Eating Healthy for Three Bucks a Day – It is Possible!

My friend, Frederic has come up with a fantastic way to eat well
and not go broke. The cost of the book will pay for itself with what
you save on the food you buy. There is a special discount offered
to those who order this product in the next 48 hours.

Please read what Frederic says:

Eating Healthy for Three Bucks a Day

Nobody likes to talk about this, but the raw food diet is
awfully expensive.

As a single guy eating mostly, but not 100% raw, I used to
spend $600 to $800 a month on food, just for myself!

I’ve asked a lot of people eating this way how much they
spend on food, and I get similar figures all the time.

And it’s not just fruits and vegetables that are expensive:
people that you could consider to be “health enthusiasts”
spend at least twice the national average on food.

Have you seen your grocery bills rise lately?

The trend is pretty scary.

I remember when avocados used to cost 99 cents each, and
would go on sale for 2 or even 3 for a dollar. Now the
“normal” price is $1.99 and they are often advertised on
sale for $1.49, which is more than the old “regular” price.

And there’s the same trend across the board: food is
becoming more expensive, and healthy food is becoming even
more “premium.”

Some people say the solution is to grow your own food. But
it’s been shown that you’ll spend more doing this. If you
factor in the cost of the land, seeds, gardening tools,
natural fertilizers, and so on, you’re not coming ahead.

Unless of course, you have a big plot of land and you’re
not doing anything with it. Then planting some fruit trees
might be a good idea, but it will take many years until they
start producing.

I’ve always accepted the fact that food has been one of my
biggest expenses.

After all, I saw food as a sort of “health insurance” and
spending more for food made sense.

But as my food bills kept climbing over the past few years,
it started annoying me.

Every month, I would cringe when looking at my food

I would often spend more on food than housing!

I knew there was another way, but all my attempts at reducing
my food budget failed.

One time I decided to live for one month on a cooked vegan
diet, but the lowest I could bring my food budget down was
around $300.

I thought I was doing things right, but in fact I was making
big mistakes.

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*The $1 a Day Experiment*

One thing that made me shift my thinking is when I heard of
a couple that became sort of famous by trying to live on $1
a day (each person), or about $30 a month for food.

Their story was published in multiple newspapers and they
wrote a book about it.

I was impressed by their dedication and their ingenuity, but
when I looked at their menu, I was appalled. It was full of
unhealthy foods I wouldn’t dare put in my body.

However, it got me thinking.

If some people managed bringing down their total food budget
to $30 a month by being smart, could I do something similar
on a *healthy* plant-based diet, but for $100 a month

That’s about $3.33 a day, or less than what most people
spend on a Starbucks Latte.

I decided to do this as an experiment, because I do like

However, I had a few rules:

* No Clipping Coupons — I watched some episodes of a show
called “Extreme Couponing” where dedicated housewives clip
coupons like crazy and get several carts at the grocery
stores that would cost hundreds of dollars for just a few

However, the problem with couponing is:

– It sucks. It takes time and honestly, who wants to do

– It’s for pre-packaged, unhealthy foods. I don’t want
three dozen jars of French’s yellow mustard, no thank you.
But that’s often what these coupon maniacs do. You rarely
see coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables or other whole

* It’s Got to Be Healthy, but Not Necessarily Raw

I decided that in my experiment would only be allowed to
purchase healthy foods, but not necessarily all raw.

So my first experiment was to live on a budget of $100 a
month and eat extremely well on a plant-based diet.

Later, I also did a second experiment to live on a raw food
diet on the cheap, but the budget was different (and still
significantly less than most raw foodists spend).

What Happened

Eating extremely well on a plant-based diet for just about
$3 a day was an eye-opening experiment for me.

It was a complete paradigm shift.

I learned completely new tricks and techniques by taking my
concept to a new level of understanding.

And in the process, I wrote an entire book!

This book is called “How to Eat Well for Under $100 a Month
on a Plant Based Diet” and there’s nothing like it

Most other books that I’ve found on the subject only give
you recipes (mostly rice and beans).

I wanted my book to be completely different and cover ALL
the bases.

I wanted to design a complete system for slashing your food
budget and not feel deprived at all. In fact, you’ll feel
like you still eat like a King or Queen!

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