Company Review – Fresh Wave: Natural Odor Eliminator

Fresh Wave – Natural Odor Eliminator in business since 1990

There are a lot of companies claiming to eliminate odors, but merely ‘mask’ them. They also may be using harsh toxic chemicals and perfumes in their products. Those of you who are using the ‘Tree’ that you hang in your car, I do not recommend you ever use it. It is made with chemicals and unlike a spray, the toxic scent is continually coming out and you are constantly breathing it in, especially if you keep you windows shut, then no air is circulating and it envelops you continually. It may not show up as a problem in your body initially, but long-term it is likely to affect your health. Also the plug-in air fresheners (like the brand Glade) continually release the chemicals in the air so you are always breathing it in. The goal is to use a product that will not have any negative affects on you (if you have chemical sensitivities, asthma or other lung issues, are pregnant, a young child or a senior then you are likely to have adverse reactions to ‘conventional’ products). Be wary and proactive in your choices because it isn’t only affecting you, but also the environment.

If you are a hard-core label reader, like I am, then make sure you read the ingredients and heed my advise.
1- if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, Don’t Buy It!
2- if you don’t know what the ingredient is, Don’t Buy it!
3- if there are too many ingredients, it is likely to not be ‘natural,’ Don’t Buy It! (there are some exceptions, for example the company, 100% Pure, that I reviewed in a previous blog post, has numerous ingredients in their pruducts that are all botanicals and you have heard of the ingredients such as aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, shea butter, etc)

When I was interested in reviewing some products from this company, Fresh Wave, I first wanted to know what ingredients are in it. I read through there website online and the contents are all natural – water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood. There is NOTHING from that list that is even remotely toxic to the body. You may not like the scent of things like pine needle, but it will not cause you harm. I know for me, I had to get used of the smell initially and now I like it. To me it smells very fresh and natural while absorbing/eliminating the odors such as in automobiles, bathrooms, diaper pails, musty basements, pets, etc.

The two products I tested are the spray and the crystal gel. The Fresh Wave Spray comes in 2oz travel size, for the home in 8oz and also a 32oz refill container. This spray will rapidly target and eliminate the odors and is non-aerosol (environmentally friendly). You can spray it in the air and also use in your running shoes, on car seats, upholstery, etc. Sometimes I have my door open and I smell an odor from the neighbors apartment coming in to my place, so I grab the spray and with a few mists the odor is completely gone.

The Fresh Wave Crystal Gel also comes in various sizes and a large refill container. It works differently then the spray as it continuously neutralizes the odor. The smell is more suttle then the spray that quickly releases it into the air. You remove the lid, discard the inner seal and replace the cover. It will work around the clock as the airflow activates the unscented odor control gel for the entire room. The Crystal Gel is great for pet areas, boats, attics, etc and lasts 30-90 days depending on ambient (surrounding) air flow. Then you can refill/replace the container when it gets low. I am using this product in my bathroom so it is continually working for me, even when I am not in there and always smells fresh and clean.

There are other products in the Fresh Wave line, including Carpet Shake, Vacuum Pearls, Pearl Packs, Soy Candles, Pet Shampoo, Fresh Wash, etc. They are all made in the USA and safe for humans, pets and the environment. You can read more about all the odor eliminating products on their website and purchase it online or find out what stores in your area carry their products. I have included a link on the right-hand side of the page by scrolling down to the column titled Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.


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