How to Travel and Stay Vegan (or Raw) by Frederic Patenaude

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How to Travel and Stay Vegan (or Raw) by Frederic Patenaude

I often get the question “How do you stay vegan or raw when traveling to such and such country?”

I’ve traveled to many remote destinations where there was not a health food store or healthy restaurant in sight.

I could tell you about places in the world, like Istanbul, where people think that being a vegetarian means that you eat chicken (and they’ll argue their point with you!). Or remote islands in the Pacific where you cannot find any raw food besides coconuts.

Some people say, “I’m on vacation, I’ll just eat whatever I want.” And I used to be one of those people.

But if you can maintain your healthy lifestyle while traveling and it’s not that complicated to do so, and in fact much cheaper, doesn’t make sense just to try?

You’ll avoid so many health problems that plague travelers. And you’ll come back from the trip invigorated and not tired and thinking “Now I need to go on a cleanse!”

I’m not going to tell you about researching vegetarian restaurants in advance because most vegetarian restaurants around the world serve unhealthy foods (loaded with oil and salt). Sometimes, you’re better off ordering off-the-menu at a non-vegetarian restaurant than going to a vegan place.

You’re better off for your wallet and health to avoid restaurant as much as possible.

The keyword you must remember is “self-catering.” Whenever you’re searching for a place to stay, search for a place with a kitchen or one that advertises “self-catering.” That means you can make your own food. Once you have a room with access to a kitchen, everything else is easy!

So you see, I’ve solved 90% of your diet and traveling problems there.

The next option is to pack foods with you, which can be useful when traveling to remote destinations.

There are plenty of options such as: bringing a travel rice cooker (which can be used reheat other items), dried fruit, nuts, vegan camping meals (such as Pack Lite), and “slow cooking” in a thermos (for example adding hot water and lentils or dried soup and letting it cook).

There are many more options if you are creative.

A last but interesting option is to go fruitarian! Because you know you can live on fruit for several weeks or months at a time, if your destination has access to a fruit market, then you only need a knife and a lightweight bowl, and you’re good to go!

So as you can see, traveling and eating a super-healthy diet is not only possible but can be empowering and fun!

So where are you going to go next? My next dream destinations are the Greek Islands and Roatan, in Honduras.

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