Company Review – Toockies: Hand-Knit Organic Cotton Housewares

Toockies-Hand Knit Organic Cotton Housewares in business since 2008

I met Anna Marie, the CEO of Sinko Corp., who distributes Toockies, at the annual Expo West in Anaheim during the month of March 2013 (the largest trade show in the world for the Natural Product Industry). She had a booth at the Organic Marketplace (features only certified organic products) and displayed her products. I was intrigued to see these organic cotton housewares and wanted to know more. She told me more about the products and I took a brochure and business card so I could follow up in the future. I have never seen any products like this anywhere!

I gathered a lot of information, brochures and samples of products at the expo. I am very discriminating and discerning to choose only what I know is the healthiest, purest and of the highest integrity. If I am going to test the product myself it has to abide by my standards. I am not willing to compromise and that is why I ONLY share with my readers what I has researched to be the best. It is very easy to just choose anything and just “settle.” I don’t want the cheapest/most expensive products if they are not good for me. It is QUALITY that I am looking for in all that I use/consume – food, household products, personal care, etc.

I contacted Anna Marie and she was kind enough to agree to a Q & A – which has already been posted to my blog She also send me some products for review.

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The first product I used was the Hand Knit Dish Cloths. They are hand knit of 100% organic cotton by a group of poor women in Calcutta, India so they can earn a living wage. Always machine wash and dry before use and then again after use to disinfect and may become absorbent after many times washing. You can use the cloth to scrub any surfaces in your home and you soak it is water and then ring out as much as possible. I wanted to use it in the kitchen to wipe up around the sink, as the faucet tends to splash all over. I have been using it without soaking it first. Even though it isn’t meant for absorbing water it work fine for me.

Then second product I used was the Circulation Gloves. They are also hand knit of 100% cotton. Again, machine wash and dry before first use. You can use this inside or outside of your bath/shower as a wet and dry scrub. I used it while I was taking a shower and soaked them in water. You can use soap on them, but I just used water. Watch my video to see recommendations for using the gloves. They are great to stimulate circulation and exfoliate the skin.

I am really happy that this company makes great products that are also economical, Eco-ethical, hygienic, offer work for poor women who are now able to sustain themselves and provide a better life for their family. We are not meant to be a “throw away” society, as it is destroying the planet. Reusing these products for many years will help you to avoid the continual disposal of paper towels, loofahs or other scrub cloths (that are not hygienic since they are not cleaned properly after each use).

I emailed Anna Maria as I had some concerns/questions regarding the circulation gloves.

Mindy says:

I used the circulation gloves and washed them before use, of course and put in dryer, too. It takes a lot of heat to dry them, though and I wanted to see about air drying them, instead. After I used them, there was some discoloration on the gloves, probably came off from my skin. Then I washed them again and hung them to dry, but there is a smell that is not so fresh and lovely. I don’t use any harsh detergents to wash. I use a product called soap nuts and is 100 percent pure – more then detergents like seventh generation. I don’t know if you have ever had this issue. I will not use any commercial products for cleaning. Also, the discoloration is still visible on the gloves. What are your thoughts/comments?

Anna Maria’s reply:

Yes, they are raw thick cotton so it does take time to dry them (less over time as the cotton softens). I machine wash and dry and recommend everyone do so as this does get rid of yellowing and smell. A bit of a naturally bleaching agent also helps if yellowing is not going away as quick as you would like. I just add it to the pile of cloths from that day and toss it in. They do yellow if left out for a while but that usually disappears for me when I wash them. I do use a detergent (eco-friendly detergent) in the wash. The smell is from the raw cotton and doesn’t go away unless you machine wash and dry. After a few times in the wash they become softer, take longer to get rid of yellowing and will smell of what every you use on them or wash them with.

The greatest challenge in using this product is changing the way you use your bath scrub product. Most people use a scrubber and then leave it for a couple of days before washing or disposing of it. This is not recommended as it is not very hygienic. This product requires you to be proactive in keeping the products you use on your body clean. Rinsing a cloth in the shower and letting it hang is not clean. Please give them some time and remember to keep them clean. They will last you a very long time and save you time and money. If used as recommended they will keep you from scrubbing dead skin cells back on to your skin giving you a cleaner clean. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please let me know.

Thanks very much, Anna Marie, this is great information for me and my readers because they may have the same issue when using these products themselves.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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I have a link to the website product pages that I reviewed in this post.

3 pack scrub cloths:

Circulation Gloves:

Check out my YouTube channel – TheRawsomeVeganGal for video reviews of the products.


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