How to Raise B12 Levels Quickly by Frederic Patenaude

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How to Raise B12 Levels Quickly by Frederic Patenaude

A reader recently asked us, “Why is B12 supplementation required to thrive on a vegan diet? Is it a biologically appropriate diet?”

What the reader is asking is that if a plant-based diet is so healthy, why are there some supplements that are needed to make this diet complete?

There’s a lot of confusion in the raw food and vegan world about vitamin B12.

The vast majority of experts on the plant based diet who recommend supplements.

The reality is that eating a healthy diet has nothing to do with what’s “natural” for human beings.

Our environment is so sanitized that the bacteria that normally produce B12 are often not present. B12 is also a very sensitive vitamin and sometimes it can be found in the right quantities, but can’t be absorbed by the body because of a lack of what is called the “intrinsic factor.”

Vitamin B12 is the “energy vitamin” so it’s important to maintain the right levels of B12 to keep your energy constant enough to get you through the day without irritability or unusual fatigue.

So let’s be clear that anyone following a vegan, vegetarian or raw food diet should absolutely be supplementing with vitamin B12. But, since 40% of the population is testing low in B12, it would be wise for everyone to consider supplementing.

How to Supplement

So you have to supplement, but you have to find the right way to do it.

Most supplements, including sub-lingual tablets, are not absorbed completely by the body. The supplements contain a form of B12 that has to be converted by the body into the form that is truly usable.

As little as 0.1% of the B12 in a supplement ends up being assimilated in most cases.

So, what’s the solution?

B12 shots are the best way to get truly absorbable B12 when you are deficient and need to raise your levels quickly. But a shot can cost you close to $250 in North America (with a doctor’s consultation), and well… who likes needles? Not mentioning the fact that the liquids injected contain ingredients that you probably don’t want in your system.

Why I Use B12 Patches

I finally found a good solution to this problem, when I was attempting to raise my own B12 levels.

I was in Costa Rica, doing a juice fast, and there I met a lady who was using B12 patches. She managed to raise her own B12 levels quickly using a small patch that you put behind the ear once or twice a week.

I did some research and found out that the patches are probably the best alternative to shots and tablets.

They contain the most absorbable type of B12 — methylcobalamin — which is easily absorbed through the skin in 24 hours.

Other vitamins on the market contain cyanocobalamin, which is a cheaper source of B12 that needs to be converted by the body.

When you need to raise your B12 level you can use the patches. If you’re deficient, you can use the patches twice a week, and then as needed.

B12 overdoses are pretty much unknown and the patches provide just the right quantity that the body needs.

But beware, not all B12 patches are equally effective. We’ve tested a few brands until we found the one that worked best.

B12 the Energy Vitamin

If you feel constantly tired in spite of getting good sleep, you may want to look at raising your vitamin B12 levels.

B12’s role in energy production is well known, and insufficient B12 levels can lead to fatigue and mood changes.

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