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I am back after a long time away! Here are my plans.

Hi to all my readers and followers

I know I have not posted anything since April 2010, as I have been busy with other things in my life. I will do my best to try and post at least once a week and let you know some new and interesting tidbits on health and wellness. If you have any “burning” questions you’d like answered, I would love to hear from you and I will do my best to answer them. I am working on some projects where I hope to have some products available for sale, one being an e-book/recipes, as I have been asked on many occasions to write one. My recipes are pure and clean and I think that may be the title for the book, “Pure and Clean Recipes: The Best Tasting Food using the Healthiest Ingredients.” Stay tuned for more information on that and when it becomes available, you’ll be the first to know. I also plan to write another e-book with the working title,” Tips, Tools and Tricks of the Trade: How to Live Healthier and Longer.”

It has almost been a year since I have embarked on my 42 day coconut water cleanse and it is hard to believe. It was a fantastic experience for me, but I will not be doing it again. I am still doing a cleanse every quarter for at least 2 weeks or more, depending on my time availability. I have recently started a 14 day cleanse and from day 1, I decided to try and do a true DRY FAST, with no food or water (I do not recommend or endorse for you to do this on your own) for as long as my body (more so the mind really controls what you think and then the action you do) could handle it. I ended up going for 89 hours with nothing. Of course, it would have been in my best interest to do so when I could rest in bed with no stimulation of any kind (including computer, phone, music, noise, etc), but I did it at home and not at a retreat or fasting center. I did not do any heavy exercise, except for walking. I actually felt fine for the most part and probably could have gone longer. I still urinated and eliminated (but less each day) while I was dry fasting.

I look forward to sharing with you more insights in the next blog post.
Stay tuned!

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FYI: Practice Makes ________


My perspectives on various topics

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Topic: Practice Makes ________

Monday March 01, 2010

I have returned back to the fill in the blank topics and hope I can continue to come up with more of them. If you have any ideas for a good one, please send me a comment. The one we always hear is “practice makes perfect.” How about practice makes you happier/healthier/wiser/better. As, I mentioned in another post, I don’t believe we can ever be “perfect,” but we can still strive for it. If you continue to work at something and repeat it over and over, you are bound to have some type of success with it. From a personal example, perhaps you have read my 42 day journal of the cleanse I did (you can read it from the beginning if you click in the archive on December 2009). How I was able to succeed in doing one for such an extended amount of time, is because I started 7 years ago by first doing a 1 day fast and then progressed from there in small increments. My body got used to doing periodic fasts-cleansing that it was not very difficult for me to embark on the one I recently completed. If you are trying to eat more fruits and vegetables or embark on a fitness regimen, etc you need to work at making it happen. This takes time and effort on your part and eventually it will become (a) part of your life, like brushing you teeth daily. The word ‘practice,’ is defined in the dictionary as: performance or execution as opposed to theory; custom or habit. It is something you do and most of us try/would like to do it well. My feeling is that if you are trying something new or making any type of change, it is best to start slowly, so as not to become overwhelmed to the point where you will simply be ready to discard it for any number of reasons (such as lack of time, money, energy, space, willpower, etc). A baby doesn’t learn how to walk overnight, there are specific stages they go through and the baby continues to persevere to that end. Since a baby is freer in its thinking, it doesn’t merely give up at the first sign of failure (i.e. falls down and then picks itself up again and attempts to stay upright and balanced).

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