Raw Freedom by Frederic Patenaude – special offers on his best book ever!

My friend, Frederic’s new book is now ready. It’s his best ever. If you
don’t know why to buy this book, read what Frederic has to say.
There are some very special offers available, so don’t delay!

In Frederic’s own words:

A couple weeks ago I announced the release of my new book
“Raw Freedom: Combining the Best of Raw With Healthy Cooked
Foods for the Ultimate Diet.”

The book was on pre-order only, but now it’s ready to ship!
And the launch offer is back. Just go to


The launch offer will removed in 72 hours.

Also, by popular demand, the Gold package is now offered in
digital-only version, for people who live overseas and want
to avoid shipping charges.

*Why Is This Book Different*

This book is different from anything I’ve done before. For
one, it’s not a “diet” book per se. I’m not calling it
the “Raw Freedom Diet.” It’s not a replacement for the
raw food information I’ve presented in the past.

Instead, it’s a perspective to look at raw foods and
nutrition in a more balanced way. Instead of viewing
everything as “black and white,” “raw or cooked,”
“healthy or unhealthy,” I present to you the nuances I
didn’t see before, which came from my long experience.

It’s also an alternative to the rigid 100% raw lifestyle
presented by raw food gurus as the only goal
worth striving for.

The reality is that a 100% raw food diet only works for a
tiny minority of people. Perhaps only 5% of people can
really maintain this diet over the long-term with successful
results on every level.

For most people, a 100% raw food diet can be a great “reset
button” that you can press once in a while to get your
system working properly again. It’s also a great
temporarily healing tool. But as a long-term diet, it
doesn’t work for most people.

Of course, I’m not throwing the baby with the coconut water
here! Eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables has its

But what is the right percentage? For some, it’s 80%. For
others, 50% only would be better. In my new book, I explore
the nine factors that you can look at to determine which
percentage of raw foods is optimal for you.

*Who Is This Book For?*

This new book is not for everybody. If you feel like your
current diet is giving you all the health, energy, and
happiness that you desire, I don’t think there’s any
reason for you to change.

But if you’re frustrated by your previous attempts to eat
healthier or have tried a raw food diet without success, you
may need to start changing your relationship with food.

The truth is… anybody who’s dramatically changed their diet
has had to exert a tremendous amount of control over what
they eat. This is great to make changes happen, but it can
lead to pernicious results.

When you think too much about what you eat, and you control
everything you eat and set a million rules for yourself that
are hard to follow and easy to break… you are altering your
relationship with food. You are creating stress.

In America today (and most other countries), people have a
totally unhealthy relationship with food. They eat either
with guilt (I’m eating something unhealthy I shouldn’t),
without pleasure (I’m forcing this salad down because I
know it’s good for me), or with reckless abandon (who cares
about diet! Let’s just be happy. Pass me another serving of

Everyone is obsessed with diet in some way or another. Think
about the obsession with skim milk and fat-free items, diet
colas, chicken salad and other carb-free dishes, the
avoidance of gluten and GMOs, and so on.

Of course, the alternative to not being obsessed about diet
is to eat anything and just end up sick and obese. There
seems to be no happy medium.

Raw foodists think they have found all the answers, but then
their diet forces them to a life of seclusion where
traveling becomes impossible, social gatherings very
difficult to manage, and even though they’ve solved some
important health problems, new ones start to appear, like a
mouthful of cavities or low-body temperature.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. But I’ve been so
stressed about food for the better part of my life that I
knew I had to find some answers. My new book “Raw Freedom”
presents that perspective.

If you’re curious about raw foods, but find it too
difficult to follow, or you’re just tired of going back and
forth between “perfection” and binge eating, then you
should read my book.

I’m not going to ask you to believe everything I say. My
experience won’t necessarily match your experience. But
you’ll likely find some important answers in the 280 pages
of the book.

Get it now while it’s on sale with all the goodies at:


PS: The launch offer ends in 72 hours


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