Can You Eat Raw For $3 a Day? by Frederic Patenaude

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Can You Eat Raw For $3 a Day? by Frederic Patenaude

Can you eat raw for $3 a day? In most cases, no! But you can do it for $10 a day. And good news: a well-balanced plant-based diet (not raw) can cost only $3-5 a day!

I worked hard to crunch numbers and figure out how it would be possible to live on a plant-based diet for just $100 a month, or a 100% raw food diet for $10 a day.

I calculated the *exact* cost of all fruits per calories.

I also compared prices all over different cities, and compiled all the best ways to get the best deals on food.

What started as a personal challenge turned into a sort of economic science experiment!

The result is a new book I wrote called “How to Eat Well for Under $100 a Month on a Plant Based Diet” as well as a companion eBook “The Raw Food Diet for $10 a Day.”

The Special is Back

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How to Eat Well for Under $100

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The reason why I created two separate eBooks is that the methods are different for each approach.

A 100% raw foodist could not live on the same budget as a cooked food vegan because fruits and vegetables are more expensive by calories.

So the approach that must be taken for each diet is different, but can be combined together.

For example, the approach I lay out in my main book tells you how you can eat for just about $3 a day on a plant-based diet. This plant-based diet would include 2-3 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, and of course sources of calories such as potatoes, beans, and some grains.

Someone could well decide to exclude certain items from the menu such as grains and still manage to still within the budget guidelines, and someone else could decide to combine the best of both worlds, such as a high-raw diet with some cooked calories.

In this case the total budget would be in-between $3 and $10 a day.

That’s still significantly less than the outrageous grocery bills most people have!

But you could decide to revert back to my main “plant food” budget of $100 a month by following my methods, if you have a particular goal in mind.

For example, maybe you want to save up for a holiday. Then why not try the plant-based budget for 1-2 months, and then go back to the raw food budget?

It’s totally possible to make it work no matter what your diet is.

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