Nobody likes Salads without Dressing! Great offer from Frederic Patenaude

This is a great offer for a recipe ebook from my friend, Frederic Patenaude.
He has slashed the price more the 50%, just for my readers (although I will not tell
anyone if you want to share this email with your friends, as it is too good to pass up!)
He has come up with some great ideas for you to use without adding all
the excess fats and unnecessary ingredients that are simply delicious!

This is from Frederic
She Almost Gave Up on Salads Without This Dressing

Long ago I discovered that the most important recipe for 
success on an all-raw or mostly raw diet is a good salad 

That’s right… it’s not about the gourmet recipes or flax 
crackers or raw chocolate cakes. 

What you need is a good salad dressing.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate my point. 

Many years ago, I was trying to eat a large daily salad, but 
because I was following raw food principles, I no longer 
purchased commercial salad dressings. 

Yet, I just did not enjoy my salads that much anymore.

One raw foodist recommended to try blending oranges with 
walnuts to create a dressing. I tried it and thought it was 

So to make myself eat my salads, I added lots of avocados, 
olive oil, salt and lemon. It tasted okay, but there was 
still too much fat, not to mention the cost of the salad was 
more than what most people spend on food in a day!  

I used to be known for these giant salads with lots of 

In fact, I even wrote a recipe book 10 years ago, published 
by David Wolfe, called The Sunfood Cuisine, that featured a 
lot of these recipes. 

But these salads had too much fat. 

What I didn’t have were simple salad dressings you 
could make in 5 minutes or less that would enhance ANY 

Then by accident, I discovered a salad dressing recipe that 
blew my mind. 

I was actually trying to make a smoothie with mangoes, and I 
was trying every possible variation with mango. 

For fun, I decided to add tomato to the mix.

As a smoothie, it was horrible.

But it had a lot of potential as a dressing! 

I kept playing with the combination of mango and tomato, 
until I discovered a secret ingredient that changed 

This ingredient really made my dressing shine, and for months 
I would eat it on absolutely everything. 

I showed this dressing to my student Tommie Burchard, who 
had completely transformed her health through the raw food 
diet and now writes a blog about her story. 

This dressing allowed Tommie to stay raw and avoid cravings. 

She told me after that she probably had gallons of the 
dressings over a period of a few months on her daily salad, 
and she never got tired of it. 

Then I realized something important: nobody will eat salads 
without a good dressing. 

I was a raw food expert and I didn’t even enjoy my salads 
without a good dressing.  

Yet, it’s not easy to find dressings that are both easy to 
prepare and healthy. 

The combination of mango and tomato is great, but you need 
that secret ingredient to make it shine.  

You’ll find this recipe along with 70 other great Salad 
Dressing recipes in my eBook “Healthy Salad Dressings.” 

Get it now for $7 instead of the regular price of $19.95

Just go to:
(you will need to copy and paste this in a separate window)

Another advantage of creating your own salad dressings is 
that you can have a new dressing every day. 

Maybe you’ll love the same dressings and want to eat them 
over and over again, like Tommie. Or maybe you’ll want to 
try a new dressing every day. 

You won’t get bored when you have good salad dressings.

So forget about mastering raw food desserts, cakes, and 
complicated recipes. Start with an arsenal of good salad 
dressing recipes, and you’ll be good to go!  

That’s the first step.


PS: My eBook Healthy Salad Dressings is available this 
for $7 instead of $19.95. Just go to:
(copy and paste into a new window)



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