Three Week Update to My 100 Day Experiment

My Three Week Update

May 21, 2014

I have now been using xylitol daily for 3 weeks. On the first day, when I ingested it and till today, it tastes sweet to the tongue and once it dissolves immediately. I consume some after I eat a meal/snack and also after I brush my teeth for the benefit of preventing cavities. I do not know if my teeth are healthier (according to dental standards because I have not gone for any dental visits recently and will not be going for at least 3 more months or so). I see my teeth as looking better and when I wake up my mouth feels fresh and clean. That is what I can say from my perspective. I have a new picture below of my teeth for you to decide for yourself compared to one of the previous picture. I will put a photo from 3 weeks ago, as a comparison.

I will continue to use the xylitol daily and will update again soon!

Photo of teeth taken May 21, 2104 3 weeks after started using xylitol

Photo of teeth taken May 21, 2104
3 weeks after started using xylitol

Picture of teeth Prior to experiment Taken 3/29/14

Picture of teeth
Prior to experiment
Taken 3/29/14

Since I am speaking of teeth, my friend, Frederic Patenaude has a great dental product on sale again, for my readers. It is only available for a short time, so don’t delay!

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