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3 Common Myths About Blood Testing by Frederic Patenaude

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3 Common Myths About Blood Testing by Frederic Patenaude

Whenever I post my blood test results, I always get lots of comments from my readers, and I often notice that there are a lot of myths running around about blood tests.

These myths have been circulating in the natural health world for a while, so I think it’s important to spell some of them out and hopefully help you understand how powerful it is to have blood testing in your disease-prevention corner.

I have to be clear before I start that blood testing is an essential tool to determining how your body is reacting to your environment, but testing isn’t the only marker of good health – it’s one of many.

1. MYTH: Blood tests don’t mean anything because the levels are inaccurate and based on unhealthy people. I feel healthy, so I don’t need them.

I used to believe this statement.

I believed it so strongly that I resisted blood tests even when I wasn’t feeling good.

By the time I got my first blood tests, I was deficient in many things – I was even outside some of the clinical ranges for unhealthy people.

Apparently my belief system and what I was doing was flawed.

When I started to break down my belief about blood testing, I began to understand some of the things I was fighting against.

First, I was fighting against the medical institution. My thought was this: much of what they do is wrong, so blood testing must be wrong too.

Second, I knew the levels were based on a sample of the general population so they were of no interest to me, since I was “healthy.” (This belief is partially true – at least the general population part.)

Third, I didn’t want to see any results that would go against the diet I was eating, because I was so strongly stuck in the dogma of it. I wasn’t going to change anyway.

You may have had some of these same beliefs – you may still have them.

It wasn’t until after my own health challenges that I looked at my beliefs objectively.

Only then, was I able to understand where I went wrong and why my beliefs were getting in the way of my best health.

Here’s what I realized…

Just because I was angry at the medical institution, didn’t mean that there is nothing valuable that has come from our science of medicine.

I was filtering everything in black and white.

Natural = good.
Medical = bad.
This is clearly not the case.

Blood tests can accurately show clinical disease as well as give you an idea of where you’re trending over the period of months and years.

The trick is you need to find a practitioner trained in functional medicine or preventative medicine who can read optimal levels, not clinical levels.

For those who don’t understand what this means…

Clinical levels are guidelines that determine if you can be clinically diagnosed with a disease. Optimal levels are based on clinical experience and can be much different than the clinical levels.

Knowing these optimal levels also helps to transcend the “general population” myth as well. The numbers on the lab worksheet tell a story about everyone, you just need to know how to read them.

2. MYTH: All doctors know how to read blood tests.

This second myth goes hand in hand with the first one, but I think it needs to be addressed separately.

Many people who find natural health do so because they’ve been ticked off (probably a nice word for it) by their doctor. They have symptoms and no one can tell that what is wrong.

Their doctor has ordered some blood tests and told them nothing is wrong, but they still feel tired or weak or worse.

What has happened here is not a failure of the blood test (which some people assume), it’s a failure of the medical education system.

There is plenty of knowledge about how to accurately and appropriately use blood tests (as well as others like saliva and urine) to treat patients who don’t fit into the medical model of disease.

The challenge is that this model is not being taught in medical schools.

So to think that just because one doctor or one failure of the system is enough to lose complete faith is not a particularly strong argument.

3. MYTH: Getting tested once is just a snapshot of my blood, it won’t mean anything…

This maybe isn’t a myth because it’s correct.

What’s incorrect is that this shouldn’t stop you from getting your blood tested.

Getting tested more than once and on a regular basis provides you with true and valuable information about your health. One time is not enough if you want the best preventative approach.

Look at it this way…

If you were to look at one day of a day trader’s stock ticker, you’d think that the market was crashing and rebounding every 6 minutes.

But if you take a look at the 5 year trend of the market, you can see very clearly where there was financial wealth and where there were problems.

Same with blood testing. If you have just one test, it gives you a snapshot, but not an overall picture of health. (There also could be lab error in this test as well.)

Regular testing establishes a pattern that you can read to understand how your health is trending for the long term – are you moving toward great health, or slowly (maybe quickly) moving toward deficiency and disease.

What’s Next?

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How to Reverse and Prevent Gray Hair by Tonya Zavasta

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How to Reverse and Prevent Gray Hair by Tonya Zavasta

At some point in our lives, just about every one of us will experience the onset of graying hair. What can be done to reverse or prevent gray?

What Causes Gray Hair?

Hair becomes gray when the cells in our hair follicles known as melanocytes cease to produce pigment, the chief one being melanin. Hairs are composed of an outer layer, known as the cuticle, made of overlapping flat cells and underneath is a thick cortex of protein called keratin. The inside of the hair are softer, rectangular cells. What determines the color of your hair is the concentration of pigment in the cortex. Many factors affect how, when and if the melanocytes cease producing their usual pigment. The chief culprit is aging, with heredity being the second biggest factor. Gray hair is the nearly inevitable accompaniment to aging. Graying’s cause: The cells in the bulb that are supposed to produce melanin are dead. They die for the same reasons other cells do. Poor assimilation, hormonal imbalances, and toxic waste buildup are contributing factors. On the nutrition side, graying hair comes from consuming salt, saturated fat, and protein. Another cause: an excess intake of simple sugars, which leach minerals from the blood, weakening the flow of nutrients to the hair. Starved and suffocated hair always turns gray, eventually. Emotional stress, worry, and shock can also significantly slow and in some cases even stop the production of melanin in the melanocytes.

Some other contributing factors can include:

B12 deficiency
Thyroid imbalance
Low hydrochloric acid
Early menopause
Smoking (hopefully no longer an issue for any of my readers!)
Anti-Gray Pill

Have you heard? Soon there will be a pill that will stop us from going gray. Thank L’Oreal, the global cosmetics giant. You’ll have to start early, they say, and take the pill pretty much all your life. Swell. But it’s a pill that prevents gray. It can’t reverse it. No help to those of us who already have some gray. We’re told the pill is a “fruit peel.” It’s “totally natural.” Made from fruit extract. Now, I’m not entirely out of sympathy with the idea of the anti-gray pill or the motivation behind it. But let’s ask this: If this “fruit peel,” made from nothing but fruit extract, can truly deliver this anti-gray effect, wouldn’t eating fruit directly give you similar results?

Here’s the real story on anti-gray, as I see it, as I’ve experienced it…

Eat Raw for Your Hair
Not just fruits, but vegetables and other raw foods, combined in a sound nutritional program, can hold off your gray hair. Leading the raw food lifestyle definitely did slow down graying for me considerably. And I started at 39. Had I been eating raw all those years before, I believe, this might altogether have prevented any gray. Prevention is always easier than reversing. So here you have it, another reason to eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. But can gray hair be reversed? In Oriental medicine the condition of the hair reflects the quality of your blood and the health of your kidneys. On the raw food diet we have the opportunity to address and correct the underlying causes, rather than just treating the external factors. Many people on raw food diet claim that their hair returned to its natural color. These include familiar names such as Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Victoria Boutenko, and Brenda Cobb. It is possible that one may benefit by consuming some of the following foods that are popular for addressing underlying causes of graying hair:

Greens, greens and more greens! Green Smoothies made in the Vita-Mix are one of the best ways to accomplish this. This also helps to build the levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is also essential for mineral absorption.
Black sesame seeds
Wheatgrass juice (some people swear by this)
Oriental herb known as He Shou Wu
For those who wish to enlist the aid of external measures without relying on harsh or toxic chemicals, there are a few recommendations that might suit your tastes and your lifestyle. Remember you must be persistent.

Onion Juice

A 2009 study at England’s Bradford University found that one of the primary reasons for the graying of hair is a buildup of hydrogen peroxide in our follicles and scalp. This hydrogen peroxide can be successfully neutralized by the catalase enzyme. And where can we find that stuff? Answer: the humble onion. The remedy is simple: Just mix one part onion juice with one part lemon juice. Massage this into your scalp daily, then wash off.

Rosemary and Sage

Take a half cup of rosemary and a half cup of sage. Add in one cup of water and bring to a boil. Let the herbs simmer in water for 20 minutes. Wait for the mixture to cool completely. Apply it to your hair and scalp, leave it in for half an hour, then wash it off. This mixture helps blend the gray along with your natural hair color, making the gray less noticeable.

Consider the Violet Ray

Personally I believe a daily (even twice per day) 5 minutes massage of the scalp with the Violet Ray using the Comb or Rake electrode is the most effective tool for preventing gray. The earlier you start using it, the better. I started to use it in my early forties, when I already had some gray. Still, it allowed me to delay regular coloring for good 6 or 7 years. Many users find the Violet Ray beneficial for various skin and scalp conditions, such as reducing wrinkles, eliminating acne, fighting gray hair, eradicating dandruff, and stimulating hair growth. If you are able to secure some fresh amaranth leaves, applying the fresh juice of these leaves is said to be an effective home remedy. It also helps with growth. Wash hair with wheatgrass juice at least once per week (the nutrients penetrate into follicles and stimulate growth of new pigment-producing cells.) Apply a henna conditioning pack monthly. Henna is an all-natural plant powder available at most health food stores, which imparts color and conditioning without the use of harsh or carcinogenic chemicals. Follow directions closely for gray hair. Scalp Tonic from Tonya Zavasta – Another option is to try a stimulating scalp tonic which not only can help with gray hair, but also strengthens your hair and scalp by promoting tissue regeneration. Do what you can to reverse or prevent gray hair. But after all is done, always remember: Nothing is more beautiful than 60 or 70 year old woman who exudes a natural radiance. If that includes some gray, then so be it.

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