Raw Freedom by Frederic Patenaude – his best book ever

My friend, Frederic Patenaude has written his best book ever and there are some great offers available for the first week that will sell out. Click on the link below to purchase any of the three packages being offered.

Here is a sneak peak into the book, as told by Frederic.

To give you an idea of what to expect from this release, here’s the introduction featured in the book…

What is Raw Freedom?
This book is about creating a healthy, practical diet with a strong emphasis on raw foods, but not one that is so restrictive that it requires a 100% commitment to eating only uncooked foods.

It’s a fusion/inclusion program that recognizes that eating a big percentage of raw foods provides clear benefits, but cooking certain foods does too.

It’s also a way out for many raw foodists and health enthusiasts who can’t seem to find a balance, and too often hover between two extremes with a lot of associated guilt, often induced by years of striving to eat a diet that is frankly too restrictive.

In this book, you’ll sometimes see me refer to certain people in the raw food “world” in seemingly pejorative terms, such as the raw food police, raw food fanatics, and raw food gurus. This is not because I want to imply that people following a raw food diet are necessarily all deluded. I have been one of these people (policeman, fanatic and guru all at the same time!) and I also know that for many individuals, a 100% raw food diet gives them the health and balance they seek. This book is not written for those who have found such balance, but to everyone else, who may be seduced by the raw food message, but are not able to make it work the way it’s supposed to work according to the books and gurus.

Yet, at the same time, due to a lack of understanding of certain physiological principles at play, and a lot of bad science used in the raw food movement, the trend is for everybody to beat themselves up for their so-called “failures” at applying a diet that is not sustainable for a large number of people to begin with. That is why I will cast light on the dark side of the raw food movement as a whole; not to imply too much negativity, but simply to make a point that needs to be made.

The program that I’m proposing in this book is flexible and easily customizable. If you can get just a few good ideas from this book that make a difference in your health and your life, I will have achieved my goal.

This book contains practical advice, not theories. Therefore, I will not spend too much time trying to debunk every single questionable statement to be heard in the health food world, or try to prove points that any honest health-seeker can easily verify by examining the scientific consensus on the topic.

This book is really more about the experience of one person — yours truly — both in having experimented with raw food and vegan lifestyles for more than 15 years, but also in having worked with thousands of people through a website that receives more than 70,000 unique visitors a month, and in person at numerous events I’ve attended over the years. I feel I have a good grasp of the realities faced by the outside-of-the-box individuals who find themselves attracted to vegetarianism, veganism and raw foodism — but I also want to repeat that my experience is subjective. I invite you to view what I say not with skepticism, but with an open mind. More importantly, I invite you to trust yourself and your own experience. If what I share with you strikes a familiar chord, then use the information for your benefit. If it doesn’t, just move on.

Inclusion vs. Exclusion

What all diet books have in common is that they all tell you what you should not be eating. Each diet needs a villain that’s universally responsible for all your ills. Raw foodists blame cooked foods. Paleo diets blame carbs. The new Wheat Belly fad blames wheat. Vegans blame animal products in all their forms. Plant-based advocates and natural hygienists blame oil and fat.

The easier and more identifiable the target is, the more simplistic the program will be. And simplicity helps sell books. The problem is that there’s nothing simplistic about the human body and the complex processes involved in human nutrition. In fact, as far as we know, the human body (and brain) could be the most complex organism in the universe.

So to blame all diet-related health problems on one factor would be missing the mark in a major way, especially when we consider the obvious:

If cooked foods were truly the cause of most human illnesses, then how come all the longest lived people eat cooked foods, including almost all known centenarians? And how come not a single culture on the planet has ever eaten an exclusively raw food diet?

If grains were truly the cause of the “obesity epidemic” in what is often dubbed a carb-crazed nation, then how come billions of people have done just fine for millennia eating a rice-based diet, and stayed very trim and healthy eating outrageous amounts of carbs?

If carbs were truly the problem, then all come all the longest lived cultures in the world eat carbs? And how come the human body seems to be designed to enjoy carbs, with the sweet taste sensation being the most prominent feature of our sensory system for recognizing food?

If fat were truly the problem, then how come mother’s milk is over 50% fat by calories. And if sugar was really the problem, again, how come mother’s milk is over 40% sugar by calories?

Behind every health craze, there’s some truth. The mistake is to believe in a one-sided answer that, in light of the complexities of the systems that regulate our health, can frankly be seriously flawed.

So for a change, this book will focus more on inclusion rather than exclusion.

I won’t tell you that the key to this program is to eliminate entire categories of food from your diet. I’ll try to put things in perspective, and let you make your own choices based on your own preferences and knowledge of your own body.

So consider Raw Freedom a “fusion-inclusion” program that combines the best of raw foods with really healthy cooked foods, to create a sustainable diet that even gives you some leeway in making your own decisions.

Click on the link below for the great deals during the launch week.



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