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40 Days (+2!) of Cleansing and Beyond…Week 5

A Journal of my personal (daily) experiences

By: Mindy Goldis

Vegan Food Chef and Educator

Specializing in macrobiotic/raw vegan cuisine

Week 5

Day 29 – Tuesday December 29, 2009

My twenty-ninth day experiences: I did not fall asleep right away last night and then awoke at about 1 am to use the bathroom. After that, I don’t know how much I really slept because my mind was working overtime. I didn’t get out of bed until 6:30 am and then got up to start the day. I had some neck tension when I awoke and a bit of lethargy. No body odor and no bowel movement today. I noticed some excess ear wax, more so in my left ear. It is a nice sunny day with warmer temperatures, so that will be good for me! Today, is officially the first day of the longest cleanse I’ve ever done (before it was 28 days) and I am feeling fine and not at all hungry for ‘FOOD.’ It is amazing that I have already done 4 weeks and feel like I could keep going on like this indefinitely, but I know that I will not do so. When I am done, my food plan will change tremendously from what I have done after previous completion of a cleanse (on the scale of eating much less and also ending my consumption at a much earlier time in the day – which I will discuss in detail when I start to eat again in January 2010). I have a busy day and plan to get out soon to do my work at the library. I got to the library at 10 am and tried getting on the internet for ½ hour and the system was down. I left and figured I would have to go to a place near my home that has wireless, but I’d have to go on battery using it outside (mine doesn’t last long). I decided to go for my walk at about 11 am. I went on the beach instead of the bay (they are both near where I live). It was a beautiful sunny day and in the 60’s and I didn’t need to wear my jacket. I had some gas, as I noticed my belly was feeling uncomfortable and I also had some tightness around my ribs. I started rubbing my chest area and then belched quite a bit. Don’t know if I swallowed air when I was drinking, as that can cause the problem. I also had some flatulence. Once I released enough, I felt better. The tightness around my neck and shoulders has started to bother me more. I believe it is because I am carrying too much (especially since the liquids I drink are in glass or stainless which is heavier, but I will not ever use toxic plastic bottles). Afterwards, I was near a health club and decided to go in there and see if I could weigh myself on their scale. I asked and was able to do so. It was manual, like the one I used last night. I weighed myself at 12 noon and it registered at 112 lbs. (minus my clothes would make it at about 111 or perhaps slightly less). I know they say it is better to weigh yourself first thing in the morning and at the same time, but I am at the mercy of where ever I can find a scale. So it seems that I haven’t lost anything since last week. Perhaps my weight is stabilizing at this juncture and I don’t need to let go of anymore. I will see what happens next week. I was planning to head home and stopped at a hotel nearby to use the bathroom beforehand. In the past, when I have walked through the hotel as a pass through to get to the bay, I had seen people on the internet in the lobby and outside, but never thought to ask if it is free wireless. Well, this time I asked and was able to get the password to go on. I was in heaven, as now I have a place to go instead of the library and can come whenever I want. I plan to keep this one a secret because I don’t want to lose the privilege. I spent a few hours there getting my work done. The only caveat, is that I have to sit down on the couch and I don’t like sitting for very long, as then my body is stagnant (and my rear end starts to bother me, as I don’t have much padding there!). I did get up a couple of times, but the computer is not at the proper level when doing so and it is harder to work that way. When I walked home close to 3 pm, I was worn out completely. I stopped off to visit a friend I had not seen in a very long time, as I saw that his car was home. I got to sit and chat with him for a while and saw his 2 daughters. I can’t wait to unwind and I wish I was taking my bath tonight, but I have an interview to listen to over the phone. I am definitely going to bed early tonight (and earlier then last night). I went to bed at 8:40 pm.

Day 30 – Wednesday December 30, 2009

My thirtieth day experiences: I didn’t fall asleep right away last night and then I woke up at 12:30 am to use the bathroom. I went back to bed, but didn’t seem to fall asleep, at least it didn’t seem like it. I was thinking again, but not as intensely as other nights. I finally got out of bed at 6:30 am. I was feeling a bit weary, but my energy was good. It just amazes me that I am able to do so much when I am not eating (especially cleaning my place) and don’t feel tired. I know it is because I get to bed early and my body is feeling light and free. Another thing is the amazing clarity and focus I have in my mind that I am able to come up with some great ideas and concepts. My body is empty (not having to process and digest which makes it work harder) so my mind has become really sharp. I did not have a bowel movement this morning and my tongue is slightly coated. I did notice some slight right underarm odor and still have neck tension. I have a busy day today and it looks like it is partly sunny, but I hope it comes out completely so it will feel warmer. I finally left my place close to 1 pm after making some phone calls and doing some dusting. The sun didn’t come out, as I hoped and it was quite chilly outside. I didn’t go for my daily walk on the beach, but went right to get work done on the internet at my secret spot. I wanted to be more inconspicuous with where I was sitting so I am not recognized as being there all the time. I tried a couple of different locations, but I could not get the connection and I thought that maybe they changed the password. When I sat down at the same place I was yesterday, it did work. I spent about 3 hours working and was tired of sitting down. I did finally post this journal online as a blog, but I will need to make some adjustments. I haven’t yet sent it out to anyone, so I can do the editing I want to and then share this with the world. It was sprinkling when I left and had to make one stop at a store. I got home and was as tired as ever, but really happy that it was ‘bath night’ tonight. I always do a dry skin brushing before I take a shower or bath and I read that it is best to do it inside the tub because you are brushing off dead skin cells and if you do it anywhere else, then it is ‘food’ for the dust mites. I never thought of that, so now I make sure to do it standing in the tub. I noticed that while brushing, my circulation has improved in certain areas of my body where I have shed some weight (especially around my abdominal region) because the skin gets red rather quickly. This time I used the bath salts called Tired Old Ass Soak “a bath for exhaustion” from Little Moon Essentials and also lit my beeswax candle called Pheylonian Aura Pot ‘True Romance’ (I have actually been lighting it every night for at least 30 minutes, as it says on the label that it is sufficient to infuse the air with negative ions to rid your home of odors, dust, pollen and environmental toxins). I relaxed and listened to a CD of desert sounds. I enjoy so much having this time for myself to unwind from the day and soak in all the goodness from the salts. The rain showers started while I was in the tub (I hope they go on through the night because we definitely need it!) I plan to get to bed early again, as tomorrow will be another busy day. I went to sleep at 10 pm, later then I planned because I was busy editing this journal.

Day 31 – December 31, 2009

My thirty-first day experiences: I slept well last night and something that really helped my mind to unwind was that I used Sleep Comes Easy – A Relaxing Pillow Spray and Soothing Sleep Mist from Little Moon Essentials before I lay down in my bed. I sprayed it in the air and also on my clothes and inhaled deeply. The next thing I knew, it was 4 am and I went to the bathroom. I had neglected to tell you that from Day 1 and long before that, I have been sleeping with eye shades every night. The ones I use are Fold Away Shades from Bucky Products, Seattle WA (they make the Bucky Pillow that people use on airplanes and I know that you can get these items at Whole Foods Market, but I have not seen the fold away shades there). The reason I use them every night is that I once read a blurb (medically researched) on how important it is to sleep in complete darkness without a speck of light filtering through into your eyes, as the body absorbs melatonin at night and it’s an important antioxidant that helps with the prevention of cancers and tumors. I then researched it more on the internet and read more extensive articles about it. I immediately started using the shades and I actually sleep much better, anyway. After getting up at 4 am, I went back into bed, but didn’t sleep and then got out of bed again at 5;30 am, as I felt a stirring in my intestinal area. Could it be that I had a bowel movement coming? Yes, in fact, I did! It was small, solid and smelly. There was some length to it, but narrow in girth. I was happy for it and felt better afterwards. So even 31 days into it, you can still go #2 and it is probably going to be old stuff in your colon (the color was dark brown). I went back into bed again, but just rested because I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was thinking about my measurements and why I didn’t do take them when I started this cleanse and do it each week to see the changes. I will do it today, just to see where I am at. I finally got out of bed at 7:05 am to start my day. My energy is fine. I have low back tension (probably from leaning over the computer while I was sitting down, as it isn’t at the right level to sit up straight and working at my secret location because there is no place I can stand and work, so I guess it isn’t the best place for me, so back to the library and use this only for emergency or when the library isn’t open) in addition to some neck and shoulder tension. I noticed my tongue was coated more this morning, but no underarm odor to speak of. I have a busy day of work, cleaning, napping and then going out to do some dancing on New Year’s Eve! I took measurements this morning and got the following results, waist: 23 inches, chest: 30 inches (yes, I do tend to lose more on the top half of my body, which is smaller to begin with and wish I’d lose more on the lower half), hips: 36 and thighs: 20. I will do the measurements again next week to see if there are any more changes. I finally got out of my place at 10 am so I can go to the library and get work done. I ended up staying there much longer than I planned to (till about 12:40 pm and then went for a walk on the bay. It was a nice sunny day and warmer outside then yesterday. The wind did pick up a bit and that was annoying to me because it made me feel a bit chilly. I went home afterwards so I could take a nap before going out tonight. I had a few phone calls and a friend stopped by to give me something. I did get some sunning in for about 10 minutes before 3 pm and then took a nap. I didn’t fall asleep right away and when I finally did, it was for about an 1 ½ hours. Then I started thinking too much and decided to get up. I called some people who said they may want to go out tonight, but turns out they can’t or don’t want to. I will be flying solo tonight, but will have to come home early since I’ll be taking the bus (unless someone can take me home). I did my weekly cleaning in my apartment before I left this evening, so I would not have to deal with it tomorrow. I left at 9 pm and got to the place at 9:30 ish and I danced for almost 2 hours and the music was great (disco, which is one of my favorites). I was able to catch the bus home at the stroke of midnight. When I arrived at my place about 12:40 am, it took me a little while to get to bed because I had some things to do that I didn’t finish earlier in the evening. I noticed some ear wax buildup before I went to sleep and more in the right than left ear. When I finally went to sleep at 2 am I was in a state of sheer and utter exhaustion.

Day 32 – Friday January 01, 2010

My thirty-second day experiences: I slept well, but not enough. I woke at 4:55 am to use the bathroom and then went back to sleep till 8 am. I got up and went to the bathroom and realized I had more to do then a ‘#1.’ I had a small, solid and bit smelly movement. It was not as much as yesterday. I lay down in bed again till 9 am, but I don’t think I slept. My energy is good, except for the lack of sleep, so I know that I will get to bed much earlier tonight. My tongue is still coated, but not that heavy. No underarm odor, have ear wax buildup again. I still have some neck and back tension. Since it is a holiday, the library is closed, but I will probably go there and use my computer for a short time outside on the battery power. It is another nice sunny day outside. I had some more bowel movements at mid-day, which was quite odd for me. All the sudden, I felt the urge to go at 11:55 am and it was a little bit of small pieces. I thought I was done. The urge came a second time at 12 pm and this time it was loose and quite a bit. Again, I thought I was done, when at 12:05 pm I had to go back in the bathroom for some more loose evacuation. I didn’t have any more after that. I got to do some ‘sunning’ this morning and went for my walk in the afternoon. It was a bit windy on the bay. I did some work on the computer and then it started getting overcast and quite chilly. I was glad that I brought an extra layer to put on. I walked home as fast as I could to keep my body warm. I was wearing a skirt with my legs exposed, so next time I will bring some leggings, in case the weather changes. It is nearly time for the Sabbath (starts at 4:35 pm) and I will have time to relax and read. Bed time will be much earlier tonight, as I already feel tired. At 4:20 pm I had to go to the bathroom and had a loose evacuation and it was a size able amount. Once I lit my candles for the Sabbath I was able to sit and read. I already felt tired when I looked at the clock and it was 6:15 pm, but didn’t go to bed. I had some coconut water, but a different brand then I usually use (as the expiration date on it was sooner then the O.N.E. brand). I mention this because I had some this morning and it didn’t smell great, but it tasted all right and then I had loose bowels like diarrhea within a short time of drinking it. I also was having some gas and sometimes you have to be careful because it may be more then that. That is what happened to me tonight. I thought it was flatulence and then I had an accident in my pants at 6:25 pm (Like a volcano instantly erupting with no warning in sight. My suggestion would be that if you think it is gas, but aren’t sure and can get to a bathroom, sit on the toilet and if it’s merely gas, then great! If it is more then that, then great, too because you saved yourself from having to do extra cleaning of your self and your clothes). I dashed to the bathroom and had another loose movement. It was a brownish color and a significant amount. I read some more and went to bed at 9:30 pm.

Day 33 – Saturday January 02, 2010

My thirty-third day experiences: I slept well last night with out waking up during the night. I woke up at 7:15 am and my throat was a bit dry. My energy was fine, but I did have some neck tension. I noticed a heavier coating on my tongue, but no underarm odor. I had some coconut water (again the other brand I had yesterday) and then had to go to the bathroom soon after. I went at 8:35 am and then drank a bit more and again at 8:50 am. It was a loose runny brownish color evacuation and both were a significant amount. I finished that brand of coconut water at 9:10 am and waited to see if I would have to make a dash to the bathroom again, but it abated. It was a sunny day and I went out by 10 am to do some ‘sunning’ and wore only shorts and a tee shirt. The sun was quite warm. I took care of some things afterwards and was starting to feel a bit sluggish, so I took some of my Aura Cacia Peppermint Oil and put a dab underneath both nostrils and breathed it in and felt some rejuvenation. I walked at about 11 am to my synagogue for services. I noticed it was a bit windy outside, so I brought an extra layer, just in case I needed it. I stayed for services and left at 1 pm. My energy was waning again and I wanted to take my walk on the sand while it was still a nice day. The wind started to pick up, so I put my sweatshirt on and glad I had it. I also put the hood over my head. I walked home after and took it easy the rest of the day. I did some reading in bed until the Sabbath was over. I did have another small amount of loose elimination at 4:55 pm (I had already finished the other brand of coconut water earlier today, so it wasn’t from that). My energy has been waxing and waning all day, more so than it has been lately. I plan to get to bed early tonight, as I have a busy day tomorrow. I went to bed at 9:05 pm.

Day 34 – Sunday January 03, 2010

My thirty-fourth day experiences: I did not fall asleep right away last night because the neighbor above me was playing his music loud till 10 pm. I didn’t have the energy to get to the phone and call the manager next door, but I will definitely be letting them know about this problem, as it is an ongoing issue! I did fall asleep after that and then woke up and 2:45 am to use the bathroom. I went back to sleep till 6:30 am and peeked my eyes out of the shades and then stayed in bed till 7:20 am. My energy is fine, even though I would have liked more sleep. I noticed my tongue is still coated quite a bit. I have some neck tension, slight underarm odor on the right side and no bowel movement this morning. It is a beautiful sunny day and actually warm out this morning at 9 am. I got out to do some ‘sunning’ in the morning and actually got too hot to stay outside. I finished up I had to do at home and then left for my walk at 12 pm. I started out sunny, but then the clouds started to roll in. It wasn’t cold while I was walking and no wind. I did bring some extra layers with me in my backpack, just in case (I’m sure glad I did). For some reason today, my throat stayed drier then usual even after I consumed any liquids and the palms of my hand were dry, too. I went to the library and stayed there much longer then I planned, but I did get a lot of work done. I wish I had internet at home, so it would be easier, but right now, it isn’t an option. It got chilly in the library and my legs and toes were really cold. I put on my leggings and sweatshirt before I left. It was close to 5 pm, but wasn’t that cold out and no wind (so I didn’t feel as cold). I got home before 6 pm and took care of some phone calls and now will relax some. I will get to bed early again tonight because I have a full day of things to do tomorrow. I had a loose bowel movement before 8 pm. I got to bed at 9:15 pm.

Day 35 – Monday January 04, 2010

My thirty-fifth day experiences: I didn’t sleep well last night. I could not fall asleep right away (my mind was working overtime) and tried even using the Sleep Comes Easy from Little Moon Essentials. I didn’t help right away and I looked at the clock and it was close to 10 pm. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was 2 am. I got up to go to the bathroom and also needed a drink of stevia water because my throat was very dry. I didn’t get back to bed till 2:30 am. I woke up next at 6:15 am to go to the bathroom and then went back into bed at 6:55 am and didn’t really sleep, but rested till 7:40 am. I have a lot to do today, so I didn’t want to stay in bed any longer. My energy felt fine, even though I didn’t sleep enough. I didn’t have a bowel movement this morning. I do have some neck tension and my tongue is coated more towards the back. I don’t seem to have any noticeable underarm odor. I made a slew of phone calls in the morning and then went out to do my recycling. It started off cloudy and chilly and then the sun came out and it felt really warm. Once I came home, I did my ‘sunning’ for 20 minutes in shorts and tank top and it was actually too hot for me. Then the sun played peek-a-boo for a while and it cooled down again. I finally left my place and went for a walk after 12 pm. I brought extra layers with me for later, as I didn’t know what time I’d get home from the library. After my walk, I needed to go quickly on the internet to pay a bill and stopped at my secret location. Today I wanted to weigh myself again and it wasn’t at the exact time as last week. I was able to go use the manual scale at the same gym (but not for next week, as the guy said, “this is the last time” – like I am taking anything away from him by using it for a minute, but I can go somewhere else, not to worry). Today I weighed in at 109 pounds (with clothes on, so probably would be about 1 lb less). That is only 2 lbs. less than last week, so perhaps I am stabilizing now and not losing much more weight. I spent a few hours at the library and got most of my work done. I noticed that my throat continued to feel slightly dry even though I kept on drinking fluids. When I left the library to go home it was about 5 pm and already getting chilly outside. I put on my leggings, coat, hat, scarf and gloves. The only thing ‘naked’ was my feet. I usually like them to breathe, so I don’t cover them unless it is absolutely unbearable. I put on the heat as soon as I came home and had multiple messages on my home phone. I was supposed to see someone for a meeting at the library, but he called my home phone and not my cell phone, so I didn’t know he was actually there. Then there was a chance of going to a movie with another person and she called me, but I wasn’t around to answer the phone. These things do happen, you know! I returned some of the phone calls I received today. Now it is almost 9 pm and I am feeling really tired and plan to get to sleep very soon, as I need to get out by 9:15 am to get to the library when they open at 9:30 am. My energy today was waxing and waning as I spent too much time on the computer without taking a break. I got to sleep by 9:30 pm tonight.

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