How to Achieve Perfect Health – Frederic Patenaude

How to Achieve Perfect Health – Frederic Patenaude

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Is Perfect Health Possible? (From the intro to the Perfect Health Program)
Perfect Health is not a goal that you strive for to reach and then once you’ve reached it, you’re done. Perfect Health is something that people can strive for for a lifetime and can maintain, attain and even regain should they lose such a thing.

Perfect Health is going to be slightly different for every person because each of us has a unique history, a unique genetic, a unique future.

What we’re talking about really is the human potential that an individual has to be as good as they can get to be – as positive, as totally capable, aware, and alive and making the choices, providing the conditions, the influences, consuming the substances and experiencing the forces that support their production of more perfect health.

In other words, you may have genetic strength versus someone else’s genetic weaknesses that will allow you to jump higher or run faster than someone else.

It doesn’t mean that both people can’t have perfect health but within the capabilities of your history – within the potential that you have to perform, to think.

For human beings to be the best within this, it depends upon you to provide – and you’ll hear me say it often – the forces and the conditions, the substances and the influences that your body responds to in order to create itself in the future.

So a lot of people think, “Well if I’m not sick, I’m healthy,” and that’s not really what health is about. It’s not an absence of symptoms or a lack of disease.

Health is a state of optimal wellbeing, both socially, physically, emotionally – in every aspect of our life to be optimal or optimized in such a way that you can – like an instinct in many ways – take such excellent care of yourself and responding in what can only be described as perfect.

Just the way that an animal in the wild would respond perfectly to every situation, sometimes we go, “Oh this is great,” or “Oh this isn’t so great.” In fact, every situation is perfect and we just have to accept the fact that everything that life brings us is perfect, but there are ones that we can control.

That it’s up to us to provide ourselves with those substances, forces, influences and conditions that allow us to be perfect in this perfect environment.

Notes from Fred:

One of the most useful concepts in health that I have learned is compare yourself with yourself, not with others.

We each have individual weaknesses and strengths. You look at another person and you may think:

– “Wow, she’s more athletic than I am.”
– “Why do I suffer from this health problem, when others seem to not care about their health and seem okay?”
– “Wow, I wish I could get away with not being so strict with my diet. This person seems to be so healthy and not paying attention to what they eat.”

On the last thought, it’s important to realize that health on the outside is not the same as health on the inside. One person might appear very healthy, but you don’t know what’s actually going on in their body. That’s when people say “He was perfectly healthy before he died of a heart attack at the age of 45!”

Of course, this is a ridiculous statement. No “perfectly healthy” individual dies of a heart attack, especially not in their forties or fifties.

So when we use the words “perfect health,” it’s relative to you and you only. It’s about reaching YOUR maximum health potential.

Without health, you can’t express who you truly are as a human being.

So achieving your maximum potential of health expression is a worthwhile endeavor. And yes, you may never full “get there,” but it’s worth it for the journey alone, and the benefits that you get along the way!

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