My Experiences Using Baiden Mitten – Third Time

Friday January 11, 2013 – third time using Baiden Mitten

Another week has gone by since I used the mitten. Again, I noticed some dryness on my lower legs, but nothing like it was before I started using the product. The skin would also look scaly and feel rough, but it has changed a lot over the last 2 weeks.

I still have a lot of dead skin coming off my arms and legs more then other areas. I don’t see as much coming off of my face and perhaps it is because I dry brush it on a nightly basis. One area that is hard to reach with the mitten is the middle of my back. If there was a way to have a stick that you can attach to it as an extension that would help. I don’t know if you are already working on something like that, but I wanted to give my suggestion.

I wanted to share with you the method I have been using for exfoliation using the Baiden Mitten. First, I rub my arms with an up and down motion and when one side of the mitten gets dirtier, I continue with the other side. Then I wash it off with hot water, and continue with other areas of my body. I use the same process on my legs, neck, back, etc. I repeat this twice on all parts of my body. I am comfortable using more vigorous pressure when I rub my skin – but, still being gentle with my face – then when I started, as it has adapted with more use of the mitten.

I still get that wonderful tingling sensation on my skin and some pinkish hue on my skin (that shows improved circulation) that is only visible for a short time. I especially see it on my face after I am done. I still have the dry cracked soles of my feet and rub with the mitten more vigorously then other areas because the skin is tougher and can handle it. It may be helping slightly, but don’t see any dramatic change (don’t know if it will ever be so, it is the weather that affects me and I am using more heat, as there have been some extremely cold nights lately).

I am happy with the overall results thus far and will continue to report on my progress next week.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

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2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    sarah said,

    Do you still have your mitten? I ordered one about 3 months ago and it worked great at first now i scrub and scrub and nothing happens? But i can see dead skin when im dry, wonder why it isnt coming off anymore?

  2. 2

    rawsomegal said,

    Hi Sarah

    I have been using the mitten now for 9 months and only once a week in the shower and still see dead skin coming off. I do not know why it is not happening for you. Have you contacted the company, as perhaps you are not doing using it as indicated? If you read all of my posts, I do give a lot of information on using the product.

    Hope you can get some answers from my posts and also check out the company site and there how to videos and written instructions.

    Best of Health,

    Mindy aka The Rawsome Vegan Gal 😉

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