benefits by Frederic Patenude

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I Love This Herb by Frederic Patenaude

I used to think that all medicinal herbs were just natural versions of pharmaceutical drugs. By that, I thought they were not as harmful, but just masked the symptoms instead of addressing the “cause.”

This attitude came from my Natural Hygiene background.

Natural Hygiene is a beautiful health philosophy that I first came across when I was 18, and what led me to the raw food and natural health lifestyle.

The idea is that the same factors that lead to good health are the ones needed to recover lost health. Everything else just “gets in the way.”

For example, water fasting as a therapy comes from Natural Hygiene, and it’s the ultimate way to apply this philosophy. And it works. You do nothing, intelligently, and let your body work its magic.

Stop the cause — the root of the problem — and provide your body what it needs to heal itself, such as a super-healthy diet, sunshine, rest, water, and exercise in the right amount.

If you follow this health philosophy, you will get great results. It cuts through the BS that currently clutters the natural health world.

However, it has its limits.

For example, what if you have a nasty infection? We know that antibiotics have saved millions of lives in those circumstances. Myself, I wouldn’t always trust that my body will “heal itself.” It works a lot of the time, but we also have our limits.

Now back to medicinal herbs…

Although Natural Hygiene rejects them entirely, I believe they can have a place in your health arsenal. Don’t use them as your primary way of taking care of yourself. But having a few medicinal herbs around can be quite useful.

I still think that “doing nothing, intelligently” is excellent advice, most of the time. Let’s add to that a few medicinal herbs and yes, even some pharmaceutical drugs, when absolutely necessary (such as antibiotics).

I Love This Herb

Along with Holy Basil, muña is my favorite mild, medicinal herb. It’s not very strong and is used as a tea. The herb is also called the Andean Mint, but I think you’ll notice by trying it that it is not your average mint!

It can help to:

– Heal intestinal problems
– Cure bad breath
– Reduce inflammation
– Overcome excess stomach acidity
– Calm indigestion
– Prevent the inflammation of wounds
– Fight parasites
– Stop diarrhea

Kevin and Annmarie brought back this herb from one of their many trips to Peru. After going through many legal hoops, they’ve found a way to import it all the way to the US. We now ship it all over the world.

What’s great about the muña that Renegade Health imports is that it’s super-fresh. We harvest it from a village in a sustainable way, working with local families on this project. It’s an outstanding product.

I make it the same way I make mint tea:

I let it steep for 5 minutes, and the leaves will fall at the bottom of the cup or the teapot, sweetened with some coconut nectar or date syrup.

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