Company Review: Bambooee – Reusable Bamboo Towel

Bambooee – reusable bamboo towel In business since 2011

This is one of the best discoveries I made at Expo West in Anaheim in 2011, but was unable to do a review of this product till 2012. Why, you ask? It was no fault of my own, as I requested a sample be sent to me, but it never was. I was glad to come across the product again this year and was able to get some samples to try out. I have never used anything like this before and although I did see Noam demonstrate and explain the many uses of the bamboo towel, I had to test it out for myself.

The one word that has come to mind for me to describe this product is, AMAZING! I can say that about many things, but the reason I have chosen to do so here is because of the scope in the long-term benefits this product has for the health of the planet. Before I get into my own personal use of the bamboo towel, I want to mention briefly about bamboo (you can read more about it on the company website and you can Google “bamboo”). If you didn’t already know, bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, requires no pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers and the latest testing showed that one roll really replaces 286 rolls of standard paper towels!. All that speaks volumes to me because of my consciousness with how our personal choices affect Mother Earth.

Now, you would ask, “what makes this product so special besides what I stated above?”. Here is where I share my experience as to why this product is a “cut above the rest,” and ought to be used by everyone! First off, I wish I had marked down for myself the day I started using one of the bamboo towels (I am stating this here because it will matter, shortly) so you will know how long I have been using the same one. Yes, I have been using THE SAME ONE for over a month now, that much I know! Again, I say AMAZING!

The towel seems to be virtually indestructible. The fibers are so strong and it never falls apart. It can be used for a multitude of purposes, as is written on the website. I choose to use mine to wipe up my kitchen counters, sink and also the drain board of my dish rack. I was told that it works better when it is wet and then rung out. That is how I have been using it every night when I clean up before going to bed. I do not have a washing machine (yes, bambooee is machine washable) so I simply rinse it out every night and hang it up to dry. It has never gotten dirty to the point where I feel the need to use soap to clean it, either.

One thing I have done, is smell the towel each time after I use it. Sounds crazy? Not at all! I’m sharing this with you, so you understand the difference between this product and other “towels” you may be using. Whenever I would go visit my parents, my Mom would use a washcloth to wipe up around the kitchen sink, as the water would splash and wet the counters. The problem was with the cotton cloth. For one, it wasn’t organic (the bamboo towel is). Second, the cloth would get very wet and even when it was hung to dry overnight, it stank worse then a skunk (by the way, skunk smell is not offensive to me) the next day. My Mom was doing her do diligence by washing the cloths using natural laundry soap and they always smelled fresh and clean afterwards, but never stayed that way once it was wet.

I have had a similar experience with using a sponge to wipe up my kitchen counters. I noticed that after a while of using the same one (yes, I did let it dry overnight), it would start to smell foul and I would have to wash it with soap. If I used the sponge without cleaning it first, the foul smell would transfer to my counters – Yuck! Here is where the bamboo towel exceeded my expectations. Remember, I mentioned earlier, that I smelled the towel after using it. The bamboo towel has never had a smell to it, even after using the same one for over a month and I have never had to use soap to get the stink out, because there is none! One thing I attributed this to, is the fact that it is organic and also nothing is ever added to the soil when it grows. Truly AMAZING! I will continue using the same bamboo towel to see how long it will last.

Now that you know about Bambooee, I hope you will check it out for yourself. Besides the bamboo towel, they also sell bibs, burp cloths and baby wipes. To order any products and get more information, click on the link under the heading Blogroll on the right-hand side of this page.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.

Also check out my video review of this product on my youtube channel, TheRawsomeVeganGal

Bambooee – Reusable Bamboo Towel


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  1. 1

    Kristyn said,

    Thanks Mindy for the great review!! We really appreciate it.
    ~The Bambooee Team

  2. 3

    Kathy said,

    If you do still use sponges and clothes, or if the bamboo towel ever does begin to get stinky, add a splash of vinegar with its nightly rinse and the offensive smell will be gone.

  3. 5

    Beatriz said,

    What are the ingredients?
    Loved the video!

  4. 6

    Beatriz said,

    The ingredients to make the Bambooee

  5. 7

    rawsomegal said,

    Hi Beatriz
    The product is made from bamboo.
    Thanks for asking.
    The Rawsome Vegan Gal 😊

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