The Importance of Oral Hygiene Health – Be Proactive!

The health of your mouth tells a lot about the health of your body, so before the problems start to arise, be proactive about your oral hygiene and now you can purchase some great information on how to do just that!

I just posted a new video on my youtube channel with the essential tools from Essential Oxygen, etc. (their Organic Brushing Rinse and Food Grade Peroxide) you will need for your dental health. Go to:

My friend, Frederic Patenaude has a great dental course on sale to my readers.
It is only available for a short time, so don’t delay!

Here is the info from Frederic:

Although the *precipitating* factor that creates problem
for raw-foodists is the introduction of more sugar, the
*real* problem are the underlying issues, so the bacteria

The only way to prevent dental decay for life and reverse a
bad situation is to take active control of your oral
environment. Just controlling your diet does not address the
root of the problem.

That’s why I publish the best course available on the
topic, called “How to Heal and Prevent Dental Disasters.”

This program has been created by OraMedia and is the only
course I have discovered that tells you exactly how to avoid
dental problems for the rest of your life.

Normally, the program costs $37.

The price is $20 if you use coupon code:

Take control of your dental health and avoid thousands of
dollars in unnecessary treatments by going to:

Make sure to use coupon code MINDYDENTAL

Other health products offered by Frederic, are on sale, as well, so check them out before the discounts are removed – which could be at any time, without notice! Remember to use the coupon code for those products where indicated to get the discounts.

Raw Freedom

Starter Kit

for 25% off
How to Eat Well for Under $100

Coupon: MINDY100
$19.95 instead of $37
Healthy Salad Dressings is available for $7 instead of $19.95

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