Winter is Coming – How to Beat the Winter Blues by Frederic Patenaude

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Winter is Coming – How to Beat the Winter Blues by Frederic Patenaude

Don’t be caught off-guard this time. Have you started the most obvious cure for the winter blues there is?

Let this email be a warning!

At this time of the year in Northern latitudes, the days are shortening by three minutes a day. But even in Los Angeles the days are shortening by two minutes a day.

When November comes, many people are deep into the “winter blues” without realizing what happened. I’m talking about seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

By December, things get pretty dire rather quickly, with sunset before 5 p.m and days getting even shorter every day.

A slight bout of winter blues means that you’ll feel less energetic, have trouble getting up or staying asleep, and feel not as zesty as usual. Other warning signs include getting up too early and having trouble falling asleep.

If you don’t do anything about it, these symptoms can turn into a full-blown depression.

So let me share with you what to do about it. Because starting the cure early is key!

1) Light Therapy
This simple treatment is your first line of defense. It works! But the key thing is starting early (in September, but now will work if you haven’t started yet), and to do it every day for 30-60 minutes.

I’ve been blasting my eyes with light in the morning since early September, and I will keep this up every single day of the winter, even while traveling. I already feel the benefits compared to years when I didn’t do it.

If you think you tend to have any symptoms of SAD, even slight ones, I highly recommend that you give this a try. But make sure that you:

1) Don’t skimp on quality. Get a good light. After researching this extensively, I decided to purchase the Day-Light Sky Lamp. I’ve been very happy with this lamp, and I also use it on the low setting as a regular source of light.

2) Also get a travel lamp. You don’t want to stop the light therapy when you’re traveling — even if you’re going South. Light therapy only works if you’re doing it every day, and you never know how much sunshine you’re going to get on vacation. Plus, the travel light is very useful for overcoming jet lag by resetting your inner clock to the new time zone. I use it all the time. I recommend this lamp: Brand name- Sphere

The easiest way to use Light Therapy is to do it first thing in the morning while having breakfast, reading your emails, reading the newspaper, having tea or coffee or a smoothie. You have to be fairly close to the light without looking at it.

Start now!

Two Other Ways to Beat the Winter Blues
Here are two more ways to help you beat the winter blues. But you’ll never hear them discussed in the media. These methods work even faster, and the results are more permanent! Note: you must do this in addition to light therapy.

1) Fasting

Fasting (on water) stimulates the production of natural endorphins. At the end of a day of fasting, you naturally feel more alive, energetic, and more importantly: mood significantly improves.

In the winter, I fast one day per week for 20 to 36 hours.

Also, I think our bodies are naturally designed to get fewer calories in the winter, because this has been a time of semi-starvation, in our long evolution as a species.

During the winter, our bodies go through several physiological changes. That is why many people gain weight and feel less energetic.From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense because it helped us in the past conserve energy.

The problem in our modern world is that “winter never comes.” We experience the cold, but not the starvation. So we pack on the pounds and feel depressed.

One way to overcome this is to fast one day per week. That way, your body will think that “winter is coming” and will react appropriately. Your mood will significantly improve, and you’ll avoid the fat gain that most experience during the winter.

(Note that some people shouldn’t fast, due to health concerns. In this case, you can try a day of eating fruit, smoothies, or juices).

2) A High-Raw Diet

A high-raw diet is a great tool to improve mood and energy levels. Most people think of doing this during the summer, but the winter is a great time to eat more raw!

Again, this refers to the “winter hypothesis.”

A raw diet is naturally less caloric dense but contains more nutrients.

Your body will react by burning fat and producing endorphins — feel-good hormones.

You don’t even have to eat 100% raw to experience the results. Just 50 to 80% raw will do it!

When you combine light therapy, fasting and a raw diet, you have a powerful combo to ward off winter blues or even depression.
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