Company Review: Daco Corp. – Foot-Eez Sandals

Daco Corporation – Foot Eez Sandals
In business over 50 years

I am not someone who normally shops at drug stores for shoes, of all things. I have bought most of my footwear at places like Target, Payless, etc. I have bought things at Longs Drugs, near where I live such as white vinegar for cleaning, batteries and housewares. I sometimes like to walk through the aisles to see if there is anything that catches my eye.

One day, in 2008, while walking through Longs Drugs, I noticed a rack with shoes (more like sandals). I have bought beach thongs before at Longs, but I am always looking for ones that have more cushioning and support. I checked out the sandals and liked what I saw. It is made of natural rubber material, velcro closure and it will form to your feet. If I have/had foot problems (which I, thankfully don’t) it would also be helpful for me. They had a couple of different styles that I liked. I tried a pair on and I instantly LOVED them. As I walked around I felt like I was floating on springs. I bought a pair and from that day forward, it has been the only shoe/sandal I wear or would want to wear. I have put on other shoes that are uncomfortable and always go back to my Foot-Eez.

I have worn 2 of the styles, one that has one velcro closure and has a tan coloring on the top and the other with 2 velcro closure that is all black. The second one has been the one that I have liked the most and wear them exclusively. I have seen another woman wearing the same shoes I have on the bus, as she has foot problems and these help her. I have always gotten compliments on these sandals and tell people, “you can get them at Longs Drugs for 20 dollars (the price has increased though, since that time) and they have different styles.”

Once I was “hooked” on these sandals I let my Mom and Dad know about them and said they have to get a pair. They don’t live near me and they are not available where they reside, so I bought a pair for each of them and they are now loyal customers (I wear mine as outside shoes and go through a pair much faster then they do, as my parents use them as indoor slippers). My Mom was sold on them as soon as she put them on. My Dad was a much harder “sell,” and wouldn’t even put them on when I first gave them to him. He even went so far as saying, “I don’t need them.” When I finally convinced him to try them on he liked them a lot!

One issue I have had with these sandals, is that although the tag says it resists odor, it really does not. I sent an email to the company and also researched online to get a phone number to call them. I want to continue to use these sandals and hope they can improve on the only thing that I don’t like. The owner of the company, Steve, was wonderful to talk to and I kept his contact information for future reference (it was definitely fortuitous, as I didn’t know at the time that I would be calling him because I couldn’t get them at Longs anymore).

In 2009, Longs Drugs was merging and becoming CVS Pharmacy. I didn’t know at the time that I would no longer be able to get any more Foot-Eez and I was laissez faire about purchasing another pair(s) when I didn’t need any. When the transition was in process, I still noticed the racks with the sandals and I figured I had plenty of time to get some when I needed them. Then one day, I went into what is now CVS and I didn’t see any of the Foot-Eez and was totally bummed! I actually called around to a number of stores in my area. It turns out that I was able to get a pair in my size from another store and they held it for me till I arrived. Now I would be on my own to get more sandals. In hindsight, I am glad I kept the contact information for Daco Corp.

When it got closer to the time that I needed to get more sandals (in September 2009) I called Steve and he said he’d be happy to ship me a couple of pairs and I received them the next day. He told me that as a BIG FAN, I should go into CVS and ask them to start carrying the sandals again. I know that whenever I went to my local Longs Drugs there were likely out of my size and I was able to find them at another one that perhaps people weren’t getting that size as much. I know that people were buying them because the rack would be filled and then a couple weeks later would be half empty.

I am asking CVS to start carrying Foot-Eez sandals again, as I know I am not the only one that misses being able to go to my local store in the neighborhood and being able to buy them when I need to. Not only does it sell well, but it is also helpful for those who really do need them to help ease their foot problems and most of all, the price is right!

So far I have not had any success in getting these sandals into CVS.
In the meantime, if you would like to read more about the products or purchase these sandals (they have them for men and women), you can do so on their website – You will not be disappointed, I can almost promise that (even though you can’t try them prior to buying)! You will probably end up wearing them all the time and not want to put any other shoes/sandals on you feet. You can find the website on the right-hand side of this page under the title Blogroll.

Check out the video I did reviewing these sandals on my youtube channel: The Rawsome Vegan Gal
Here is the link
Daco – Foot EZZ: Rubber Molded Insole Sandal

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  1. 1

    The most cmfortable sandals Ive ever owned. I am a Podiatrist
    and highly recommend Foot Eez sandals.

    • 2

      rawsomegal said,

      Thank you Dr. Worley
      When I first discovered these sandals years ago, I was hooked and I have not worn any other footwear since (unless I have to wear closed shoes – which i dislike – for hiking, etc).
      Keep supporting this company by buying the sandals and recommending them to everyone you know, even if they don’t have any foot problems. They are the best ever!
      Chef Mindy 🙂

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