Week 3: May 15 through May 21 on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Week 3: May 15 through May 21

May 15/19 – 15th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Nothing new to report. Still sticking with the plan and not having any issues. Continue to eat lots of carbohydrates and seem more hungry then when ate fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, vegan yogurt. Will see how I feel after this month is over, as actually is 31 days total in May and was only going to go without overt fats for 30 days and 4 weeks, is actually only 28 days, but who is counting. When you go longer into a new eating plan or anything else you are doing that is different, it gets easier and also becomes the norm for you. It’ll be interesting to see if having fats again will make me feel more satiated overall and not need as much carbohydrates.

May 16/19 – 16th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Sticking with the plan and at this points it feels like the norm already, whereas when first started wasn’t sure how I would do, although I have done fasts & cleanses in the past and for the most part kept it up for the time period designated. It could also be that since I already planned to do this ahead of time, I was preparing my brain to accept this new way of eating, since I was leaving out what have been consuming for a long time, thinking that it was ok, but I know that salt, oil and sugar are not food and want to eat what is going to nourish my body in the most optimum way. I do hope I can stay this way for the long haul and only time will tell. I didn’t get any blood work done before started this, as don’t have a doctor or go to doctors, as a rule and know my blood can be sent into a lab, but opted not to, although it would have been nice to see a comparison of before & after, especially the 1st month of also not esting any overt fats, because that may have brought down my cholesterol, not that I was/am worried about it.

May 17/19 – 17th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Nothing new to share today. Staying on the plan. Still consuming more carbohydrates then usual because not eating overt fats, which may be more satiating.

May 18/19 – 18th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Nothing new to report.

May 19/19 – 19th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Nothing new to report.

May 20/19 – 20th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Today I bought some Corn Tortillas from Food For Life, to have something else to eat, as they are made with whole corn and not flour. I have not tried them yet, but will in the next few days. I also found these brown rice crackers, called Brown Rice Snaps from Edward & Sons that used to eat years ago and have no salt or oil and like having something crunchy to snack on. They are baked and made only of organic brown and white rice.

May 21/19 – 21st day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

3 Weeks!! When did that happen?? Seems like yesterday was just starting this and now 3/4 of the way through and still going strong. Today, I snacked on alot of Puffed Corn because like it for the crunch and has no salt, oil, sugar. Other then that, still keeping to the plan with no problems.

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