Company Review: Organic America – Micro Salad

Organic America – Micro Salad – Live Large Eat Small In business since 2011

I found another great company at Expo West 2012 tha to want to share with you. It is difficult to find “REAL” food to eat at the show. Most things are packaged, processed and not healthy at all. On Thursdays there is the Organic Marketplace in a small tent outside of the Convention Center in Anaheim that only showcases certified organic products. They tend to have more of what I’m “into” then on the following 3 days of the show (that being fresh organic produce). As I was walking around and looking at the various booths,mimcame across one that had samples of what looked like fresh sprouts. I did not try any at first because I wasn’t all that hungry. With time, I decided to give it a try and I was completely “hooked” on their products. Everything is grown in micro form, such as cilantro, basil, arugula, red amaranth and other mixed greens. It was delicious and I couldn’t get enough! They are not sprouts, but micro greens.

I told them I am a chef and would love to be involved with promoting their products. I got to take some containers with me to eat and shared some with the friends I was staying with. Thankfully, they also had a booth at the show for the next 3 days and I was able to get more containers to eat, as there were no other booths offering fresh produce.

I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the product and also the fact that they stayed fresh for much longer then I thought they would. At the end of the show they had a lot left over and gave them to me to take home. I did put them in a cooler bag and drove less than 2 hours to get home. I kept them in my fridge and they lasted (well, I did eat a few containers a day usually, because they are SO GOOD!) much longer they I thought they would, over a period of at least 2 weeks.

The company is a model for others with their eco-friendly, energy-efficient agriculture that nurtures the environment and creates a minimal carbon footprint. They use renewable resources, recycled materials, conserve water and electricity, recycle all waste products and never use pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

The plants have a high nutritional value, are filled with vitamins, nutrients, proteins and concentrated flavors that are absolutely superb. I can’t say enough about this company and the good they are doing for the people and the planet. Please check out their website which you will find listed in the section called Blogroll when you scroll down on the right-hand side of the page.


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    Thank you for stopping by our booth and the nice review! We have shared it on our FB page:

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    rawsomegal said,

    Thank you. I meant everything I said. Organic America is awesome and I wish them all the success in the world. I hope I can work in some capacity in the future to promote the company even more!
    Chef Mindy πŸ™‚

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