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Lies and Misinformation About Dental Health Common in Raw Food World – by Frederic Patenaude

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Lies and Misinformation About Dental Health Common in Raw Food World – by Frederic Patenaude

Because of the widespread misinformation found in the raw food world, many people continue to unnecessarily experience dental problems.

Many famous raw foodists I know have come out, either privately or publicly, to discuss the massive dental problems that they’ve experienced. But many haven’t.

So the lies and misinformation continue to be spread around.

Let’s take a look at some of the most harming pieces of misinformation that you might come across.

1) That the raw vegan diet does not cause more cavities

Although it’s true that diet itself is not the root cause of dental decay, it can act as fast-burning fuel for the development of huge dental problems. When you understand how to keep your teeth so healthy and your oral environment so clean, you could eat a diet of twinkies all day and never get cavities, sensitive teeth or any other dental problems. But if you start on the wrong foot, and lack this information on keeping your teeth cavity-free for life, you could end up with big dental disasters on the raw vegan diet.

Raw vegans experience more dental problems than any other group. That is the truth!

Don’t let any other raw vegan guru tell you otherwise. Their followers have bad teeth — almost all of them do after some time.

2) If you avoid dried fruits and nuts, you’ll be okay

Some will say that as long as you avoid dried fruits (like dates), don’t drink fruit juice and don’t eat too many nuts or dried foods, you’ll be okay. That is not true. A diet composed exclusively of fresh foods, such as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, will also lead to dental problems if proper precautions are not taken.

3) It’s all genetic

The good news: 2% of the population is total immune to dental decay. We don’t know why. Something in their mouths prevents bacteria from forming colonies, no matter what they eat. The bad news: 98% of the population isn’t.

When a raw vegan tells you that their dental problems are caused by their “bad genes,” they act just like the rest of the people who say that their heart attack was caused by family history alone.

4) Fluoride should be avoided at all cost

This is one of the most damaging lies spread in the natural health movement.

Although I don’t support adding fluoride to drinking water or other substances, like salt, the proper topical use of fluoride is one of the things that you can do that can truly make the most difference. My favorite being a fluoride rinse with no extra additives, also containing xylitol, another substance that’s very important in preventing and reversing dental problems.

5) It’s all fruit’s fault

On the other hand, we have many anti-fruits advocates who blame fruit as the cause of dental problems, because of its sugar content. But the truth is that sugar itself doesn’t cause dental decay: acid does. It’s the eating away of the enamel by acidity, produced by bacteria, that causes decay. The bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. So it’s very important to keep your mouth alkaline at all times.

People who eat a raw vegan diet with little fruit also end up with serious dental problems because of all of the acid-containing foods they consume. Of course, they don’t know how to keep their mouths alkaline.

The Solution

Once you know how to keep your mouth healthy, with strong teeth and no bacterial colonies and no acidity, you can eat whatever you want!

At that point, your diet won’t cause any problems, even if you like to eat lots of dates.

Just telling people to avoid certain foods is not enough. In fact, in most cases, it won’t make a difference.

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