Fruit Ladies Give Back for the Holidays

My friend, Sarah and I went out today to distribute bags of fruit to those in need “camping” on the streets. Sarah had the idea of doing this and mentioned it to me. I work at the farmers market on Sundays and know quite a few of the produce vendors. I asked them to donate whatever fruit they could. I was able to get oranges, grapes, apples, guavas, pomegranates and cucumbers.

My friend took care of making the fruit bags to give out for a healthy and happy holiday. We went out this morning in the beach area near where I live, but at first were not finding people to give them to. Then we started to find people and they were really appreciative of receiving what we were giving. Sarah, gave the bag to one man and she told him there was pomegranate in the bag and he was really excited. Then we went to another area and there were some military veterans in their wheelchairs that said they didn’t need the food because they are being provided for and to give the fruit to others. We continued walking along the boardwalk and one man heard our conversation and his eyes lit up at the mention of fruit. I gave him a bag and wished him “Happy Holidays.”

As Sarah and I walked along, I said to her, “I was so thrilled and happy to hear that someone is really interested in fruit, as much as me wanting to give it out.” That really made my day because I know that this man wanted it and would benefit him greatly. Of course, we asked each person we offered the bag to, whether they wanted the fruit and told them what was in the bag. Some did not and some also didn’t have the teeth to chew.

Sarah drove to a different part of town because we only gave out out 6 of the 15 bags she made. We had much better “success” along one street we drove and gave out all but 2 bags. I am so grateful to be able to do this with my friend, Sarah and glad she had the idea. This can be done any day when you see someone on the street who looks hungry. I prefer to give them food that is healthy, like fruit then money or “junk” because I know it will provide them with nourishment. Most people love fruit like apples, oranges, grapes and they don’t need any preparation and are the “fastest food” on the planet that require no processing and no cooking!

Giving back makes me feel great! If you can’t give money then dong something like this is a wonderful way to show others that you care. On that note, as Sarah and I were walking from the parking lot near the beach with our bags of fruit, a man rolled down his window and said, “thank you for what you are doing, it is really great.” He must have noticed us in a different area in that same neighborhood (I think he was checking out the waves and driving around) because it was nice of him to notice us and being grateful that there are people that care enough to spend their time and make an effort to show they care about others in the world besides themselves.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and find a way to give back. You are welcome to leave a comment on what you have done or will do to “pay it forward.”

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Happy Holidays! 🙂


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    hindy goldis said,

    Hi Mamala, just had the time to read this blog you sent me. Hashem should bless you, what a big Mitzvah you had. What a wonderful idea!!!! You are the GREATEST !!!! Have a good nite, Luv Ya……


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