Company Review: Moso Natural – air purifying bag

Moso Natural air purifying bag – in business since August 2009

I found out about this company at the Expo West in Anaheim. I took home some literature about the product and after reading the information, I contacted the company to send me one for review. It, of course, would have to meet my high standards of purity and integrity before I would even consider testing it. I am happy to say that it did! The Moso Bag helps to purify the air and comes in two sizes depending on the space you are using it for. I received the smaller one that is for 90 sq.ft., which is good for the car, closet, bathroom and pet areas.

I have never seen any other product like this on the market. It is very pure, non-toxic, fragrance-free and eco-friendly. The bag is made of bamboo charcoal which has purification properties. The carbon in the Moso Bag is self-activated to absorb and filter out harmful pollutants and odors. This product does not have a scent, which is great for those who have allergies. It is also safe to use around children and pets, as there are no chemicals or toxins inside the Moso Bag. Once a month the Moso Bag needs at least one hour in the direct sun to release the pollutants and rejuvenate it for future use. You can certainly leave it outside for longer if you choose.

The product, at first, sounded too good to be true, but this company has gotten it right! It is beneficial for use in eliminating odors, pollutants, bacteria, mold, mildew and more. Since I received the smaller Moso Bag, I use it in my bathroom. I have had it now for over 3 months and here is what I experienced. When I take a shower, it definitely helps with the moisture that accumulates afterwards. I already have mold in my bathroom from a previous tenant who lived here years ago (I never knew what mold looked like, as I never had the problem before, until someone who saw it told me that it was). The mold is stillthere, as I don’t know that this product can remove what has already been there, but it has not gotten any worse, thankfully. I am using some natural methods to get rid of it, but it takes time and “elbow grease” especially since it is in the cracks where the caulking is around the top of the bath tub.

I used to keep my window open at night to get some air circulation because during the day there is lots of traffic on the street and I get dirt in and around my tub coming in through my window. I also keep it closed because of smoke that comes in from the cigarettes used by the neighbor next door, as his window is next to mine. The Moso Bag does not work to absorb the smoke from the cigarettes and I have to quickly close the window (if it is supposed to then I don’t know why it doesn’t!). Usually when I keep my window closed the room smells stale, but I don’t have that in the bathroom since I use the Moso Bag.

All in all, it is a great pure and natural product and I highly recommend it! To read more about the Moso Bag click on the link by scrolling down on the right-hand side of this page until the column titled Blogroll.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.


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    Julie said,

    What an amazing product! Everyone should get one of these! Thanks for the info!

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