Q & A Series: People, Products and The Health of Our Planet- Interview #2 with Perry A~

For my thirty-second interview, I have the pleasure to introduce you again to Perry A~ Author, Story Teller, Motivational Speaker and Humorist.

Question #1: Tell me briefly about yourself and why you decided to get involved in the “health” industry?

As hospitality Chairman in the local chapter of the National Speaker’s Association I got to introduce speakers and guests at each meeting. I soon realized giving a speaker the microphone was an invitation for a long winded, self promotion by the speakers. Therefore I came up with a question that would require a short answer and learn something unexpected about each person. These questions became the format to my book, Icebreaking 101, Getting to Know You in One Fun Question!!! A Playful Approach to Self Awareness. I selected one question from this book to base my next book on. The question, “If you were a dessert what would you be?” This opened my eyes to personality traits hidden in people’s dessert choices. From this starting discovery I wrote People Are Just Desserts, Experience the Sweet Rewards. Can seeing people as desserts help you digest them easier? You bet your Whip Cream it can! We are all deliciously different and when you combine the strengths of our differences we are so much more than anyone of us. I was aware mental attitude, stress, fear, stinking thinking and worrying are barriers to healing. The book is about changing perceptions and finding the gift in the people in your life. About accepting yourself and others. If I can bring people to peace, joy and harmony in their thinking, their healing will be much faster.

Because I recognized there are alternatives to drugs that are even better and with many natural cures suffering is optional.

You can’t change people or reality but you can always change to a perspective that brings joy, love, peace and harmony. We haven’t a clue how to love ourselves and cannot love another until we first love ourselves because if we believe we are unworthy of love we incapable of believing anyone can truly love us. It is about accepting yourself and others, just as we are, unconditionally.

Question #2: If you were stranded on a desert island and were allowed to take only 5 items with you (they can be food, books or specific products that are all health-related), what would they be and why?

A tarp, a blanket, a machete, water and string.

Question #3: What one message do you want to share with the people of this world that is crucial for their ultimate well-being and longevity?

A balanced body can heal itself. Balance and moderation in all things. Learn to mediate. Learn to forgive and let go of the desire to be right and choose happiness. To know they can always change their thinking to find peace and harmony.

Questions #4: If someone could afford to purchase only one product at this moment to start their journey towards better health (food or health-related), what would you recommend and why?

The book People Are Just Desserts, to change the way they see people. It is calorie free fun. To see through unconditional love and forgiveness.

Question #5: Tell me more about your business/company and/or products you offer to the public to help them achieve optimal health and well-being?

At 48, I was divorced and solely responsible for providing for my needs and still had one child in high school. I applied for a job at the probation office and instead of being a secretary I found myself with a gun and a badge as an Adult Probation Officer. Having to teach a DUI class to people who didn’t want to hear what I had to say, I started telling Cajun stories about drunks that took the preaching out of teaching. I realized I could motivate and inspire people and after two years I decided I wanted to become a motivational speaker and I didn’t know I couldn’t, so I did! As a motivational/inspirational speaker I offer messages, books and articles with storytelling as a tool to show the path to peaceful living. I did this for 15 years. In 2003 I discovered Calcium Bentonite Clay and started another business. I since have written other books and articles about Calcium Bentonite Clay Nature’s Pathway to Healing. In June of 2015 my partner and I sold the Living Clay Company but I still offer informational websites and do 3 webinars a month to share the knowledge I have gained from my studies as well as motivational speaking.

Free consultations. Call 512-262-7187 I don’t have many products. Most of what I have is offered on my websites. http://www.BentoniteClayinfo.com and http://www.PerryA.com

Question #6: What are your hopes/aspirations/dreams for the future health of the people and the planet?

Change your thinking, change your life and share your multiple G-d given talents. Good things will come back to you. Take care of yourself and our planet.

Question #7: Who is your greatest hero and why?

My grandson, Jack Shaver, who is learning about life. Who explores life by trying new things and is willing not to be perfect in the mastering of new abilities. Who learns from mistakes and tries again and again. Who learns the difference between what are bad choices and good choices. A failure is a person who gets knocked down and stays down. Jack’s cork always rises to the top.

Question #8: Is there anything else you would like to share with the public?

Every obstacle is a gift to launch you to a higher place. A hidden inner desire seeking recognition. When the desire is great enough we push past our limitations and fears. Haven’t you noticed life is always working for you? Be appreciative. An ‘obstatunity’ is letting go of what was for what can be.

Question #9: I know that there are variables as to how much food/calories each person consumes based on many lifestyle factors, etc but is there a basic guideline you would recommend for everyone?

Let your body be your guide. Ask yourself do I eat because I am hungry or because it is in front of me? Do I make decisions based on fear or anger or with the intention of making the world a better place? Be aware and you body will guide you wisely. Listen to it. Feel it. Act with wisdom.

You can check out the review of Perry A’s book, “People Are Just Desserts,” on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/TheRawsomeVeganGal


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