Company Review: Maggie’s Functional Organics – Apparel for Men, Women and Children

Maggie’s Functional Organics-Apparel for Men, Women and Children (providing a better choice for your clothing since 1992 – 20 years)

I have purchased many of Maggie’s products long before I met the owner, Bena Burda at the Expo a couple of years ago (I will have a Q and A with her to post to my blog in the near future). Since I began my vegan lifestyle/journey over 20 years ago and started eating organic food, I made a gradual progression to purchasing organic clothing, as well. I started with underwear, socks, tights and tee-shirts (now I have LOTS)– whenever I found a great deal/sale (in a store or online) and also have gotten shirts as gifts, too. I now also have skirts and long sleeve tops/jerseys, as well (not everything I buy is from Maggie’s).

I learned that cotton is the 3rd most pesticide-laden crop that is being produced on this planet and having those toxins up against your skin in insane! (also, the skin is our largest organ and you absorb chemicals through it that go directly into your bloodstream). Just like when you change to organic food, start with those items that come into direct contact with the skin and are more sensitive – that being, your underwear, bra/tank top and socks.

Taking baby steps to make this happen is a lot easier on you and your wallet. I would also recommend shopping at thrift stores where you can find great clothing (less pesticides, but I still have to soak in vinegar and baking soda and put out in the sun because they use some chemicals on them before they put out to sell and I can smell it!) and prices. I also purchase hemp and bamboo clothing.

Maggie’s has a great selection of apparel to choose from and always has closeouts/markdowns on the site. Scroll down to the right-hand side of the page for a link to the website with information about the company and products. Please support companies, such as this one, as it creates a need for more organic cotton to be grown (the concept of supply and demand). To me it is more important to spend little or nothing on things that don’t matter I don’t have a TV or a car) and buy what will help to improve my health and that of the planet, as well!

Check out my picture wearing the tie-dye leg warmers and testimonial by scrolling down the page and click on the tab that says testimonials – copy and paste the link below

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write this, but I did receive a sample of the product(s). These are strictly my opinions. I only review products that I, myself would use and purchase.


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