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7 Lies About Dental Health by Frederic Patenaude

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7 Lies About Dental Health by Frederic Patenaude

Over the years, I’ve talked to hundreds of people who have experienced severe dental problems after changing their diet to a high-raw one. Even without a diet change, dental problems are very common and very costly.

After the age of 60, you can expect your dental costs to be at least what they’ve been up to that point in your life for your remaining years!

So if you’ve spent 20K on your teeth in your life up until 60, and you live another 25 years, you should expect to pay as a minimum another 20K over that period.

That’s on top of the pain, humiliation and disability that comes with bad teeth.

So let’s take a look at seven misconceptions regarding dental health that we should throw away once and for all.

#1. You should brush after every meal

Many people brush and floss after every meal and still end up with more decay and periodontal disease. This belief is rei nforced after every visit to the dentist when they hand your “gift”: a toothbrush and some floss.

What the research has shown is that brushing after every meal does not prevent dental problems. It’s the QUALITY of your brushing and cleaning that makes a difference.

You could brush only once a day or even once every few days. If this cleaning session is done correctly, that’s what will prevent and reverse dental disasters. (That being said, I don’t recommend waiting a few days, but some research shows that it works if the cleaning is thorough enough!)

#2. You always have to repairs cavities

Most dentist will want to drill your teeth at the first sign of decay. But recent research showed that it’s possible to stop cavities dead in their tracks if you catch them young enough.

Of course, drilling and repairing teeth is better than NOT doing anything.

But natural ly reversing a cavity is still the better way to go.

What you can do is ask your dentist when you absolutely have to repair the tooth. Usually, they’ll say that it’s okay to wait a few months but that you shouldn’t wait too long.

Then, use what you’ve learned in How to Heal and Prevent Dental Disasters to stop the cavity. When you go back, you might not have to do anything, as had happened to me ten years ago when I discovered this program!

#3. Sugar and carbohydrates are the cause

We think that sugar causes caries, but completely avoiding it is impossible. Even vegetables contain natural sugar, which the bacteria that cause dental disease LOVE just as much as artificial sugar.

In a previous ezine, I mentioned how the “primitive” Hawaiians ate a diet that was composed of 75-80% carbohydrates, including plenty of simple sugars. When Captain Cook discovered them in the late 18th century, they did not have any dental disease!

Sugar may be the fuel, but it’s not the cause of the disease. Remove the cause and the fuel won’t start a fire.

#4. Natural products work

Unfortunately, many people turn to natural solutions only to make their dental health worse. The health food stores are full of natural products that don’t work.

Tea tree oil is one such product. It has absolutely no proven benefits in reversing periodontal disease, yet it’s included in many natural kinds of toothpaste.

This is all marketing and only serves the companies that sell those products.

#5. Toothpaste is necessary

Whether you go the natural way or not, you’ll probably want to use some toothpaste. This is not a bad idea, depending on what you choose, but many brands contain ingredients that cause problems, such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

In reality, the abrasive ingredient in toothpaste (usually calcium carbonate) helps to remove stains and keep your teeth whiter. But that’s only cosmetic and won’t affect your dental health. Almost everything else in toothpaste is usually unnecessary!

#6. Flossing is critical

Recently we heard the news that flossing is one of the most unproven health recommendations ever made. No research has ever shown that flossing is effective. But it’s one of the most common dental health recommendations.

Don’t get me wrong: I think most people should at least floss. But for others, flossing won’t help. They’ll need to use something more effective instead.

#7. If you don’t brush your teeth you’ll have bad breath

You’ll often hear people say that they must have bad breath because they haven’t brushed their teeth in a while, like when traveling by plane.

In reality, bad breath is usually caused by a bad diet or periodontal disease — two things that brushing teeth can’t fix.

Like I said before, it’s not about how often you brush but how well you not only brush but follow a routine that works in preventing and reversing dental disasters.

So you could travel and not clean your teeth for nearly 24 hours, and you won’t have bad breath. Whereas someone else could brush all the time and still, have bad breath.

End Dental Problems for Life

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I’ve spent more than a decade researching this topic.

I’ve recently added the following bonuses:

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Lies and Misinformation About Dental Health Common in Raw Food World – by Frederic Patenaude

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Lies and Misinformation About Dental Health Common in Raw Food World – by Frederic Patenaude

Because of the widespread misinformation found in the raw food world, many people continue to unnecessarily experience dental problems.

Many famous raw foodists I know have come out, either privately or publicly, to discuss the massive dental problems that they’ve experienced. But many haven’t.

So the lies and misinformation continue to be spread around.

Let’s take a look at some of the most harming pieces of misinformation that you might come across.

1) That the raw vegan diet does not cause more cavities

Although it’s true that diet itself is not the root cause of dental decay, it can act as fast-burning fuel for the development of huge dental problems. When you understand how to keep your teeth so healthy and your oral environment so clean, you could eat a diet of twinkies all day and never get cavities, sensitive teeth or any other dental problems. But if you start on the wrong foot, and lack this information on keeping your teeth cavity-free for life, you could end up with big dental disasters on the raw vegan diet.

Raw vegans experience more dental problems than any other group. That is the truth!

Don’t let any other raw vegan guru tell you otherwise. Their followers have bad teeth — almost all of them do after some time.

2) If you avoid dried fruits and nuts, you’ll be okay

Some will say that as long as you avoid dried fruits (like dates), don’t drink fruit juice and don’t eat too many nuts or dried foods, you’ll be okay. That is not true. A diet composed exclusively of fresh foods, such as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, will also lead to dental problems if proper precautions are not taken.

3) It’s all genetic

The good news: 2% of the population is total immune to dental decay. We don’t know why. Something in their mouths prevents bacteria from forming colonies, no matter what they eat. The bad news: 98% of the population isn’t.

When a raw vegan tells you that their dental problems are caused by their “bad genes,” they act just like the rest of the people who say that their heart attack was caused by family history alone.

4) Fluoride should be avoided at all cost

This is one of the most damaging lies spread in the natural health movement.

Although I don’t support adding fluoride to drinking water or other substances, like salt, the proper topical use of fluoride is one of the things that you can do that can truly make the most difference. My favorite being a fluoride rinse with no extra additives, also containing xylitol, another substance that’s very important in preventing and reversing dental problems.

5) It’s all fruit’s fault

On the other hand, we have many anti-fruits advocates who blame fruit as the cause of dental problems, because of its sugar content. But the truth is that sugar itself doesn’t cause dental decay: acid does. It’s the eating away of the enamel by acidity, produced by bacteria, that causes decay. The bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. So it’s very important to keep your mouth alkaline at all times.

People who eat a raw vegan diet with little fruit also end up with serious dental problems because of all of the acid-containing foods they consume. Of course, they don’t know how to keep their mouths alkaline.

The Solution

Once you know how to keep your mouth healthy, with strong teeth and no bacterial colonies and no acidity, you can eat whatever you want!

At that point, your diet won’t cause any problems, even if you like to eat lots of dates.

Just telling people to avoid certain foods is not enough. In fact, in most cases, it won’t make a difference.

If you’d like to find out the exact method that I use to reverse and prevent dental problems, make sure to check out my course “How to Heal and Prevent Dental Disasters.”

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Bad Teeth? The Surprising True Cause – by Frederic Patenaude

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Bad Teeth? The Surprising True Cause – by Frederic Patenaude

Ever since our childhood, we’ve heard the same basic advice about dental health, which can be summarized as follows:

“Brush after meals, use floss, avoid sweets and see the dentist every six months.”

It turns out that this advice is in large part useless and does not truly work.

How do I know this?

Apart from the fact that dentist offices are filled with people who have tried to follow this advice to the best of their ability, and yet find themselves again and again in the dentist chair, fixing more problems, I’ve had my own personal journey that led me to question this precept.

In 2001, I got extremely bad news from my dentist. After living exclusively on a raw food diet and had been doing so for almost three years, I got some sobering news from my dentist: I had developed 19 cavities.

At the time, fixing all of those teeth cost more than I could afford, and was also painful and traumatizing.

After that experience, I kept on eating a raw food diet, but I cleaned it up. I paid real attention to my dental hygiene. I flossed every day and brushed after every meal. I had all of my teeth fixed.

I thought… “Things will be much better on my next dentist’s appointment.”

One day, less than two years later, I was eating a grape and while chewing around the seed, one of my filings broke.

So I went to the dentist again, this time, to a holistic dentist in Montreal who practiced mercury-free dentistry. I thought that maybe I would have a cavity or two, but not more than that.

When the dentist examined my mouth, I heard him mention all of these tooth names to his assistant, and it didn’t sound very good. I knew I was in trouble again. Finally, I got the news that again, I had around 20 cavities!

I was absolutely devastated.

I thought I had done everything right. I had been brushing my teeth religiously. I had eliminated most of the junk raw food I was eating before.

But I had been traumatized by this experience. Again, I had to go through the pain and humiliation of getting my teeth fixed.

I decided to go on a personal quest, to find out what I could to to stop this, and never get another cavity or dental problem again.

What I Discovered In My Research

First, I interviewed about half a dozen dentists, who seemed incapable of giving me a single piece of advice I hadn’t already heard before.

– Don’t eat sweets
– Brush after every meal
– Use a fluoride toothpaste (some avoided this and told me the opposite)
– Eat a small piece of cheese after every meal, to neutralize the acidity
– Etc, etc.

I was trying my best to apply the so-called principles of dental hygiene, but things were not progressing in the right direction.

And I was worried.

Because dental disease may start with cavities, but it eventually progresses to worst stages. Gums are affected, pockets form, inflammation starts, and teeth are eventually at risk of falling off.

I did NOT want any of that to happen to me.

One day, everything changed.

I came across a program by a certain Dr. Nara on how to prevent dental problems for life. Dr. Nara was a controversial dentist who ran into some trouble with the dentist associations by writing about the true cause of dental disease, and also teaching people how to become dentally self-sufficient.

I tried Dr. Nara’s methods, and surprisingly, they worked! In fact, my dentist was totally shocked by the results.

I had some cavities that were starting to form, and they had stopped in their track and the teeth had re-enamilized. My dentist said that this was something that was possible theoretically but that he had never seen it before on a patient.

He told me: “You must have changed something. You don’t have any cavities. Your teeth are doing great!”

That was about 10 years ago, and since then, I have carefully applied Dr. Nara’s advice while continuing to research the topic. I now believe that the entire field of dentistry has misled the public for years by never truly explaining the true cause of dental problems and how to not only prevent them, but also reverse them.

I was so taken by this research that I wanted to share it with the world. So years ago, I worked with the publishers of Dr. Nara’s books to acquire the publishing rights, so I could spread this controversial knowledge to more people.

The Surprising Cause Behind Bad Teeth

Let me summarize it: We’re dealing with a transmittable disease. It is essentially a war against bacteria. You win or you lose the war. It’s that simple.

The enemy, the acid-producing bacteria that cause dental decay, organize into colonies. Once they get entrenched, it’s very hard to get them out into a normal, free flowing state where they can’t cause much damage.

Standard dental hygiene advice is not enough to bring the bacteria count to a lower level.

Instead, you have to take more aggressive (but careful) action, by implementing a daily “super-hygiene” routine.

With this super-hygiene routine, I discovered that I could control approximately 90% of my dental health, with the other 10% being influenced by diet. So diet does matter, but it is not the primary CAUSE of dental problems.

What dentists don’t talk about are important things such as:

– Controling acidity in the mouth
– Using xylitol products to reduce the bacterial count
– Why certain mouth rinses are important and how to use them
– Exactly how to brush your teeth for maximum results

Why Raw Foodists Have Bad Teeth

It seems that dental health is the Achilles’ heel of the raw food diet. A Germany study, published in 1999, even proved that raw foodists do experience more dental erosion than the general population.

Why is that?

For the same reason why everyone has problems with their teeth. The only difference is that the raw food diet includes more frequent fuel to the fire.

The fire is the bacterial count.

The fuel is the foods we eat, especially single sugars that are common in raw food diet.

Once you understand this simple concept, you’ll be able to eradicate decay for life. You have to extinguish the fire! Just controlling the fuel is not enough.

What happens is that when people move into the raw-food diet, they are basically a time-bomb as far as their dental health is concerned. Their bacteria count is a little toohigh, but not high enough to cause major problems.

Suddenly, they dump a bunch of sugar into their mouths. This sugar creates a giant feast for the bacteria who feed on them.

So in that sense, the introduction of a higher quantity of natural sugar is the determining factor. This sugar can be in various forms. There is no difference between white sugar and banana sugar when it comes to increasing the bacteria count in the mouth!

If your oral environment is really clean… it doesn’t really matter if you eat dates all day. If the bacteria count is low, you can do that without problems.

So although the *precipitating* factor that creates problem for raw-foodists is the introduction of more sugar, the *real* problem are the underlying issues, so the bacteria count! Like I said, 90% of the problems can be solved by dental hygiene alone, and 10% is diet-specific.

The only way to prevent dental decay for life and reverse a bad situation is to take active control of your oral environment. Just controlling your diet does not address the root of the problem.

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