Baiden Mitten – For exfoliating the skin – My Experiences – 1st Use

My Experiences Using Baiden Mitten

Background information:

I found out about this product when I was reading an article on someone else’s site. I was reading the comments under the post and those who comment that have their own website, their name is usually in “blue,” so you can click on it. I was interested in finding out more about this person. I clicked on the site and came to the site for Baiden Mitten.

When I find a product that fits the scope of my “hardcore” standards of purity, I want to learn more. I research information about the product very thoroughly because I have to make sure it is truly natural, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Then I sent an email request to test the product and write a review on my blog. In the meantime, I started receiving emails about the product and the experiences of a person who is using Baiden Mitten.

I heard back from Victoria and she was very impressed with my blog and told me she spent 2 days reading through it. She agreed to send me the product for my review, but she didn’t think I would have as much results as others because of my current lifestyle – I have been vegan for over 20 years and more recently also eating raw. I also do skin brushing on my body (but not every day) and my face (which I have been doing for years almost every day). Victoria emailed me information on using the product and also said to watch the videos on the website to get a better understanding (a visual explanation can help you understand better then just reading the instructions on a paper – I am very thorough and do both).

I received the product quickly and couldn’t wait to use it! I read through the instructions in the package and also went on the website that explained further. I also read through and watched the testimonials. I, like others, I’m sure, like to see and read a great story of someone who had some amazing/dramatic life altering results from a product or following a food/exercise program (and I am not talking about invasive, processed and unhealthy products like pills, powders, potions, surgeries, etc). You feel so inspired, even if you are already living a healthy life(style). I know that I do. It also helps to see that the product works and others are having great results and want to share them with others. I know that is how I am.

December 27, 2012 – First use of Baiden Mitten

I took a shower and let the bathroom get “steamy.” I left the water on so that my skin would stay damp while using the mitten (I do use a low flow shower head, so I didn’t feel so bad and honestly, I don’t shower as often as most for a number of reasons, one is that I don’t “stink” because I eat only plant-based whole food – unprocessed as it appears in nature. I also eat low-fat and low-protein – fats and proteins can cause your body to smell especially from those who eat animal foods but have also had it from eating too much avocado, nuts and seeds and another because “over washing” strips your skin of its protective layer). I also prefer to use the hot water from my shower filter, as opposed to the tap (although I did turn off the water briefly and ran the tap, but it made the bathroom colder). If you don’t have a shower filter yet, that is more important then a drinking filter because you are absorbing so much more chemicals (into your lungs and through your skin) from the shower then you would drink in an entire day and even more so, if you are taking a bath and sitting in the water.

Ok, now back to my use of the Baiden Mitten. I started with my arms and was amazed at what I saw. I have seen small fragments come off my skin on the past because I do skin brushing before my showers. In this instance, the fragments were much bigger and continually came off as I rubbed the mitten on my skin. I did a bit extra on my left elbow where the skin is drier and also scarred from a surgery due to a broken bone. Since the mitten has two sides, I would rub the arm on one side and then turn it over before I rinsed the mitten and then rubbed the other arm. I continued with the rest of my body including my neck, upper body – front and back, face and legs. There were lots of fragments of dead skin that came off, especially from my legs.

I felt ok with scrubbing my skin a bit more then others because I have been doing various forms of exfoliation over the years. I went over my arms, legs and face a second time before I stopped. I noticed the skin color changing to a pinkish hue because the scrubbing brings the blood to the surface from an increase in circulation. I also felt a tingling/invigorating sensation throughout my body and a sense of being clean(sed) in a healthy and pure way.

When it came to washing off my skin of the fragments which the Baiden Mitten removed just letting the water hit my skin wasn’t sufficient. I had to make sure to take my hand and move it over my body to remove the pieces. The skin fragments littered my bathtub and did not get washed down the drain so easily like water and seemed to be glued to it. I had to use my sponge to extract the pieces, which when I touched felt more greasy ( that is why they stuck to the tub). For those of you who are in a rush when you take a shower/bath, then don’t use the Baiden Mitten on that day. Better to find a day when you have the time so you can enjoy the process as it unfolds and also have time to clean up afterwards (I personally like to get the “job done” before I leave as I may be occupied with something else or be too tired later on).

The skin on my body has always been soft and smooth, but over the years I have had some drier patches here and there, especially the lower part of my legs (they also appeared scaly) and I would use moisturizer after my showers. I have also had more dryness around my left elbow due to surgery mentioned earlier and the soles of my feet are dry during the colder season. Once I washed off all the dead skin fragments that the mitten removed and dried off, I felt my skin and it was smoother then silk (if that’s at all possible). The areas I mentioned above were already significantly softer! I didn’t need to use any moisturizer on my legs and I don’t see the scaly appearance anymore. The soles of my feet are still quite dry and cracked as will probably take longer to see results because the problem is more deep-rooted and needs more time.

I took a picture of my face after my first use of Baiden Mitten. It appears to glow and looks more alive – from removing the “dead” layer that was covering/coating over the fresh new skin underneath. Some people may never get to see their true beauty, unless they are willing to peel off the old stuff that is no longer serving us and merely just “hanging on” because we haven’t taken the initiative to make a change (this also applies to other things in life, as well!).

Funny 🙂 thing when I was cleaning the mitten, I realized I had used it inside out because it came in the package that way and I didn’t reverse it. Of course, it still worked (as I already told you above). Now I have it turned the right way for the next time I use it, not that it really matters!

Stay tuned for more insights when I use the Baiden Mitten again next week.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

Photo of my face after using Baiden Mitten - 1st time

Photo of my face after using Baiden Mitten – 1st time

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