Beautiful on Raw – Tonya Zavasta

Beautiful on Raw – Tonya Zavasta
Raw Food advocate, Beauty and anti-aging secrets
In business since 2003

I do not recall from whom I found out about Tonya Zavasta (I know it was on the Internet), but I am sure glad I did! I started subscribing to her monthly email newsletter and found/find the information to be invaluable. I also read at the bottom of the email that they were looking for people who would organize events that she can speak at regarding raw foods, beauty and anti-aging secrets. I was very interested and contacted Tonya. I set up some events in San Diego during 2008 and that is when I first met this incredible woman! Whether you are a newbie to raw foods or a “seasoned veteran”, you can and will always learn something new. Never discount that regardless of the amount of knowledge you have about any/many different subjects/topics, someone may share with you something you have never heard before. Keep that “childlike” enthusiasm alive and always have a “beginners mind,” and take that “whatever course 101” again and again!

I was able to garner some time alone before the event to speak with Tonya. I enjoyed our conversation and listened intently to what she had to say. She has an incredible story/journey of recovery from a physical deformity and completely turned her life around. A “side affect” to that was how her body transformed in a few years and the pictures are WOW! because she looks “model” beautiful and years younger then the photo taken pre-raw food. Tonya did/does not “rest on her laurels,” when it comes to finding new ways to improve her health and beauty and share that with the public. She has written books and developed products (that are researched with degrees of intensity that are commendable and show in the depth of information in her books and the highest quality of her products). I have read Tonya’s books and tried many of the products with great results.

All of Tonya’s books – both physical and e-books – have so much to offer you the reader. Besides the research and depths of proof to her information, she is all humorous (that came through in her presentations and added a lightness and levity amongst the group who attended). It is probably time for me to go back and re-read the 4 books I have and also the e-books. As much as I am a person who is self-motivated, it is always helpful to get a “refresher” once in a while. There is so much amazing information in Tonya’s books that I don’t think I remember it all after I read them years ago.

I had the pleasure of using Tonya’s facial exercise program and wrote a testimonial about my experience which is posted on her site. I have also used her anti-aging face cream, facial brush for glowing complexion, multi-herbal green clay masque, masque removal brush, skin rejuvenator/rolling bed of pins, scalp tonic with cayenne pepper and mustard greens extracts, bamboo comb and siberian pine chewing gum. Everything Tonya sells is made without any compromises. If she will not use it in/on her own body/skin then you will not find it being sold on her website. She told me that when she developed her first product, the face cream, it took a long time to find someone who was willing to formulate it with ONLY the ingredients that she specified and nothing else! It it easy to just put some chemically enhanced ingredients together, but you will come out with crap and Tonya was/is never willing to do that. When you walk your talk, you become an example people want to follow/emulate. I know, I do and consider Tonya a friend and mentor.

You can read more about this exceptional woman by clicking on either of the two photo links on the right-hand column of this page that will take you directly to Tonya’s website. There are an abundance of free articles to read on health, beauty, etc. There are also recipes on there to help you on your raw food journey or give you new ideas, if you are already living the lifestyle. You can also check out Tonya’s videos where she demonstrate different beauty techniques. I highly recommend you sign up for her monthly e-newsletter to receive the latest news, articles and the best information you will receive as you continue on you life journey for the best health and beauty.



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    Dear Mindy, thank you so much for such an extensive and highly complimentary review! I will never forget what a wonderful job you did coordinating my presentations in the San Diego area! Keep it rawsome and best wishes! –

    • 2

      rawsomegal said,

      Thanks, Tonya!
      It was/is my utmost pleasure to express my feelings and bring the public to know that you are the “real deal!”. I appreciate you and glad to have you in my life. 🙂

  2. 3

    I just discovered Tanya too and share with a friend. When I bought the Violet Ray Device I did a search online to learn more about the benefits of it and in doing so I found Tanya. I’m sure appreciative that she shares her beauty tips. Looking forward to her book. I’m now a raw-tarian, just vegan but consider myself to be in the right direction.

    • 4

      rawsomegal said,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, Tonya, is amazing and so glad you found her, as well.

      I hope you can take advantage of the special discount offer she is providing that is mentioned in the post, on any purchase and please do share with your family, friends, any on any social media, blogs or forums you interact with.

      Also, congratulations on being vegan! I have been a whole food vegan for 25 years and incorporate a large portion of raw fruits and vegetables, as well.

      Please, also check out my YouTube channel: and please subscribe, like my videos, comment and share with others.

      Blessings and Gratitude
      The Rawsome Vegan Gal 😊

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