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Week 4: May 22 through May 28 on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Week 4: May 22 through May 28

May 22/19 – 22nd day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Nothing new to report. Still eating alot of carbohydrates to feel full & satisfied. I am actually looking forward to be able to eat again nuts, seeds, nut butter, avocado and vegan yogurt, as I fell like I need more variety and am limited to a smaller amount of options. I will stick with this till the end of this month, as I have come this far and want to see it through to its completion.

May 23/19 – 23rd day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Tonight, I ate a few of the Corn Tortillas from Food for Life that bought a few days ago and would probably taste better if warmed slightly, but do not have a pan for that. I made wraps out of them with tomato paste, kelp powder, nutritional yeast, Aduki Beans from Eden Foods, Living Upland Cress (hydroponically grown watercress) from Hollandia Produce and cut up mini red bell peppers.

I am eating way too much carbohydrates in the way of grains and puffed cereal, in my opinion. Is it because I am hungry or bored? Not sure. I want to be honest here with what I’m eating. I do not seem to fill up/feel satiated on these items, as I get hungry not long after finish. I see it as possibly that I’m not having enough volume of fruit on a daily basis that would fill me up more and maybe also higher protein. Since I’m not using protein powders because the ones have are made of seeds and not sure the ones made of rice/pea protein would be appropriate for what I am doing now. Since I am already at the “home stretch,” and 7 days left without overt fats, I will not plan to get those protein powders, but try to up my calories from beans and fruits and see if that helps. The thing for me, is that I do crave crunchy food and go for the rice cakes, crackers, rice snaps and puffed cereals (especially the puffed corn which is crunchy), but the problem is afterwards it dries out my throat because is dry, so ought to be hydrating more (that is to begin with, without eating all these dry foods)

At this point, I have decided that starting in June:
1- I do plan to resume the overt fats have left out – nuts, seeds, nut butters, vegan yogurt and avocados.
2- I will not use products with oils and cane sugar/maple syrup.
3- I will use stevia, monk fruit and coconut sugar as sweeteners or if in any products.
4- There are some products will resume that have a minimal amount of sea salt/himalayan sea salt, (I would like/try to stay with 5% or under per serving) like the vegan yogurt I like called Lavva. I still plan to choose most of food products that buy/use to be without added salt, although they may have sodium, naturally occuring from the ingredients.

It will be interesting to see how my body reacts after not consuming these items for 30 days and I will share that with you.

May 24/19 – 24th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Nothing new. Still eating lots of carbohydrates

May 25/19 – 25th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Had a new snack tonight, Apple Chips from Bare Snacks. They are just baked with no added salt, oil or sugar. Nice to have a crunchy sweet snack, as most of the crunchy things have are usually savory.

May 26/19 – 26th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Today I ate more fruit and protein, so didn’t eat as much grains, as usually do.

May 27/19 – 27th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

I mostly get hungry for heavier foods like grains & beans in the latter part of the day and still snacking on lots of puffed cereals, but does not always satisfy me, but simply like having something crunchy to eat. I have not noticed, per se, that I am feeling any different after almost a month of doing this, but I am sure when I start having some food products with even small amounts of added salt, it will taste too salty for me, since I cut it out completely, unless the food had naturally occuring sodium.

May 28/19 – 28th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

It is now 4 weeks and hard to believe I have gone this long on this plan and no “cheating,” but just eating alot more carbohydrates daily. I will continue till the end of this month which is a few more days and then resume overt fats starting next month.

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