Week 1: May 1 through 7 on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Week 1: May 1 through May 7

May 1/19 – 1st day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

Was ok during the day, but got hungrier in the afternoon and ate alot of Salt-Free Rice Cakes from Lundberg Family Farms, almost a whole bag. I forgot to mention in the initial post, that I’ll be eating olives that has a small amount if salt, but only eat a couple per day and can actually spill out the brine it comes in and soak in water so takes out some of the sodium, as want to minimize that. I didn’t eat enough fruit during the day, as that has more calories and is what eat for the afternoon hours and don’t eat breakfast. In the evening I eat vegetables, grains and beans.

Tonight, I had a cup of oats with greens cooked into it and seasoned with herbs, vinegar, dulse powder and nutritional yeast. I definitely feel that I am missing something, as not having the fats and that is higher calories and makes you feel satiated, but I would rather get my main calories from fruit which is more calorically dense, so will have to buy more of them and also beans and tempeh.

I stayed true to my plan and will have to just allow my brain to go through the detox and not give in to temptation. I am working to give away the food products I have now with salt, oil, sugar so will not have them around, but I am also strong in my self-discipline and I have already done numerous cleanses and fasts (my experiences posted on this blog) previously and this is just a hurdle have to work with to stay with my commitment and know that as I persevere and am consistent, my body will adjust, G-d willing.

May 2/19 – 2nd day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

I drank some watermelon water and maple water from Drink Simple this morning that have no salt or sugar added. I had fruit for lunch and then after wanted more, so had a number of rice cakes. I definitely will be getting more fruit in the next few days, so I can fill up more on that. I also need to hydrate more with water and/or juices. In the evening I had Shirataki Angel Hair Pasta from Miracle Noodle with cabbage and then I cooked some buckwheat and also had some tomatoes and a piece of cucumber. After that still wanted to eat more, so had some Sticky Rice from Tasty Bite that bought which is already cooked and in a pouch and ate it just like that.

I am not feeling any cravings for salt, oil, sugar or overt fats at the moment, even though I do have some products around which include those. I am just working on staying focused with the goal at hand. I know I need to cut back on the rice cakes, as it makes my mouth especially dry and usually like to put something on them like a nut butter or avocado. Since not using those items will have to find something else – I was looking for a tomato paste or something like cooked tomatoes, but without oil, salt and sugar and didn’t find any in one store went to today, so will habe to look again. The other thing can used on the rice cakes are mashed beans or tempeh.

May 3/19 – 3rd day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

I am sticking with it, but not having satiation and always seem to be hungry. I’m still eating alot of rice cakes and grains and not enough fruit, because need to buy more and have not had a chance. I usually get most of my fruit at the farmers market whete get more quantity for less money and will probably go more often this month, since need to get more of my calories from them. I will need get lots of potatoes which are more filling.

I drank some WTRMLN WTR from World Waters which was good and hydrating.
I never put salt on my food, although have consumed it in packaged products, instead I use kelp and dulse powder from Mt. Rose Herbs which gives a salty taste and minerals, too. To add flavor and nutrition to my foods, I also like to use nutritional yeast from Foods Alive, (because it is not synthetically enriched with B12 like other brands) spices & herbs, both fresh and dried, Coconut Vinegar from Coconut Secret, Balsamic, White Wine & Red Wine Vinegars from De La Rosa 613. All these are without any salt added.

May 4/19 – 4th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

I did not eat till this afternoon and had fruit for lunch and then a snack of more fruit after. I ate rice cakes again later in the day (I finished 3 bags in 4 days and have to find some other savory/crunchy snack as seem to crave it and do not want to eat sime many on a daily basis) and a bag of sticky rice and was feeling hungry and again not getting the satisfaction because missing the fats which add more calories. I am still not really craving the other things leaving out that I would start eating them, but trying to figure out what else can eat to make up for that.

It’s a work in progress and will continue to share what come up with, so if you decide to try this yourself will have more ideas what to eat to stay with it!

I felt more satisfied this evening after my meal, as I made a “bowl” with Shirataki Zeroodle Fettucini Pasta boiled cabbage, beets, leek, tempeh, celery, wakame, and seasoned with lemon, dulse, nutritional yeast, balsamic vinegar, italian seasoning & paprika.

May 5/19 – 5th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

I am not having any cravings for those things not using (salt, oil, sugar and overt fats) and as I eat more calories from the fruits, vegetables, grains and beans, I’m more satisfied.

I did not eat/drink anything till early afternoon, as I was going out to the farmers market and was a long walk and didn’t have a bathroom to use. I stopped by the booth where usually get fruit and had a few pieces of orange and nectarine. They didn’t have alot today, so went to a store nearby and bought 2 kinds of pears, apples and peaches, so would have enough and also some sweet potatoes and tomatoes. I got back to the market when it was closing and got some navel and mandarin oranges that were discounted at end of day. I drank a bottle of WTRMLN WTR to rehydrate, as needed it because was warm outside. On the walk back to where I live, I had a pouch of Apple Sauce + Probiotics with Strawberry from North Coast Organic.

Once I finally arrived to the apartment, I ate grapefruit, kiwi, peach, orange, gala apple and pear. Was still hungry bevause burned alot of calories with all the walking I did, so ate a few rice cakes and then made myself a Hot Cereal which os organic called Rice & Shine from Arrowhead Mills. It is brown rice grits, where the grains are broken into pieces, so cooks up really fast in about 2-3 minutes. I made a half a cup which is 300 calories, and used some of the left over water that boiled the vegetables in from yesterday as it has nutrition in it from them. It was a nice fast dish and is thick and creamy. You can make it as a savory cereal or a sweet pudding. I had it with dulse/kelp powder, nutritional yeast, ginger powder and paprika. I also had some with sweeter seasonings, Lucuma Powder from Navitas Organics, Maca Extreme Powder from Sunfood and WeLuvYa Sweet (stevia and monk fruit sweetener with no calories and no sugar) from You Are Loved Foods.

For dinner, I boiled a red beet with 2 Yukon Gold and 2 Red Potatoes and had with 1/2 a can of Cannellini White Kidney Beans from Eden Foods and I use the liquid in the can on it. I seasoned with dulse powder, nutritional yeast, coconut vinegar and white wine vinegar. I also had a salad with butter lettuce, cucumber, radish, red bell pepper, jicama, tomato and sasined with lemon, red wine vinegar and dulse powder. Felt satisfied after this meal, as was more filling for me. For dessert had some White Mulberries (dried) from Foods Alive and some Asian Pear slices in Apple Juice from Everyday Organics.

I got hungry again later and ate a few rice cakes and a bag of the cooked rice had previously.

May 6/19 – 6th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

I ate fruit in the early afternoon – fig, kiwi, grapefruit, orange, pear, pink lady apple and blueberries and was feeling full.

Later on got hungry again, so ate a bag of Shirataki Zeroodle Rice with some sweet seasonings – lucuma powder, sweetener mentioned above & cacao powder from Super Good For You Foods.

In the evening, I had a meal with 3 cooked russet potatoes, 1/2 can canellini beans left over from yesterday and then the rest cut up raw in a bowl- zucchini, tomato, red bell pepper, jicama and seasoned with lemon juice, red & white wine vinegar, kelp powder, paprika, italian seasoning, ginger powder and nutritional yeast. It was very filling & satisfying. I decided to eat some more a made the rice cereal had the other day and then a couple of sliced pears.

Got hungry again later so had a few rice cakes and little tomatoes. Still need to find another crunchy and savory snack that qualifies based on what I am eating, as have eaten lots of rice cakes and have nothing else can snack on.

May 7/19 – 7th day on The S.O.S.O. Free Plan™

I had some beverages this morning, as I had a long walk to get to where I was working and needed the hydration. I drank about 8 oz of WTRMLN WTR that comes in a larger container, but transported in a smaller bottle. I also had a 16 oz bottle of Green Supreme from Suja, a juice made with only 3 ingredients, apple juice, kale juice and lemon juice.

I needed a snack to tide me over before lunch and had Fruit Jerky from Solely that was 1 banana and cacao nibs.

In the afternoon, I had a navel orange, mandarin orange, peach, bosc pear and fuji apple. I felt satisfied for the time being.

Later on, I had more if the green juice, as didn’t finish the entire bottle in the morning.
On the way back from work, I had a pouch of Berry Blast from GoGo Squeez which has blackberries, currants, apples.

I was quite hungry when got to the apt. and first ate some leftovers made the other day, which was a stew with grains and vegetables. I also had some Tempeh from Lightlife Foods, which is fermented soybean cake that can boil/steam for 30 minutes and then add to anything. It is plain, so can marinate it or add it to a dish that is already seasoned. I bought a bag of Rice Puffs from Nature’s Path, which is just organic brown rice and nothing else. I ate about 1/2 bag, as is something different then rice cakes, but is not crunchy like them, but liked it. I will look also for puffed corn, as I have had that years ago, but didn’t see in this store. After that, I made a salad with iceburg lettuce, tomato, red bell, pepper, jicama, radish, zucchini and seasoned with lemon juice, coconut vinegar, dulse powder, nutritional yeast and sprinkled on a little bit of the rice puffs.

I was still hungry, so cooked 1/2 cup Quinoa from Ancient Harvest and seasoned with dulse, nutritional yeast and red eine vinegar. I also ate just about all of the rice puffs. Then, the last thing I cooked was Rolled Oats from Bob’s Red Mill and seasoned with maca powder, mesquite powder and sweetener mentioned above. I usually do not eat this much in an evening, but I exerted alot of energy in my walking today.

Can’t believe I finished Week 1 and stuck with it 100 percent. No cheating at all! Eating more grain/grain products helped alot to keep me satisfied, but would like to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, as is hydrating while dry products are dehydrating to the body. I will have to work on that.

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts or idea, please share them.

Thank You
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